Fashionable hairstyles spring-summer 2019

If you want a new and stylish look, you should learn about fashionable hairstyles for the spring-summer 2019 season in order to stay on the wave and keep up with the times. How to braid the hair of models at shows and what bangs will be the most popular – we will find out together.

Hairstyle Fashion Trends 2019

The spring-summer season is characterized by conflicting directions: negligence, emphasized naturalness and randomness of the hairstyle “without styling”, and options with neatly arranged strands, often with the use of products.

Among the trends:

  • use of accessories: crabs, hairpins, velvet bows, ribbons, laces and headbands. All this could be seen on models at fashion shows, and therefore many women of fashion have already begun to “arm themselves” with these improvised means;

Velvet bows and ribbons

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  • bang again popular and loved in 2019. Ultra-short bangs are especially popular. Of course, she doesn’t suit everyone, but if a lady is lucky enough to have beautiful brow arches and eyes, as well as a high forehead, she can change her image. In addition to the short one, torn, uneven and elongated are still in use;

  • wet effect“. Here you can experiment – create images with a small amount of gel, purely for styling strands or to the effect of “out of the shower”. Girls comb their hair back, make a ponytail or braid and then apply funds;

  • perfect smoothness – strand to strand evenly and neatly. Looks especially good on a Kare haircut;

  • both straight and side parting are equally popular;

Smooth and side parting

  • curls, waves, curls – you can put it in a careless curly hairstyle, form neat curls or just light waves – it all depends on where you have to go and the mood of the owner of the hair;

  • weaving and braids are gaining unprecedented momentum. It can be full-fledged long pigtails or just a hint of weaving over loose hair – it doesn’t matter, everything is in current trends now;

  • bulkiness – intentionally created volume and splendor of hairstyles on straight and wavy hair. These hairstyles are more suitable for formal events and evenings, because they are most effectively combined with evening dresses.

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. The ease of styling and inventing new images with different hairstyles directly depends on a successful and high-quality haircut. For medium and long hair, there are many popular haircuts in 2019, on the basis of which you can continue to create unique masterpieces. [/stextbox]

Fashionable hairstyles spring-summer 2019 for any occasion

For girls with short hair, there are different styling options – from frankly daring needles and mohawk, to playful curled ends. If the length of the hair allows, you can try braiding or picking up the hair in a bun. But, nevertheless, an incredible variety of hairstyles is offered specifically for ladies with medium or long hair. Here is where fantasy and imagination can roam. True, the hands must also be skillful. Otherwise, it is better to call for help from more experienced assistants.

Options for modern stylish hairstyles:

  • curls;
  • bundle;
  • tails;
  • Braids;
  • Harnesses;
  • high hairstyles.

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Curls, waves, curls

Yes, the most prosaic and ordinary hairstyle is in fashion now – curls. And, oddly enough, wavy hair has been in trends for more than one season. Now, whatever they do – small curls, large curls, voluminous fluffiness or “sleek” curls – everything creates a romantic and delightful female image.

You can curl your hair in different ways – pigtails for the night, a curling iron to help, a hairdryer and a comb – each girl can choose the most suitable curling option for herself. You can twist your hair along the entire length, along with strands of bangs – only bangs are better to curl on large curlers, you can – only the tips, leaving the main hair straight. You can make several curls near the face – every fashionista can experiment and change options, styling her hair in a new way each time.

Bundles and muzzles

Here, too, complete democracy reigns: the bundle can be tightened laconically and strand to strand, like dancers; you can make it intentionally sloppy with hair that seems to be “knocking out”. Here it is worth focusing on the type of face – not everyone will go licked front hair. And those who are over 40 do not need to make the image of an old maid and carefully select all the strands in a boring bun. At a respectable age, the hair is already fragile and not so thick, so it is better to create hairstyles that are more voluminous and do not tighten the hair tightly, and do not injure the scalp.


Yes, trivial and banal versions of the everyday style of every girl with shoulder-length hair and below were used by fashion designers on their models. With a tail, you can wear a headband, decorative hats, headbands and so on. In this case, the tail is the simplest – from below.

Weaves, weaves, braids

Among the best hairstyles for spring and summer of this 2019 for medium length and long hair are all kinds of weaves and pigtails.

Designers showed with examples how creative the approach to weaving can be:

  • one long braid;
  • several braids;
  • high hairstyles created from braids;
  • pigtails collected in a tail;
  • braids for loose hair;
  • and many other options.

Here you can experiment with different types of braids, although complex weaving of 4, 5 strands slowly faded into the background, and simpler braids became popular, plus a casual look for hairstyles.

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Harnesses and flagella

The theme of twisted hair will obviously not be fully disclosed without photo options with bundles. It may be interesting twisted long hair gathered in a ponytail – why not an alternative to a braid? Or an elegant bun made in this way. In any case, you can go to work, study or on a date – the image turns out to be elegant and businesslike, but with a twist. By weaving strands in a circle around the head or twisting under an elastic band, you can get an exquisite Greek hairstyle – you can attend any celebrations with it, and it is also suitable for everyday styling, because it is quick and easy.

high hairstyles

Here are collected those hairstyles that allow you to open your back and will be most suitable for evening dresses with a bare back.

From harnesses

Hair can be collected:

  • in an elegant shell, which is held inconspicuous hairpins or an elegant hairpin;
  • curled curls are pinned up in a beautiful bun. If the hairstyle is decorated with small hairpins with flowers, it is quite possible to offer it as a wedding or prom;
  • lightly braided braids intertwine and create an intriguing masterpiece. You can get by with one oblique braided on the side and fixed on the other side of the head.

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Adding accessories:

  • the headbands shown on the catwalks were very different: from incredible voluminous to thin elegant. The headband can be worn with a ponytail, intricately arranged buns, for short…

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