Fashionable hats autumn-winter 2019-2020

The cold weather is approaching, which means that buying a fashionable hat for the fall-winter 2019-2020 is a priority. And right now we will look at the most current fashion trends of this season among hats.


Models of women’s hats that you should pay attention to right now

It will not be difficult to choose a beautiful, comfortable and stylish hat in the coming autumn. After all, the choice of fashionistas provided just a huge number of different models, colors and textures. And what will be considered the most trendy.


Some time ago, caps were exclusively the prerogative of the youth style. Very rarely, an adult serious woman, for example, forty years old and older, could turn to them. But now this situation has changed radically.

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And if you look at the latest fashion collections of Michael Korsa, Burberry, Lacoste, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Elisabetta Franchi, Balmain, it becomes clear that this headpiece has made a huge step forward, and now any lady can safely make it part of her image.

And among the most relevant models of caps, the following can be distinguished.

  • Gavroche. A real legend! The voluminous top and not too long visor give this headdress a touch of immediacy and rebellious chic.

And be sure to complement your bow with a long voluminous scarf, a masculine-cut plaid jacket, shirt, jacket, or other attributes that match this style.

  • Kartuz. And this cap is an analogue of the caps worn by military personnel in the 19th and 20th centuries. Initially, it was considered an exclusively male headdress, but now women also willingly resort to it.

The cap will look great in combination with casual and military styles. Pleased here and a variety of finishes.

  • Jockeyka. Remember the tight-fitting, wide-brimmed hats that all the jockeys on the racetrack wear?

So, they went to the masses and fell in love with modern women of fashion, despite their aristocracy and restraint. We note right away that brilliance and pretentiousness are not provided for in this model, but this does not mean that you cannot create a stylish look with the help of a jockey.

[stextbox id=’info’]In addition to the above trends, caps with a narrow visor, cute caps with cat ears, and classic baseball caps with a long wide visor are very popular.[/stextbox]


And this headdress is a real hit of the 2019-2020 season. But, do not think that it is relevant only for women after 50 years. The variety of completely differently executed models here will pleasantly surprise even the most picky fashionistas.

It is noteworthy, but you will not find any restrictions on the color range of berets this season. Everything is relevant: black, white, bright colors, nude, leopard and even rainbow.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and variations of decor. For example, do you want a hat for autumn with a veil? Easily! Beads, glitter, embroidery, inscriptions, leather and fur inserts, brooches, buckles, chains, weaving – anything to make your look stylish.

There is also a choice of invoices.

  • knitting. For autumn, small and medium are best, but for winter, choose large.
  • Leather. Suitable for rainy weather. It will help to give the image of audacity and confidence.
  • Textile. Classic timeless. Suitable for women of all ages.
  • Net. The novelty of the season. Looks very unusual and stylish.
  • Fur. Another beret option for winter. And here you can find very voluminous models.
  • Velvet. Women’s velvet berets look very noble. Suitable for creating both everyday and evening looks.

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[stextbox id=’warning’]In order not to look too old-fashioned in a beret, learn to combine it with other modern elements of the wardrobe. For example, a leather jacket, a trench coat, sunglasses, unusual models of bags.[/stextbox]

Hat with ear flaps

Considering the trends of autumn-winter 2019-2020, it is impossible to pass by hats with earflaps, which this season turned out to be incredibly fashionable and in demand. They look very feminine and at the same time a little naive, which makes them popular with fashionistas of all ages.

For example, teenage girls are most likely to choose earflaps depicting animals (pandas, cats, and owls). Older girls also prefer models with a twist: with pompoms, embroidery in the form of a flower or a bow, decorated with pearls or beads.

But women over 40 gravitate more towards classic options. And yes, earflaps must certainly be fur. But it is artificial fur or natural, decide for yourself. The choice is huge.


Simple, concise and still fashionable. For several seasons in a row, small, neat and incredibly comfortable beanie hats have firmly held positions in the wardrobes of fashionistas. The coming autumn will not be an exception.

Perhaps, in these models, ladies are most attracted by their versatility, because they fit equally well into both sports and classic, casual or any other bow.

Moreover, even here you can find, albeit insignificant, but diversity.

For example, if you want to make the image more visible and daring, then for this case, choose a long beanie, or as it is also called a sock cap. Models with lapels and pom-poms, such as in the photo, also look very good.

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And this headdress is recognized in the coming season as the most extravagant. A few years ago, balaclavas gradually began to emerge from oblivion. With each fashion show, designers have increasingly focused on these brutal and practical types of hats. And now their finest hour has come. Autumn-winter 2019-2020 brought the balaclava to the peak of popularity.

But with what to wear them, you ask? We answer: yes, with almost any warm thing from your wardrobe. Everything will do: a coat, a sweater, a dutik jacket, a leather coat, a cheburashka fur coat, a sheepskin coat and even denim.

Some stylists even recommend experimenting with the image and trying to combine a balaclava with a fitted feminine coat and coarse ankle boots. Yes, as a result you will get a very extravagant bow, but you can definitely draw attention to yourself.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Here it should be noted one more headdress – a bonnet, because it is still in fashion. Therefore, if you consider a balaclava too radical for yourself, take a closer look at the hood. He is more feminine.[/stextbox]

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Pompom hats

Absolutely everyone loves them. They are warm, practical and very cute, because a cute fur ball on the back of the head gives the image lightness and playfulness. Hats with pom-poms look best with classic coats and short coats, a warm vest, and a short fur coat. You can’t go wrong if you choose a sporty style for this headdress.

As for the texture and decor, hats made of natural wool are the most popular…

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