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We talked about the main evening fashion trends for the current season in one of our previous reviews. Be sure to check it out if you often have to attend ceremonial events. Today we continue the topic. Next up is an outfit review. What evening dresses are the real trends of 2023. We list the most beautiful and stylish models, get acquainted with the new products.



Kendall Jenner in Schiaparelli

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Evening dresses: the main fashion trends of the season 2023

The unspoken rule that a woman’s wardrobe should have at least one evening dress is relevant to this day. But it is desirable that this was not a five-year-old model. Evening dresses are also subject to the fickleness of fashion, and what was considered trendy yesterday may well be on the lists of anti-trends today. You can find out which dresses for creating a solemn look are out of fashion from this review. We proceed to enumerate the most “hot” trends.


  • With asymmetry. Luxurious asymmetrical dresses continue to be among the most popular. A seductive bevel on one shoulder, the absence of a sleeve, different lengths of the hem in front and back or on the sides, different textures, asymmetrically located decor elements – all this is still relevant for stylish evening looks.


  • With original sleeves. Fashionistas continue to be interested in unusually shaped sleeves, which is why we so often see models of dresses with such a “zest” on the catwalk. They even met at the Miss Universe 2023 contest, which indicates the demand for this trend. Lush short “lanterns” and long flared sleeves are especially relevant.

  • With sequins. One of the main fashion trends of the coming season. Moreover, sequins are now not just an element of decor, but a full-fledged component of the image, because the trend is precisely those dresses that are completely covered with glitter. Glitter can be both large textured and small. Such outfits look very self-sufficient. They will be especially in demand for the New Year 2023-2024.


  • With open back. Backless evening dresses 2023 are incredibly seductive and feminine. Especially if you choose a beautifully figure-hugging style, such as a mermaid. The neckline can reach the lower border of the shoulder blades or go down to the waist, have a semicircular, wedge-shaped or asymmetrical shape, and be decorated with thin chains.


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  • Velvet. Velvet evening dresses will add an aristocratic gloss to your look. Such an outfit can be safely put on both for a corporate party in the office, and for a date in a prestigious restaurant. As a rule, velvet models are not “burdened” with additional decor, but they look noble even without it. The trend is burgundy, dark blue, dark green colors.


  • With translucent inserts. Fashion 2023 calls on ladies to liberate themselves. Show yourself to the world, and do not hide behind numerous layers of fabrics. Combined evening dresses with translucent chiffon inserts are perfect for this. Beautiful translucent sleeves, a long hem that does not hide the legs, a deep neckline covered with the finest lace – all this is very seductive.

  • With train. Evening dresses with a train can be easily described as the novelty of the season, as they returned to the fashion pedestal after a little oblivion. In fashion are standard trains that make up a single whole with the dress, and those that look like a separate element attached to the outfit at the waist level. They can have contrasting colors, be made of a different material.


  • Black. Black evening dresses are an undeniable classic. However, fashionistas have recently turned to them not so often, preferring brighter and more delicate colors. But the TV series “Wednesday” by Tim Burton brought the trend back from oblivion. It’s safe to say that in the first half of 2023, retro black flounced dresses will be very popular.


  • With a slit that fully exposes the leg. Fashionable evening dresses 2023, playfully opening the leg sometimes up to the hip, are the undisputed hit of the season. Such models are ubiquitous both on the catwalks and at ordinary social events. Moreover, a high cut is increasingly appearing on models for full ones. And rightly so, because a beautiful woman should not be ashamed of herself.


  • Mini. For the summer of 2023, it is better to choose stylish and elegant mini-length evening dresses. What are in fashion? Dresses decorated with fringe are still very popular. There are also mini smells, completely covered with sequins. Short dresses with a long belt that reaches the floor look luxurious, as in the photo below.


  • Embroidered with flowers. Another interesting option for the spring-summer 2023 season. The style and length of the dress can be anything. The main thing is that the outfit should be decorated with a scattering of multi-colored or one-color textured flowers. This model is good for women seeking to emphasize their femininity. The dress is quite suitable for creating an image for a wedding.


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Trendy colors of the season in evening fashion 2023: silver, cherry, aqua, gold, beige, gray.

Evening dresses 2023 are a luxury that every woman should afford. We hope that the fashion trends and photos of current models listed in the review will help you choose your perfect outfit for the current season.

Author and editor: Mizyukalina Olga

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