Fashionable gray hair coloring: ideas 2022

This season is dominated by naturalness. That is why for many fashionistas gray hair has ceased to be a problem that requires an immediate solution. Moreover, some ladies, with the help of gray hair, seek to show that they are not at all embarrassed by their age. But, there is another category of women for whom it is important to always look young. It is to them in the first place that today’s review will be useful. In it, we will tell you which gray hair coloring in 2022 will be considered the most trendy. We will also announce the main fashion trends from the paint segment.


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Features of dyeing gray hair

Before the procedure, it is important to understand that gray hair is not just a fading of the pigment, but a change in the structure of the hair that occurs with the onset of a certain age. Hair that has lost its natural color becomes more porous and thickens as a result. This should definitely be taken into account in the staining process. Therefore, choose only persistent colors for work. If you are painting over gray hair for the first time, it is better to contact a professional master in the salon so that the result will definitely not disappoint.


When choosing a paint, start from your color type and the natural shade of your hair. If there is little gray hair, it is quite appropriate to resort to natural, more gentle means. For example, refer to henna staining. It will not only give the curls a beautiful copper or red tint, but will also have a healing effect on them. And to get a chestnut or dark blond tone, choose basma. This is another natural paint, which contains resins, vitamins, useful minerals. It will also improve the structure of the hair and will perfectly cope with the gray strands that have appeared.


The procedure for staining with henna and basma can be done at home on your own. As a result, you will get fashionable natural shades that will help you look younger. Both henna and basma are quite suitable for young fashionistas and women after 40 years.

Coloring gray hair at home: which paint to choose

Returning color to gray hair is the easiest task. As we have already said, if the process of pigmentation loss is at an early stage, you can resort to gentle natural remedies. But, if there is a lot of gray hair, the following options will come to the rescue.

  • Ammonia paint. Many experts in the beauty industry are sure that this is the best option. Colours, which contain ammonia, most effectively fight the fading of curls. Thanks to ammonia, the hair scales rise, and the paint freely penetrates into the rod. As a result, even the most gray hair acquires the desired color for a long time.


  • Tinting agents. This is a procedure that can be resorted to in between full-fledged staining using ammonia colors. Toning agents act gently, but effectively. They successfully mask gray curls throughout the volume of the head, return a healthy color and shine to fading hair.


  • Temporary paint. For medium hair, short and long, in the event that you have gray roots, you can use temporary paint. It is suitable for restoring color for a short period of time. The staining area in this case is small, but as a result, your haircut will acquire an aesthetically attractive look. Temporary coloring is effective until the first shampoo.

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Whatever type of dye you choose, take care of your hair after the dyeing procedure. Choose vitamin-rich skin care products with intense nutrition and hydration.

Fashionable coloring for gray hair-2022: popular shades and techniques

A great way to get rid of gray strands is to go blonde. It will be easy to do this if by nature you have a light blond shade of hair. To follow the latest fashion trends, add some strawberry color to the blonde. Blond hair with soft pink highlights has an amazing rejuvenating effect.


For the most daring fashionistas, we recommend an ashy shade. “Strong”, stylish, fashionable, it looks expensive. However, keep in mind that this unique color will look good on women with a Nordic type of appearance.

Now let’s talk directly about staining techniques.

  • Highlighting. A win-win all-round classic. Fashionable and today, highlighting perfectly masks the gray hair that has appeared. Strands that have lost pigmentation will literally merge with artificially lightened curls. We talk in more detail about the types of modern highlighting here.


  • Ombre. The dark crown with a smooth transition to light tips still looks spectacular. Opt for a caramel or almond shade at the roots. Stretch the color so that it “weakens” closer to the tips. This will mask the graying strands well along the entire length.


  • Balayazh. For women over 50 with bright gray hair, this coloring technique is recommended in the popular ash shade. Over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe head, the master will form silver-gray strands, which will serve as a mask for gray hair.


  • Babylights. A very fashionable today coloring technique and trend-2022. Babylights imitates sun-bleached curls that look natural and attractive. The three-dimensional effect that results is great for hiding gray hair.


To mask gray hair, you can also resort to color staining. But do not overdo it with the intensity of bright shades.


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How to remove gray hair forever without staining at home? The easiest and most affordable way is to resort to applying masks from coffee or walnut peel. However, it is difficult to say how effective they will be. It is better to study the photos from our selection and choose what you are ready to bring to life.

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