Fashionable haircuts for medium hair 2021

Haircuts for medium hair are the most popular among all the variety women’s styling. And in 2021 year, the demand from fashionistas for them will only grow. However, there is nothing surprising here, because medium-length curls are very beautiful and practical. They allow you to emphasize the femininity of the image, and at the same time do not interfere in everyday life. Today we also decided to talk about fashion trends in this hair segment.

The most trending medium haircuts 2021

The average length of the hair is the one that is in the range from the shoulders to the bottom of the shoulder blades. And, as we have already said, it is her women who consider the most comfortable. Such curls are easy to collect both in an interesting hairstyle and in a simple tail. And they do not need too intensive care, which is especially good for business women or mothers on maternity leave, who often lack time.

But this versatility does not mean that medium haircuts are boring. On the contrary, they have enough style, creativity and fit well even in the most non-standard images. And special trend seasons 2020-2021 steel additions to them of bright accent details. For example, it can be elongated strands, shaved areas, deliberate asymmetry or density, emphasized by straight cuts. In general, every lady will be able to show her individuality with the help of a medium-length haircut. And from what options you can choose, we will tell right now.

  • Cascade. And do not be surprised that we started our selection with him, because this is the most popular styling today, which will not bother anyone for a long time. What is the reason for such popularity? To begin with, the cascade is a natural looking no styling haircut for medium hair, which means that in the long run it will save the ladies a lot of time. AT 2021 year, the current cascade will look like this: smoothly flowing curls at the back, profiled ends, torn chaotically lying strands near the face. And be sure to complement this styling with one of the modern colorings to make the hairstyle look even more multifaceted.

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By the way, cascade – This is the favorite haircut of the famous American actress Jennifer Aniston. She’s been wearing it since her days on Friends. And since this series has just a huge number of fans around the world, it is not surprising that the cascade instantly went to the masses.

  • Elongated caret. And this haircut, unlike the cascade, looks more holistic and neat. Became popular almost 10 years ago, she is still in great demand among women. The main advantage of the extended square is that it emphasizes the natural beauty of curls and is suitable for any type of face. It is this versatility that in many ways captivates fashionistas. In the coming season, the trend will be exactly the elongated square with a straight cut. If you want to make the haircut more original, stylists recommend adding asymmetry to it by making the front strands longer than those on the back of the head. Yes, this technique is not new, but it is still relevant to use it.

  • Bob with an uneven cut. For owners thick hairFor those who want to lighten their look, we recommend a trendy haircut: a bob with uneven cuts. She got into the top ratings at the beginning of this season, and in the next these positions will only be fixed. How good is this setup? Yes, first of all, by the fact that with the help of it you can successfully hide the wrong proportions of the face and make thick, heavy hair lie more naturally. Basically, your bob should look like you cut it yourself with scissors in a dark bathroom. Yes, this is somewhat radical, but the result will be very creative a haircut, which, by the way, is preferred by many celebrities. For example, the singer Adele.

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  • “Italian”. If you are looking for medium haircut for thin hair, then we strongly recommend that you turn to the universal “Italian”. After all, this styling is also listed in the trends, and it will add additional volume to your hairstyle. Its main feature is to cut off a voluminous hat on the top and back of the head, which gives the impression that you have thick hair on your head. And graduation gives naturalness. By the way, both in appearance and in the cutting technique, the “Italian” is very similar to the aforementioned cascade. However, there is still a difference between hairstyles. And it consists precisely in the presence of a more voluminous upper part of the first haircut.

If you are the owner of sparse hair, but at the same time you want to get a haircut With a bang, then here’s our advice to you: do not make it too thick. She will look out of place. It is better to choose a lightweight option that will add naturalness to the image and will not require cutting a large number of precious strands.

  • Haircut with curls. 2021 will be a landmark year for the owners of curls. Why? Yes, because hairstyles with wavy hair. Moreover, they will become such a bright trend that even ladies with straight curls will be recommended to make light waves. Moreover, curls will be appropriate not only on the strands, but also on the bangs. If we talk about the name of hairstyles, then the same aforementioned cascade, bob, bob, “Italian” are in trend. Only instead of straight curls you will have curled ones. But all the basic principles of laying will be preserved.

The Shag haircut with curls also looks very beautiful on modern ladies. It turns out she is somewhat disheveled, but this is the whole essence of her charm. By the way, this styling will look good on women after 40. She will add playfulness to their image.

  • “Fox’s tail”. Another super-fashionable haircut in 2021 for medium hair length. However, if you wish, you can do it on any curls. And as a result, you will get a rather non-trivial hairstyle, the main feature of which will be strands cut in the back in the form of a triangle. It is this V-shape that brings fashionistas into a real delight. A significant role in the design of this styling is played by the “correct” coloring. Monochrome is, of course, good, but stylists still recommend being creative and decorating such stylish haircut in brighter shades. And not along the entire length, but only in the lower part of the strands. The effect will be very impressive.

  • with asymmetry. Incredibly in demand next season will be all kinds of haircuts for medium hair with asymmetrical cuts. And the more dissonant the expression, the better. These can be individual strands that are much longer than the rest of the curls, or a clear asymmetry to one side. Here, decide for yourself how radical and bold the image you want to get. Why are asymmetric haircuts good? First, they are great. rejuvenate. That is why stylists are so willing to offer them to women over 40 years old. And, secondly, such a hairstyle gives …

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