Fashionable female tattoos 2021

A fashionable tattoo in 2021 is a great opportunity for a girl to stand out from the crowd and attract attention. If you decide to get yourself a tattoo, and you are sure that you will not get tired of it in a week or a month, then feel free to sign up to the master and make your dream come true.

What female tattoos are in fashion in 2021

It often happens that you want a tattoo, but ideas do not come. A professional master can give you some advice on choosing a pattern and placing it. We, in turn, made a selection of the most stylish tattoos that will not become outdated even after many years.

The mehendi style is quite popular today. If you like beautiful and original ornaments, then pay attention to it. Mehendi tattoos are not just drawings. They carry a certain meaning and even protect from external negativity. The Dreamcatcher tattoo, popular among women, which is very often placed on the back, looks very elegant. In addition, various floral ornaments are drawn in this style.

It has recently become very popular to decorate the neck with fashionable tattoos. You can show off such a tattoo in the warm season when you put on a dress or blouse with bare shoulders. The most stylish options:

  • In the form of a necklace that does not close in front. Most often it has the form of twigs with leaves.
  • On the back of the neck, ideally visible with hair collected at the top. Here you can depict something small – a butterfly, a bird or an inscription.
  • Behind the ear Here, too, fit a small drawing like a note, a flower, a moon or an asterisk.

If you have a desire to make a tattoo that is fashionable in 2021, which will not always be in sight, then we recommend stopping at one of the places most beloved by women – on the lower back. A tattoo in this place will bring aesthetic pleasure first of all to you, and you can show off it to others on the beach.

This area occupies a fairly large area, so you can afford a drawing of impressive size. For example, flowers, animals, abstraction elements and various inscriptions will look appropriate on the lower back. If desired, a small, inconspicuous tattoo in the form of an inscription, a twig, or any fancy patterns can be made on the lower back.

Trendy geometric and flower tattoos

If you are a romantic nature, then tattoos with floral ornaments are ideal for you. For example, in 2021, very often fashionable tattoos with flowers are placed on the legs of a girl:

  • on the thigh;
  • on the anterior or lateral surface of the lower leg;
  • on the foot.

The option looks very gentle and feminine, in which a twig with leaves or flowers covers the leg in the ankle joint, imitating a bracelet.

Geometric tattoos deserve special attention, because they fit perfectly into stylish images in the future. The geometry is very correct, clear and original. It looks great in tandem with floral motifs. A favorite place for geometric tattoos is the hands, especially the forearms.

In the geometric style, various animals are often depicted – cats, chanterelles, dogs, tigers. Such a combination of two genres looks simply incredible.

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Tattoo with animals and inscriptions 2021

Relevant in 2021 are tattoos depicting birds and various animals. There are a lot of options here, and you can choose any animal depending on your preferences. For example, cats, tigers, snakes, foxes, and, of course, birds – hummingbirds, gulls and others are very popular.

Girls who want to get a tattoo on their arm can pay attention to the fashionable option in 2021 with birds located on the back of the forearm. But, also, images of animals can decorate the shoulder, back, lower leg, thigh and any place you want.

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Tattoo inscriptions – very stylish and special option. Why special? Because, most often, the inscription is very important for the owner of the tattoo. The choice of an inscription should not be spontaneous. Only if some phrase or word made a special impression on you, you can depict it on your body for the rest of your life. Most popular phrase placements:

  • on the wrist;
  • on the forearm;
  • on the back;
  • on the neck;
  • on the collarbone;
  • on fingers.

Short phrases under or right on the collarbone, written in a beautiful font, look impossibly feminine and gentle. Another, quite intimate option is the location of the inscription right under the chest. These inscriptions can be located horizontally, or in a semicircle.

It is also worth mentioning that tattoos can be done in black paint, or made in the watercolor style. In the latter version, the tattoo is painted with bright colors, and most often flowers and animals are depicted this way. The result is real masterpieces, reminiscent of the work of artists.

The decision to get a tattoo should be weighed and well thought out. If the photos with fashionable tattoos for girls in 2021 that you see here make you wildly delighted and want to quickly do something similar on your body, then most likely you are ready. Choose the drawing that is closest to you and, importantly, look for a good master.

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