Fashionable hair coloring 2019 for short hair: new items, photos

Many women understand how important it is to choose the right hair color in order to look perfect. By carefully studying fashion trends, you can understand interesting colors and shades worthy of dyeing techniques. Fashion trends in hair coloring 2019, photos for short hair – this is the basis from which you should build on when creating an impeccable image.


Actual hair colors in 2019

Not every girl is ready to radically change her own hair color. Carefully studying fashionable hair colors, it is recommended to build on the natural type when choosing the right paint. In addition, stylists initially offer a variety of shades that deserve special attention.

Trendy colors for blondes

The upcoming 2019 should be a time of triumph for blondes. It is light colors that are truly in demand, but you need to know the most popular shades of hair. For example, a yellow tint is still unacceptable, as it is commonly associated with slovenliness. The “gray” coloring, which has ceased to be popular, has also gone into the past. So, what fashionable colors for blondes are recommended?

  1. Platinum blonde. This color will be cold. At the same time, the successful implementation of the silver-ash tide is assumed. When choosing such a shade, it is advisable to be especially careful. For example, blondes with a reddish tint may need to completely bleach their curls to prevent the appearance of yellow hair. In addition, platinum blond is ideal only for young ladies with pale skin, since otherwise the color will only worsen the appearance. In any case, for staining, it is highly advisable to contact an experienced master who can correctly carry out the planned procedure.
  2. Strawberry blonde. Such a blonde will have a very light, but attractive hint of strawberry color. With the help of this color, you can often successfully soften a strict appearance. The young lady will be able to look playful and sexy. You need to pay attention to the fact that a pronounced pink tone is undesirable, since only pink highlights on blonde hair are allowed.
  3. Sand blonde. This tone will also be a favorite for fair-haired ladies. The shade promises to be bright enough, making the appearance seem more beautiful than it was before.

Fashion trends in hair coloring 2019, photos for short hair is one of the most relevant topics for conversation among fair-haired women who should strive to create an impeccable image.

Fashionable colors for red-haired ladies

Coloring in any shade of red is an opportunity to transform almost any appearance. However, when choosing the right tone, you still need to be especially careful so that the image is bright without a touch of vulgarity. In addition, a bright red tint should not be chosen by ladies of middle or advanced years, since even the very first signs of impending aging will become more noticeable. So, what shades deserve special attention?

  1. Golden red. This color is perfect for fair-haired girls. A combination of caramel and golden colors is supposed, thanks to which the strands can naturally shimmer in the sun.
  2. Ginger red. This tone promises to be among the favorites, but at the same time, the red tone should be more disguised in order for the image to be more attractive and bewitching. At the same time, the color should shimmer brightly in the sun, so that in some cases the appearance will turn out to be more playful and perky.
  3. Bronze. The fair sex, who strive to create an elegant look, can choose this particular color. The bronze color in 2019 will turn out to be fashionable if the red tone is weakly expressed and the paint will please you with uniformity and naturalness.

[stextbox id=»info»]Red hair in 2019 should be beautiful, but not vulgar, so it is extremely important to choose the right color for dyeing.[/stextbox]

Fashionable dark hair colors

Fashion trends in hair coloring 2019, photos for short hair also deserve the attention of dark-haired women. Recently, brown-haired women have managed to earn special attention from hairdressers-stylists. So what hair colors have proven popular?

  1. Iced coffee. Such a dark color additionally includes a golden hue. The color is rich and deep, and the shade should shimmer beautifully in the light. Coffee-glasse is ideal for light brown and chestnut curls. Moreover, the color looks perfect on every woman, regardless of her type.
  2. Frosty chestnut. The color turns out to be complex and spectacular, and the cold undertone gives a special beauty. However, to achieve the desired overflows, it is necessary to correctly carry out the staining procedure. As a result, frosty chestnut will delight you with elegance and restraint. This color is perfect for fair-haired girls.
  3. Dark cinnamon. This color is warm and deep. The chocolate shade is set off by a copper sheen. Curls dyed in dark cinnamon will give a mischievous touch to the image.
  4. Chocolate lilac. This color will certainly be among the favorites throughout 2019. The original color is considered cold and bright, so it deserves attention. The color of chocolate is set off by a lilac tone, which gives a frosty shine to the hair.

As you can see, dark-haired girls can also choose decent coloring options that will certainly contribute to creating an impeccable look.

Fashion hair coloring techniques

Fashion trends in hair coloring 2019, photos for short hair allow you to understand what hair coloring techniques can be used to transform your appearance.

  1. California highlighting, which involves the use of bright colors, is becoming more and more popular. Avoiding the use of flags allows you to achieve a gradual transition between all shades, making the hair color more beautiful and natural.
  2. Shatush is a technique with which you can achieve the effect of burnt strands. To give the desired volume, you can choose the most suitable shades. It should be noted that only individual strands are processed. Shatush suits blondes and brunettes.
  3. Ombre involves a gradual change in color, starting from the roots and ending at the ends of the hair. The ombre technique involves the mandatory processing of all hair.
  4. Balayazh is a coloring that also imitates burnt hair. However, the emphasis is on the ends of the curls.
  5. Bronding allows you to make a compromise between light and dark tones. The main color will be blond. Booking focuses on naturalness, so it is advisable to contact an experienced master.

Fashion trends in hair coloring 2019, photos for short…

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