Fashionable gray manicure 2020

Gray manicure in 2020 year, no one can call it faceless and dull, and all thanks to the large selection fashionable options with design. After all, gray is a universal shade that is perfect as a base for everyday, festive, delicate or perky nail art. At the same time, there are many tones of this color, each of which is stylish and attractive in its own way. From the article you will learn about the most fashionable and trendy manicure techniques using a gray palette.

Sulfur manicure – fashion trends 2020

Shades of gray are often used as a more interesting and attractive alternative to black. This trend allows such nail art to remain at the peak of popularity throughout the year. The only thing that can be corrected is the shade and design.

The main secret of a successful gray manicure is the right combination with other tones. In 2020, it is worth taking a closer look at the ideas of manicure, which combines several shades of gray at once, as well as the tandem of gray with other colors. The most successful combination will be with:

  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • blue
  • white;
  • black.

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In 2020, the real trend is considered to be a gray-beige shade close to natural. Therefore, it is very relevant for manicure. Also, various design options with gray are not in a hurry to give up their positions – silver, marble, as well as a tandem with black.

Another great advantage of shades of gray is that such a manicure does not depend on the season. If nail art in bright saturated colors can look too colorful, with a gray design this problem will definitely not arise.

For different length

Also, the advantages of gray manicure include the fact that it looks great on nails of any length and shape.

For short nails

Fashionistas with short nails can be calm gray manicure on such a length in 2020 year will look very harmonious. Plain gray or dark gray varnish is ideal. Moreover, such nail art will look equally good on nail plates of any shape.

For long nails

Owners of long nails are often faced with the fact that almost any manicure makes their image too extravagant. However, you should not worry about this at all if the fashionista chose gray varnish. The gray coating will allow the girl to create a gentle, soft and at the same time elegant bow.

Many of the fair sex love to diversify their nail art, because constantly walking with the same manicure is not in the rules of real fashionistas. Often girls prefer bright options, but sometimes you still want something more calm, while stylish. Gray lacquer is ideal for such purposes.

Design Options

Many people associate gray with a certain monotony and boredom. But this does not apply to manicure in these tones. The variety of designs of such nail art is very large, and it is absolutely in no way inferior to other colors. And somewhere even wins. For example, gray manicure with flowers reveals all its depth and beauty of the pattern, and the sparkles look completely new.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our fashionable selection, in which every woman will definitely find the best option for herself.

With rocks

Even lovers of delicate nail art sometimes need to become a little brighter. The design with rhinestones will allow its owner to shine, but at the same time not deviate from the usual style. All that is needed is to decorate the nails with a scattering of stones and rhinestones. On a gray background, they will look simply breathtaking. At the same time, you don’t need to worry that rhinestones will make nail art too catchy or even vulgar. The main shade will soften the manicure and make it as feminine as possible. Therefore, you can be calm.

With glitter

Such decor is able to create a cold shine and simply amazing radiance. Grey in itself – a rather cold shade, therefore manicuremade in such colors, harmonizes remarkably with sequins in any interpretation. A fashionista can always decorate a couple of nails with a shiny varnish or, for example, add it to a gradient.

With silver

Decor in silver color, as well as sequins, is distinguished by a cold shade and shine. That’s why manicure with silver will definitely become a beautiful decoration gray nail art. Foil, kamifubuki, adhesive strips or glitter with large hexagons can act as decor.


Fashionistas who decide to try out a gray manicure should definitely look at the matte design. He looks truly mesmerizing. As you already know, gray manicure looks restrained and even somewhere a little cold. A matte top will make your nail art look warmer and cozier. Moreover, in lightmatte gray The design is almost imperceptible dust particles and motes, and it also has excellent wear resistance. This means that beautiful nails will delight their owner for a long time.

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cat eye

Attractive magnetic varnishes in gray tones are not familiar to all fashionistas. In popularity, they, of course, cannot be compared with purple or turquoise, but they also look very interesting. It should be noted that the effect of the design of the cat’s eye, made in gray, is somewhat reminiscent of the hemarite stone.

Such gray manicure with design extremely popular in 2020 year, allowing the fair sex to create everyday and at the same time beautiful and original nail art.


The gradient using different shades of gray looks really incredible. No one will dare to call such a design boring. To make the transition look restrained and at the same time spectacular, stylists recommend using similar shades – white and blue. You can also pay attention to the pale pink palette, it goes well with gray.


In the classic version, this design is made of white and black. Of course, gray, being a component of the above shades, simply cannot look bad in marble nail art. If you want to make an original and somewhere even colorful manicure, then marble nail art using gray is exactly what you need.

Combination with other colors

Gray manicure pleasantly surprises compatibility with others flowers. Depending on your choice, the overall impression of nail art will change significantly. For example, on the basis of gray, you can create a strict office manicure, or vice versa – a light summer version. Next, let’s talk about how gray lacquer is combined with other shades and colors.

Dark grey

Gray has many tones and shades. This allows the fashionista to create both a rather strict and gentle manicure, depending on the situation and mood. Someone will like delicate milky gray nail art, while someone will prefer to decorate their nails with dark gray varnish.

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