Fashionable hats for autumn 2019: trends of the season

Hats fashionable in the fall 2019 season delight with a variety of styles and models for every taste. One thing is clear: fashion trends have done their best, and you will definitely have something to choose from!


Key trends

  • Naturalness and femininity – this is the main direction of modern fashion. The design of the headdress strives for conciseness, and therefore for versatility. Choosing simple but relevant models, you will not encounter difficulties in combining within one image.

  • The oversized style is still at the peak of popularity, that is, you can safely stock up on voluminous hats. Even veils, miniature in their style, have acquired increased dimensions.

  • Print No. 1 for fashionable headwear is, of course, a check. Various options are popular: from tartan and argyle to houndstooth and burberry. As for the current colors, brown, beige, gray and acid shades follow the popularity of black. Stylists also distinguish burgundy, orange, pink, plum, emerald and raspberry.

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  • Among the trendy decor, a veil can be distinguished. Such decoration is seen in turbans, turbans and even in sports caps.

  • Out of competition and fur inserts. If you do not want to buy a fur hat, you can opt for a model with a trendy fur decor. A stylish look will turn out if the inserts on the headdress complement the trim on the outerwear.

  • There was also a place for rhinestones, beads, sequins, brooches and appliqués on headdresses. An interesting idea of ​​the designers was to combine decor on outerwear and headwear. The result of such stylish experiments was the original monolights.

Do not be afraid to buy hats with rhinestones – it looks very feminine


Luckily for all fashionistas, berets stay with us this fall. In the wake of the wild popularity of such a headdress in past seasons, many girls managed to purchase it. It is a truly stylish and practical investment in a fashionista’s wardrobe, as it allows you to create an endless number of unique looks with a touch of charm and romance.

In the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season, designers, in addition to the classic design of berets, highlighted another novelty – oversized models made of thick threads in large yarn.

No less stylish idea – takes “on the leg” with a decor of appliqués, stones, embroidery or beads. With this approach, a completely unique headdress is obtained, the main highlight of any autumn look.

[stextbox id=’info’]Serious competition to the above models is leather berets. This is one of the most trendy and creative solutions for this fall![/stextbox]

Felt, knitwear, velvet, fur and corduroy are among the actual materials of the beret.


When the autumn weather begins to deteriorate rapidly, it will be time to change the beret to something warmer. This is where the stylish hat with earflaps comes in! This model has taken center stage in many top shows, and the reason for this is the love of designers for the originality of earflaps.

Some fashion maestro have moved away from the classic design of the earflap cap, but still the practicality, frost resistance and originality of the headdress have remained unchanged.

Fashion trends highlight earflaps with leopard fur. Such models were presented by several designers. Fitting such a hat into the image is not so difficult. It is only enough that its coloring echoes with the finishing of outerwear, for example, with a collar.

hunting style

It’s time to go on a fashion hunt and stock up on a stylish hat in hunting style. The characteristic features of such models are protruding “ears” and a visor, which is sometimes located not only in front, but also in the back. Dramatically different designs of hunting hats allow you to introduce this accessory into images of various styles. Judge for yourself: the trend is military colors, rhinestone decor, colored fur inserts and reptile skin.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! We give our readers stylish tips! A tweed coat is perfect with a leather hat, a satin jacket looks great with a sparkling headdress, and a military-style cape goes well with military-style accessories.[/stextbox]

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knitted hats

Fashion trends for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season are also unthinkable without knitted women’s hats. Stylish favorites this time were several interesting models. Let’s get to know them better!

Large knit

Large knitting is a real “long-liver” among fashion trends. This time, hats with voluminous patterns made of large yarn are at the peak of popularity.

Large knit continued the fashion trend in 2019

The main advantage of such cozy models is their versatility – they perfectly complement bows in a sporty, urban and casual style.

Turban and turban

A knitted hat can look sophisticated and elegant, and the current turban and turban models are excellent proof of this. The stylish palette is represented by gray, blue, brown, black and burgundy tones. Some fashionistas go further and decorate this headpiece with a beautiful brooch in the center – it looks just gorgeous!

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Such headdresses look great on girls with delicate features.[/stextbox]

Among the fashionable combinations of a turban and a turban, we, first of all, highlight a luxurious midi or maxi length fur coat, a fitted or loose coat, as well as a feminine sheepskin coat. In a word, the chic of such a headdress should be complemented by appropriate elegant outerwear.

Such a status of a turban and a turban allows those over 50 to wear these hats. Such an image is guaranteed to look elegant and emphasize the charm of a mature lady.

Pompom hats

A hit among youth hats are models with a pompom. Playful, stylish and flirtatious, they are presented in the new season in a wide variety. Colors can vary from calm to bright and contrasting shades.

Note that hats with pom-poms go well with puffy jackets, bombers, parkas and down jackets. Such a headdress will certainly emphasize the cheerful disposition and excellent mood of its owner. And with such an attitude, even the most severe cold will be nothing!


Another stylish idea for a youth hat is a knitted beanie. This season, the sporty model takes on an unexpectedly elegant character and is adorned with a veil. This solution, of course, will appeal to fashionistas with imagination.

Beanies seem to be designed to pair with the 2019 season’s trendy puffy jackets and quilted down jackets. More elegant models will make a stylish company with a fur coat or short fur coat.


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