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Fashionable hair color for the summer of 2020

Stylish clothes and shoes are not enough to create the perfect image. The image will not look complete without a trendy haircut. And the right hair color plays a significant role in this. To keep up with current trends, you should know what shades and coloring methods will be in trend in the summer of 2020.

trendy hair color

Fashionable colors

In 2020, the trend is naturalness and naturalness. Therefore, stylists recommend taking paints that correspond to natural colors as the basis for tones for coloring.

Actual shades of blond

Blondes in the new summer season are the luckiest. The fashionable color palette consists of many luxurious light shades:

  1. Ash is one of the best options for young girls. Women aged 50+ are not recommended to experiment with this color so as not to once again emphasize age. In the summer of 2020, the trend is to color the strands in ashy color using technology that creates the effect of “dirty hair”. Despite the unattractive name, the appearance of the curls is very impressive.
  2. Nude is the novelty of the season. When stained in nude color, a shade is selected to match the skin tone. Pastel shade will suit most women. It looks especially impressive on women who have snow-white, porcelain skin.
  3. Honey – will refresh the appearance and emphasize the summer tan, as well as shade the olive skin. This shade is a good opportunity for girls with light brown hair to dye their hair blonde. When giving the strands a honey shade, the transition from dark to light color occurs gradually, without harming the hair.
  4. Platinum – still popular in the new season. To get a real noble shade, you should purchase high-quality paint. In addition, the skin must be perfect, otherwise any imperfections will be visible against the background of platinum hair.
  5. Caramel – curls painted in beige with a golden sheen look very beautiful.
  6. Linen is one of the most natural shades of blonde. For girls with a warm color type, a linen tone with a slight golden touch is suitable.
  7. Cream is a universal color that has passed into the new season from previous years. It is suitable for both light and dark skin.

One of the conditions of the new summer season is the absence of any hint of the artificial origin of color. Therefore, high-quality hair care is necessary to prevent the appearance of yellowness.

natural blonde

blonde summer 2020

trendy blonde

Light brown color

One of the most common hair colors is blond. The palette of light brown shades has many variations. These are, first of all, light colors:

  • golden brown;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • honey-blond;
  • light hazel;
  • pearl silver.

The blond color scheme also consists of medium blond and dark blond shades. The main thing is to choose the right tones, giving preference to the natural color, slightly refreshing it. At the same time, it is undesirable to use complex paint application techniques, opting for monochrome light brown coloring.

Brown hair

Trendy dark shades

Natural black hair is in trend in the summer of 2020. It can be either pure black or diluted with a blue undertone.

But black shades are not suitable for everyone. Older women need to think carefully before becoming brunettes. The usual dark palette visually increases age.

Natural brunettes can dilute black strands with curls of other shades (red, ashen). This combination of dark and light hair will be very popular this summer.

You can experiment with blue-black. In 2020, dark curls look stylish in combination with light shades of blue. An inky black color with a pale bluish tint will draw attention to any girl.

inky black hair

black hair color

No less popular in the summer of 2020 will be the chestnut color of the hair. In the current season, shades of brown are in fashion, such as:

  • chocolate – suitable for brown-eyed girls with a light skin tone;
  • copper – brownish strands with a reddish tint go well with any color of clothing;
  • caramel – even older women can choose, in this color a woman looks younger;
  • coffee – from a dark shade, the color of black coffee to a light, reminiscent of the color of coffee with milk.

Any of the shades of the brown palette looks spectacular on hair of various lengths. Chestnut strands look really luxurious.

brown hair color

copper palette

The hit of the summer season 2020 is bright red hair. Girls who want to transform into a copper beauty can choose a shade according to the type of appearance.

To give natural dark strands of a red tint, copper, bronze tones are suitable. Light curls are best painted with bright red, fiery shades, the color of paprika, copper or bronze is also suitable.

One of the new colors of the copper palette, fashionable this season, is titian. This color mixes gold, red, copper and raspberry notes. Such a complex mixture of shades looks luxurious and attracts attention.

For those who prefer softer tones, a ginger shade is offered in the middle between blond and bright red. In the light, ginger strands cast a golden color. This color is suitable for women with different hair lengths.

Red hair

copper hair color

Non-standard range of colors

Extravagant girls can create an interesting look by dyeing their hair in bolder shades. Blondes can give their strands a pinkish tint, getting the trendy color in 2020 rose gold. Coloring curls in light pink overflows will be tempted even by supporters of the classics.

In the new summer season, the light purple shade of hair will still remain popular. Girls who want to attract attention will also like the colors of coral or ripe cherries. And it is not necessary to dwell on monochrome coloring. You can use several shades, to begin with, coloring only a few strands or the ends of your hair in different colors.

purple hair

rose gold

Trending hair coloring technologies

During the staining procedure, various techniques are used to help create a stylish look. In the summer season of 2020, types of coloring that imitate naturalness will be popular: ombre, bronding, balayage, shatush.

Extravagant girls can choose an unusual and original way of coloring – for example, pixel.


Ombre hair coloring has been at the peak of popularity for more than one year. The essence of the technique is a gradual transition from dark shades to light tones.

In the light of fashion trends striving for naturalness, in the summer season 2020, priority is given to the updated ombre – sombra. With this method of staining, the transition from dark to light color is less contrasting than with ombre.

Sombre, like ombre, is suitable for medium and…

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