Fashionable haircut straight cut

A straight cut haircut is an accurate hit on fashion trends and a win-win way to create a stylish, effective look. We tell you what you should know before changing your image!

Advantages and disadvantages

A haircut with an even cut for medium hair conquers with a stylish look. This silhouette is preferred by both business women and mothers on maternity leave. Excellent versatility is ensured by the ability to fit into any outfit – straight hair is perfectly combined with a business suit and jeans.

A haircut with a straight cut guarantees extra volume to the hair. A clear contour makes the strands visually thicker and well-groomed. The maximum volume is provided by a short length approximately to the shoulders.

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Ease of installation is the next strong argument for a stylish transformation. A smooth contour looks great with a smooth styling, but it doesn’t mind romantic waves at all. Thanks to a clear contour, the haircut will quickly take the desired shape.

A straight cut with a graphic line can be performed on the basis of a bob or bob haircut. The embodiment of the trend on medium and long hair also allows you to create a stylish look.

A fashionable haircut with an even cut for medium hair can be complemented by actual coloring. For a feminine look and a sense of spectacular volume, balayage, shatush or tiger’s eye coloring is used. The smooth stretching of color in the form of an ombre loses its relevance. If you don’t mind being the center of attention, take a closer look at the bright tips – on an even cut, this technique looks especially expressive.

A feature of a haircut with a straight cut, and for some girls a disadvantage, is the need for regular correction. To make the hairstyle look perfect, you should follow the same length of strands – entrust this to the master when visiting the salon once a month.

A haircut with a smooth contour requires the perfect condition of the strands – split ends and stale coloring are unacceptable.

Who suits

A haircut with an even cut is suitable for girls who want to emphasize the well-groomed and beautiful hair. To determine the ideal hairstyle silhouette, consider the individual features of the appearance.

A haircut for a round face shape is recommended to be supplemented with an asymmetric oblique bangs. The master may also suggest lengthening the front strands in order to visually stretch the oval of the face.

Square outlines are corrected with a side parting and an elongated oblique bang. With such a haircut, the features will visually soften.

For a rectangular shape, a classic version of a haircut with a torn or elongated bang is suitable.

The triangular shape of the face is an argument for a bob haircut with an even cut and thick bangs.

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Properly selected haircut is able to adjust the features of appearance. For example, a large neck will be masked by a straight cut to the shoulders, and soft graduation will smooth out sharp or large facial features.

The type of hair also matters. A haircut with a clear cut looks great on even strands, and owners of curls are advised to think about graduation.

What bangs goes with

Obviously a coup – a straight cut haircut combined with straight bangs that exactly matches the hairstyle style. We advise you to select the length of the front strands with a focus on the individual characteristics of the appearance. Fashion trends pay attention not only to the level to the eyebrows, but also creative bangs to the middle of the forehead.

A combination of an even cut with a soft oblique bangs will also be a harmonious solution. Such asymmetry corrects facial features and adds mobility to a strict hairstyle.

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The duet of the haircut looks interesting with an even cut with graduated front strands. Light randomness will bring airiness and freshness to the image. In addition, this combination adds visual volume to the hair.

Straight cut haircut is a favorite choice of fashionistas who prefer to look spectacular without much effort. Stylists are sure that such a silhouette will always be in trend, which means that you don’t have to worry about matching hairstyles with fashion trends.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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