Fashionable emerald color manicure 2022-2023

Emerald is a very beautiful color that is associated with luxury, sophistication, chic. It looks equally impressive in evening looks and on nails. In addition, in the 2022-2023 season, this shade is considered one of the most popular. When creating nail art, fashionistas of various age categories willingly use it. This color is also appropriate in the New Year’s design, which will become relevant in the very near future. As you probably already understood, the topic of today’s review is emerald manicure-2022. Let’s get to know him better.



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What shades go best with emerald?

By itself, emerald is self-sufficient. This deep, rich, moderately bright color can become both the main one in nail design and create successful tandems with other shades that are popular today. Next, we list the most fashionable nail duets of the current season.


  • With white. Emerald white manicure looks expensive on nails of any length. Moreover, the design in this case can be the most uncomplicated, for example, a pair of leaves on a white background. Make the ratio of shades 50/50 or with a predominance of green.



  • With black. Black and emerald nail art is more suitable for evening or cocktail looks. The black coating favorably emphasizes the depth and richness of the precious shade. To prevent the manicure from looking too gloomy, add a little glitter.



  • With red and burgundy. The most suitable tandem for New Year’s nail design. Depict colorful balls on an emerald background, garlands or a “Christmas star”. It will turn out very festive. Or come up with your own original design.


  • With gold. We think it will not surprise anyone that the shade of a noble stone is successfully combined with gold. The result is, without exaggeration, luxurious nail art that will perfectly complement evening looks. You can also look at this design for the New Year 2023.


  • With silver. And again a combination of two noble shades. Emerald manicure with silver looks no less impressive than with gold. This is a great choice for winter 2022-2023. In the design, you can use both silver sparkles and foil, rhinestones, stripes.


  • With pastel shades. If you want to include an emerald design manicure in a business outfit, refer to the pastel palette. Beige, milky, light gray will be a particularly good choice. They will make nail art easier to understand.

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If desired, emerald can also be combined in the same design with yellow and orange, pink and lavender. But these colors are more suitable for the hot season.

Emerald Manicure Design Ideas for 2022-2023

The noble shade that we are talking about today meets all modern fashion trends. It is moderately bright, versatile, looks natural, easily combined not only with other colors, but also with popular techniques. What design in emerald color should you choose this season? Let’s talk right now.

  • French. An excellent choice for long nails. Such a manicure will look aristocratic, perfect for an emerald dress. The free edge of the nail can be distinguished according to the classics in a semicircle, obliquely or in any other fashionable way. Apply French design on all nails at once or only on 2-3, combining with monochrome. Add some glitter to your nail art for a touch of elegance.


  • Matte. Equipment that from season to season continues to be the most in demand. Matte manicure, and even in an expensive emerald color, is a worthy choice for women of all ages. It will look appropriate both in the office and at special occasions. Complement the design, designed for evening outings, with rhinestones or trendy gold potal today.


  • Marble stains. Emerald color manicure, as we said earlier, goes well with white. But, so that this design does not turn out to be too boring, we recommend adding marble stains to the light coating. A few seasons ago, this technique was very popular. So why not remember her today, especially since she looks stylish on her nails.


  • With foil. In the fall-winter 2022-2023, foil will continue to be seen as often in modern nail designs. In order for a manicure with this decor to look original on the nails, choose not the rather boring gold foil, but the colored one. Particularly emerald. Apply it on a black or dark green coating, “dilute” with sparkles, as in the photo below.


  • With drawings for every taste. As with any other coating, diverse patterns can be applied to the emerald. To do this, varnishes of contrasting shades are selected – white and red look most spectacular. Small minimalist drawings can be placed even on short nails. The trend is floral motifs, abstraction, geometry, thin and wide stripes.


An emerald manicure with sparkles, with transparent drops imitating water, with a cat’s eye effect will look beautiful on the nails.

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Emerald manicure 2022 is a spectacular fashion trend. The photos presented in our review will help you choose the right nail design in this color for your look.

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