Fashionable haircuts 2023 that do not require styling

Trendy no-styling haircuts 2023 will catch the attention of women who want to look stylish and well-groomed without much effort. Meet the main hairstyles of this season and be inspired by fashionable changes in your image!


If you’re looking for a trendy no-do haircut for 2023, take a look at the elegant bob. In trends, variations with various bangs, an even cut and graduation, bob and cascade bob. To make the haircut look well-groomed without tedious styling, ask the master to take into account the structure of the hair. For example, for thin hair, a layered and slightly careless bob is suitable.

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Women’s haircut trends 2023-2024 include the microbob, which regularly appeared on fashion shows. The haircut is suitable for girls with an elongated and oval face and straight hair. Daily styling is not required, but if you want to experiment, the microbob can be decorated with elongated irons or curled strands.

For thin and unruly hair, haircuts in which the strands need to keep a strict shape are not suitable – for example, sesson. On the other hand, a microbob with a concise cut will correct the problem of insufficient volume and save you from tedious styling.

Blunt Bob

We present to your attention another version of the bob haircut, extremely relevant in 2023. The trend deserves approval from girls with thin, sparse and normal hair.

The highlight of Blunt Bob is considered to be a careless cut, which allows the tips sticking out in different directions. The optimal length is up to the chin or collarbones.

After the standard blow-drying, the bob will look as it should – a little daring and trendy. If desired, you can fix individual tips with wax, but this is already an additional option.


Pixie haircut 2023 does not show any particular whims: to look stylish, just fluff up your hair with your hands and set it in the right direction. A slight tousle will only decorate the hairstyle.

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Garcon is the most fashionable proof that a boy haircut can look elegant and feminine. In the 2023 season, the hairstyle is done with soft graduation and must be complemented by bangs. If everything is done correctly, the garcon will give refinement to facial features, and at the same time rejuvenate the image.

An important exception: stylists do not recommend choosing a garcon for women with a round or square face shape.

Keyboard cut

The claw cut is an extremely trendy 2023 medium haircut that celebrities love so much. The front strands in a recognizable silhouette reach the collarbones, and the hair at the back of the head is smoothly shortened.

A fashionable hairstyle has no contraindications in the form of the type of strands and the shape of the face and obediently maintains a neat appearance. Clavi kat is stylishly revealed on both straight and wavy strands. If the hair is able to maintain the shape set by the hairdresser, complement the haircut with a bang-curtain – this is the most fashionable interpretation of the hairstyle in 2023 season.

Cascade and stairs

A fashionable version of a haircut without styling for long hair in the 2023 season is represented by a voluminous silhouette with separate layers. The classic cascade and ladder are in trend. Such haircuts are known for their unpretentiousness, the ability to add volume to the hair, and femininity to the image.

If you need a lush haircut without styling, then this is definitely a cascade or ladder. The strands will confidently retain the given shape on medium and long hair, but the features of the cascade on a short length often require the use of styling.

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straight cut

Girls with thick and straight hair in the 2023 season can perform a haircut with an even cut. The graphic silhouette will give the image expressiveness and relevance. Cosmetics that add shine to straight strands will enhance the effect.

Fashionable in the 2023 season, a hairstyle with an even cut is important to perform in a duet with bangs. Make a decision based on the type of hair – if the strands are naughty, the bangs may require regular styling.

Fashionable women’s haircuts 2023 without styling will help you decide on a stylish change. Don’t be afraid of this newness: a fresh hairstyle is a classic way to cheer up and make a wonderful change in image!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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