Fashionable fur coats 2019 from mink: photos, trends and models from shows

A beautiful fur coat made of valuable, wear-resistant fur should certainly adorn the wardrobe of every fashionista. In the upcoming winter season, mink products will be at the peak of popularity. Well-known designers offer many options for fur products, using the entire palette of shades and a variety of shapes. In this article, we will consider fashionable mink fur coats 2019-2019, the most striking models on world catwalks and unusual novelties of the season.

Popular Models

A lot depends on the correct choice of a suitable style: how the product will look on the figure and whether it will be comfortable in a new thing. A well-chosen model will allow you to convey all the beauty of natural fur and color overflows. The growing interest in mink products around the world allows fashionistas to choose from a variety of interesting options.


Luxurious fur looks great in simple classic forms, so a straight or fitted silhouette remains at the peak of popularity. These are classic options that are appropriate anywhere and go well with different clothing options.

When choosing a fashionable mink coat in the 2019 season, you should pay attention to the A-shaped silhouette. These are elegant models that perfectly complement the feminine look and make you feel comfortable in the cold winter. The highlight of the A-line silhouette in the coming season will be wide sleeves highlighted in color.

Fur products that resemble a dressing gown or dress look elegant and relevant. Fur coats with a simple cut and discreet colors emphasize the beauty of valuable fur and invariably attract attention. Fur coats-dresses have a flared hem trimmed with beautiful patterns and a pronounced waist.

[stextbox id=»info»]Experimenting with fur models in the form of a dress, designers create real works of art that conquer the catwalks and hearts of fashionistas all over the world.[/stextbox]

The simple and elegant models “tulip” and “cocoon” have gained well-deserved popularity. Such mink coats in the 2019 season will make you feel comfortable, confident and graceful.



In the rapid rhythm of megacities, the average length of a warm coat, which ends slightly above or below the knees, remains relevant. Heavy products in the floor are losing their positions and remain a rare exception, designed for secular outlets. They become impractical, as frequent thaws in winter, dirt, slush and reagents on the roads can ruin the fur.

[stextbox id=»warning»]For daily outings, it is best to choose a midi length that reaches the middle of the lower leg and allows you to actively move, providing warmth.[/stextbox]

Short products or “autolady” models are designed for active women who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Short fashionable mink coats 2019 are represented by stylish jackets, elegant waist-length fur coats and mink jackets. These styles are also great for those who are looking for a light, comfortable and practical item.


In the coming season, the most relevant models will be natural shades. Close to natural shades, black and dark brown colors will be at the peak of popularity. From a rich palette of brown shades, you can safely choose any suitable one. The classic “walnut” or “mahogany” will look attractive and bright, and the delicate shade of “palomino” will create a feminine and delicate look.

Spectacular shades of silver-blue scale also remain in demand and popular. Among them, “graphite” and “sapphire” stand out, which have remained relevant for several seasons. They are mainly used to create bright, catchy models that are chosen by young fashionistas.

It is impossible to imagine long fashionable mink coats 2019 without unusual models, jaguar and multicolor colors. Gorgeous white mink with black spots or rapidly gaining popularity “jaguar” is one of the most spectacular colors of the season.

Important Details

Practical and comfortable fur coats with a hood in the coming season will give way to various and unusual models with collars. Among the latter, all kinds of racks, of all sizes and shapes, are most popular. One of the current trends is the complete absence of a collar, however, such models require additional accessories and are not suitable for extreme cold.

For those fashionistas who prefer to protect themselves from wind and snow with a comfortable hood, the designers have also provided several fashionable novelties. The hood in such models is not only a necessary element, but also an ornament and is made of more expensive fur.

[stextbox id=»alert»]An important accessory when purchasing outerwear is a belt. Fashionable last season, wide leather belts are used less and less, as under the influence of this coarse element, the fur is deformed.[/stextbox]

A fur belt will be more gentle and relevant. Fashionable mink coats for obese women 2019 suggest free and elegant styles that do not require the use of belts.

Interesting news

In the coming season, creative designers have something to surprise the fair sex. The changes relate to the color scheme, methods of dressing skins, as well as decorative elements. When choosing fur new clothes, fashionistas need to pay attention to the following relevant details:

  • curly haircut – a unique way of cutting out narrow stripes on a fur fabric creates a bewitching pattern, makes the fur coat original and bright;
  • transverse stripes – this way of arranging the skins allows you to create a stylish and beautiful product that looks decent in any style;
  • laser processing – with the help of a laser, designers can literally burn out complex patterns and voluminous floral prints on a fur coat.

The technology of tailoring a fur product for individual assembly is very popular. Prepared skins are cut into small strips and sewn together in an arbitrary way. The result is fashionable fur coats, the design of which is unique.

Combined models of mink products have become a real breakthrough in the beauty industry. Couturiers offer to combine valuable fur with leather and suede, creating sophisticated and aristocratic models. Non-standard and bold combinations of mink inserts and lace are also popular. Leather, as a rule, trims the most vulnerable places, making the product more durable. This material is also used to create an elegant silhouette. Leather corsets and longitudinal stripes visually reduce the waist and make the silhouette slimmer.

For those who prefer non-standard solutions and original images, designers have prepared a real gift. The hit of the coming season will be mink vests and ponchos of a wide variety of colors and shapes. These unusual styles will perfectly complement an evening out or decorate a daily look. Fashionistas of any body type will be able to replenish their wardrobe with such models, in addition, they go well with different styles of clothing.

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