Fashionable golden manicure 2022

Nail art in gold motifs looks very noble on the hands. The brilliance of the precious metal fascinates, excites the imagination, attracts attention. It is equally appropriate for everyday and festive looks. Gold design manicure in 2022 is not limited to foil or glitter, although they are still in demand. In addition to these traditional decor elements, gold leaf, gold stripes and even wire are in trend. But first things first.



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What shades are best combined with gold decor?

Despite its catchiness, the gold decor turned out to be quite unpretentious in terms of combinations with different shades. Apply gold to nude, beige or milky coverage, and get a beautiful everyday manicure with a twist. Combine the glitter of the precious metal with burgundy or blue for a luxurious evening nail art.



Below we list other relevant combinations for different occasions.

  • with green. An excellent nail duet for New Year’s Eve 2022-2023. As a base, choose a natural dark green shade, on which you can apply foil, ordinary sparkles, gold rhinestones, kamifubiki. Luxurious gold decor will look on a matte green background.


  • With white. White with gold is a very beautiful combination that, with skillful execution, can even be worn to the office. It looks especially representative on long and medium nails. As a decor, use the gold leaf or stripes that are fashionable in the current season. Foil would also be appropriate.


  • With red. Manicure red with gold in 2022 is another versatile combination that will look good on the nails and on a date, and on New Year’s Eve. Opportunities for experimentation are plentiful. Display gold patterns on a red background or decorate bright nails with rhinestones.


  • with purple. This is a duet that has not yet had time to get bored. Therefore, if you want to please yourself with a novelty, feel free to contact him. Purple-gold nail art pleases the eye with its calm aesthetics, freshness, beauty. This is one of the most successful combinations to date.


  • with brown. A manicure that fits perfectly into the autumn looks. To some extent, brown and gold complement each other. Due to the metallic sheen, the brown coating does not look so monotonous and boring on the nails. A good solution for short nails.


  • with yellow. Very bright and beautiful combination. At first glance, it seems that yellow and gold merge, but in reality it is not. Even the foil applied to the yellow coating is clearly visible. The design looks very original, in which part of the nails are painted yellow, and part are covered with golden glitter.



  • With black. Black and gold manicure is a classic that remains relevant in 2022. Gold patterns on a black matte and glossy background look luxurious. For a festive look, you can bring to life a combination of black and gold sequins that will captivate with their brilliance.


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In addition, gold decor can be combined with blue, gray, dark and light pink coating and trendy khaki manicure.



Gold Manicure Design Ideas for 2022

Gold decor is universal. It looks equally impressive on short and long, square, oval and pointed nails. Next, we list the design ideas that will definitely be trendy in the fall-winter 2022-2023.

  • liquid gold. An absolute novelty of the current season. Gold seems to spread over the nail plate, acquiring an arbitrary or quite specific shape, as in the photo below, which shows a manicure with hearts. Potal helps to achieve such an interesting effect. This nail trend promises to be long-term.


  • French with gold. Classic French manicure can also be quite successfully beaten with gold decor. To do this, it is enough to attach a wide self-adhesive strip in the color of the precious metal to the free edge of the nail. A golden jacket made in this way will pleasantly surprise you with its elegance and incomparable aesthetics. Enjoy yourself.


  • Rubbing. If you want to make a golden manicure for the New Year 2023, then turn to the rub. The design will turn out to be self-sufficient and will be in perfect harmony with any evening outfit. Rubbing can be applied to all nails or 2-3 on each hand, combining it with matte black, gold sparkles, nude coating.


  • With golden stripes. This design is considered one of the most trendy to date. You can highlight the hole with golden stripes, so you get a reverse jacket. It is also fashionable to simply stick them along or across the nail, to create geometric shapes. In one design, you can combine both wide and narrow stripes.


  • with foil. Gold foil manicure continues to be a leading fashion trend. The marble design looks very beautiful, complemented by the brilliance of the precious metal. Also, to get a spectacular nail art, it is enough to place the foil on a transparent coating, a dark or milky background. This design can be easily adjusted to your preferences.


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The decor in the form of a thin gold wire will look fashionable and elegant on the nails. It can be placed at the hole so that it creates a kind of frame.


Tip: golden manicure-2022 for short nails is best done in combination with light pastel or nude shades so that the design does not seem too overloaded. Gold, though a beautiful element of decor, but you need to use it wisely. Photos from our review will suggest successful options.

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