Fashionable fur coats for obese women 2021-2022

Fashionable fur coats for obese women for the winter of 2021-2022 are represented by a large number of interesting models. If earlier you thought that a full woman cannot look beautiful in a fur coat, then we will try to convince you. We will figure out what styles will be in trend next winter, as well as how to choose the right fur and coat color.

Fashionable fur coats 2021 for obese women

A fur coat is a favorite winter outerwear of a large number of girls. But this thing is particularly whimsical, because it can visually fill. That is why girls who are overweight need to correctly choose the style of a fur coat to create fashionable bows.

The most relevant ones are listed here:

  • Straight cut. Whatever the figure of a woman, in any case, a straight-cut fur coat will look good on her. She is quite restrained, and due to this, very sophisticated. Wearing such a thing, you will not focus on any part of your body.

  • midi length. If you are wondering what length of fur coat to choose, you can listen to our recommendations. Too short models of fur coats will not suit those girls who have a “heavy bottom” – wide hips and full legs. Floor-length fur coats will also make you look too big. Therefore, the most optimal length of a fur coat is midi – slightly covering the knees or reaching to the middle of the lower leg.

  • A-shaped. In addition to a straight cut, A-line models can also be called successful. A light flare, which starts from the line of the shoulders or chest, very gracefully hides all the existing flaws. With such outerwear, you can create many stylish looks.

  • Diagonal cut. In products of this type, fur cuts are arranged diagonally, forming a herringbone pattern. Such a fur coat is ideal for overweight women, because it visually slims them.

  • With a belt. The belt is most often complemented by models of a straight cut. If you have a beautiful waist, then it is worth demonstrating. With the help of a wide belt, you can highlight the waist, giving the figure a more regular shape. Fur coats are often combined with leather belts.

We will tell you more about how to choose a fur coat for a full woman.

How to choose the right fur

If slender girls can safely buy any model of a fur coat for themselves, then overweight women need to be careful with the style, color, and pile length. Long fur can play a cruel joke against them and visually add a few kilograms. Therefore, girls who are overweight should choose models with short fur. Not only will they not increase your volume, but they will also be able to hide excess weight.

We offer you the most successful types of natural fur, which should be chosen first of all:

  • Mink. This is the most common type of fur. The most fashionable and suitable for obese women are mink coats made from Scandinavian mink fur – their fur is short and looks very neat.
  • Mouton. This fur is obtained by processing the most valuable types of sheepskin. We recommend full girls to pay attention to the subspecies, which has the name astragan. It is this fur that turns out to be the shortest of all types of muton due to special pruning.
  • Astrakhan. Fur coats made of this fur look most advantageous in black, white and gray colors. The fur is also short, thanks to which the fur coat makes the silhouette more sophisticated.
  • Otter and goat. This type of fur is not as popular as the previous ones. But, if it is professionally processed, very beautiful models of fur coats are obtained from it.

If it is really important for you to look spectacular in a fur coat next winter, then listen to our advice and choose the most successful fur. To better understand which fashionable fur coats are ideal for overweight women in 2021-2022, take a look at the photos posted here.

Lucky colors for overweight girls and women

It is known that dark shades tend to “remove” extra pounds. This rule also works with fur coats. Choose dark colors to make you look slimmer. You can also wear light-colored outerwear, but in this case it should have a vertical cut.

You can also purchase a thing with contrasting inserts. They take all the attention and thus distract from the shortcomings. For example, a fur coat may have separate inserts, cuffs, a collar, or bottom in a different color.

Light coats can fill

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What models should not be bought for overweight women

I would like to say a few words about what full ladies should avoid. For example, the fashion of 2021-2022 includes fur coats from the oversized category. But for women with a non-standard figure, these trendy styles are contraindicated. Baggy and oversized fur coats will hide the parameters, but visually make you even bigger. It is also worth avoiding models with frills on the sleeves and along the bottom of the product, as well as long fur coats. All these details make the figure heavier.

Let us remind you once again that products made from long fur will not suit full girls. These coats are large and will increase your volume. The cross-cut, which is popular today, will also not work. The method of horizontal laying out the skins creates a print that is unsuccessful for full ones, which visually expands the figure.

Fashion trends 2021-2022 allow overweight women to wear stylish fur coats with their heads held high in winter. The main thing is to choose a good style and color. Please take a look at the photos below and choose the one you like best. And then next winter you will feel both warm and comfortable!

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