Fashionable hairstyles for summer 2023

We have collected the best hairstyle ideas for summer 2023 for you to inspire you to new stylish experiments! Fresh fashion trends – especially for the readers of “Fashionable Lady”!


All kinds of braids are an important summer 2023 trend that inspires new experiments with looks. For example, in a bright outfit with a dress or a sundress, styling with many thin braids against the background of loose hair will fit in.

If you have 15 minutes of free time left, we suggest braiding a lot of thin braids along the entire length of your hair, creating a stylish look. This trendy hairstyle creates lush natural waves – the basis of your next beautiful look for the summer of 2023.

Combining braids with other hairstyles is another stylish idea for the summer of 2023. For example, voluminous fishtail weaving will stylishly sit on loose curls in the Malvinka hairstyle.

The classic two braids will turn out to be more voluminous if you use the fishtail technique and put the strands under each other.


To create a feminine and attractive look for the summer of 2023, you can use the Malvinka hairstyle. A nice bonus – the collected front strands will create comfort in hot weather.

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Another trendy summer hairstyle idea is Malvinka with accessories. You can fix the temporal strands above the back of the head with the help of invisibility, satin ribbons, crab, hairpins with pearls or sequins, which are relevant in the 2023 season.

beach curls

Fashionable summer hairstyles 2023 look beautiful based on beach curls. A beautiful natural wave is obtained using a curling iron and a special texturizing spray. The resulting curls look natural and romantic, and also easily fit into any summer look.

hippie style

Fashionable hairstyles for the summer of 2023 look charming in the embodiment of the hippie style – synonymous with freedom and lightness. The main focus in this direction is colorful accessories in the form of baubles, ribbons, headbands, thin rings.


In hot summer weather, the desire to pick up the hair is quite predictable, so the fashion trends of 2023 offered bun styling ideas. The trend is a slightly careless hairstyle effect, which is easy to get by creating a bun on pre-rolled curls. A fashionable hairstyle will also work if you add thin weaves.

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A stylish hairstyle for the summer of 2023 will also be a bun based on loose strands. You can create such an image in a matter of seconds – just collect the temporal curls and form a bun over the back of the head.

Fashion trends for women’s hairstyles 2023 rely on simplicity and comfort. Complex designs in the past – today at the peak of popularity, elementary and at the same time stylish ideas. A typical example is a smooth tuft at the back of the head, formed from a knot.

Summer hairstyles 2023 for long and medium hair look stylish with the addition of accessories. A win-win technique is a silk scarf that adorns the base of a classic bun at the back of the head. Stylists advise choosing a fabric with a colorful print like flowers or polka dots – it’s summer!

wet effect

Wet look hairstyles 2023 come to mind when creating luxurious bohemian looks. Surely, this summer you have planned parties, dates, trips to events and just days when you want to look especially impressive. For such occasions, wet styling 2023 would be a great idea.

Repeat a stylish hairstyle with the help of a gel. The cosmetic product is abundantly applied to the hair, and then the desired direction is given to the strands.

Hair trends spring-summer 2023 inspire beautiful looks with interesting weaves, romantic curls, new ideas for familiar styling. In the warm season, you want to look bright and attractive: we see the goal and see no obstacles!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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