Fashionable hair color 2019 for medium hair: new items, photos

No matter how much time passes, fashion trends never cease to amaze, especially those who like to change hairstyles, experiment with style and dye their hair. Such people should be aware of fashionable hair colors for women for medium hair in 2019.

So, you should start with the main shade of this season – blond. But only experts recommend forgetting about unnatural and highly highlighted strands. Emphasis should be placed on natural colors and sand shades. Everything should look natural, neat and not conspicuous.


For brightness and originality, girls with fair skin can try to use golden, honey and caramel shades on their hair, which in any situation will add freshness and reduce a few years.

[stextbox id=»info»]Another option for dyeing blond hair is the effect of burnout. It will add a summer mood and add a certain lightness to any look.[/stextbox]

Brunettes with medium hair, both with and without bangs, should pay attention to the most fashionable female hair color of 2019 – red with a golden hue. It is possible that the choice fell on such a combination because of the symbol of this year according to the Chinese calendar.

For those who prefer a less extravagant style, coffee and walnut colors are offered. But instead of the usual staining, experts recommend using the transition technique – starting with a light and ending with a dark shade. Only this transition should be smooth and almost imperceptible.

Many fashion houses suggest using a color called “cold chestnut” in painting. It also looks natural and elegant, but not for every woman. Therefore, for starters, it is recommended to try on yourself a tonic of an identical color, which is easily washed off if the result is unsuccessful.

What used to terrify women is now at the peak of popularity. And we are talking about gray strands. It is not at all necessary to be over the age of sixty to follow the presented fashion trend, because today’s fashion industry allows you to recreate any color in the stylist’s chair.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Note! To create such an extravagant look at a young age, it will take some time and strong lightening of the strands, so girls and women with dark hair should consult with professionals before starting the procedure.[/stextbox]

For brown-haired women this year, cold blond shades are offered. They can be used for full coloring and highlighting some strands. It is worth noting that a slightly noticeable amber with light strands and a nutty undertone is now in the trend.

To demonstrate your strength, inner energy and positive attitude, you can change your color to fiery red. It is best used by girls with fair skin and green eyes, although this look is also suitable for brunettes with brown eyes.

In the summer of 2019, iridescent black is also a fashionable hair color for women on medium hair. That is, lighter strands are added to the main dark color. Such a feature of this season is called “bronette” or booking. But it should be remembered that such a procedure should be carried out only in the salon – at home it is very easy to ruin your hair.

If you want to move away from the “boring” natural hair even more, you should try cherry blossoms and wine shades. For example, brunettes can dye their curls (both completely and partially) in the color of ripe cherries, and girls with light brown and brown hair can turn their attention to jam, lingonberry shades and burgundy.

Another variation of this hair coloring is the use of chocolate-lilac color. For all its unnaturalness, it, oddly enough, gives the hair a natural, but more well-groomed and unusual look.

Still not bright enough? On the eve of autumn 2019, the attention of outrageous fashionistas is increasingly drawn to the bright and defiant fashionable hair colors of 2019 for women. And first of all, they include:

  • “gradient sunset”. With this painting, rich pink, red, peach and yellow shades are used. They are applied to the hair in such an order that they resemble an unusual sunset;
  • “rose quartz” is suitable exclusively for blondes. Pink color is applied to light strands, most often using the balayage technique and creates the effect of “strawberries”. It looks interesting and unusual, without being strongly in the eye.

For fair hair, a nice blue tint is also suitable. Despite the fact that compared to last season, he lost the championship, but makeup artists are not ready to give it up in the future.

The next idea to keep from going crazy in a snow-white city is rainbow paint. Strands in the truest sense of the word are painted with all the colors of the rainbow. It doesn’t have to be all hair. Experts recommend transforming only the lower layer of hair in this way, so that the rainbow only looks coquettishly and is not in the eyes. Another tip is to recolor only a small part of the curls on the left or right side of the face.

It was already mentioned earlier that this year prefers balayage and light amber. At the beginning of the next season, nothing will stop everyone from trying two-tone coloring. And this is not about the usual change in the color of curls. In this situation, at first the head will be divided into two equal horizontal parts. After that, the upper half will be repainted in a white shade, and the lower half will be “shaded” with black, or everything will be the other way around.

But the Spanish masters offer to try on yourself pixel coloring, in which a geometric pattern is applied to the hair in a chaotic manner. Both on medium and long hair, this technique involves the use of fashionable colors for women in 2019 (photo). And most of the time it’s:

  • rich white;
  • blue or grayish;
  • orange;
  • pink and cherry.

[stextbox id=»alert»]But it is worth noting that for this technique it is necessary to lighten the part of the hair where the pattern will be applied. And after the paint begins to wash off, “white spots” form in these places, which do not look very attractive and disappear only after the next painting or cardinal haircut.[/stextbox]

As you can see, this year is full of contradictions and combines many styles and techniques of hair coloring. But thanks to this, every girl and woman will be able to find herself, show off in an unusual way and conquer any man. The main thing is to contact an experienced master who will not only transform your hair, but also tell you about all the features of care.


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