Fashionable hats for summer 2021

The onset of hot summer is absolutely no reason to give up hats, because there are a lot of options for this fashionable wardrobe element for 2021. On summer days, a headdress performs important functions – it protects from the sun, complements stylish looks, and during periods of cold snap it can even cover you a little from low temperatures. Therefore, discard the stereotype that a hat is only for winter, and choose a fashionable option for yourself.

What hats will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

In most cases, hats are made from lightweight materials so that they do not get hot. You can find the most popular models in silk, cotton, caps, baseball caps or straw hats. Some products can combine several types of materials, complemented by various decorative elements.

cowboy hats. There are more fans of cowboy style than you might think. Just this summer, cowboy hats will be in fashion. They are quite defiant, but fit perfectly into a huge number of images.

Hats with wide brim. Wide-brimmed hats have always been very feminine and sophisticated. The hat can have any color, be complemented by ribbons and other decorative elements.

baseball caps. A sports headdress that looks very stylish and adds some zest to the image. Also, baseball caps are able to protect your head from the scorching summer sun. There are a huge number of colors of baseball caps, so you can choose one for every look.

Caps. Another very handy item that protects from the sun thanks to the visor, and thanks to its stylish appearance, it perfectly complements urban looks.

Fashion headbands. Headbands can be considered a wonderful element of retro style. They have recently climbed the fashionable Olympus, but have already become very popular among women.

Scarves. A scarf is often used in an image as an accessory. There are just a lot of ways to tie it on your head, and each of them looks special. This is a gypsy version, and in the form of a turban, and a figure eight – as your heart desires! For the summer, of course, it is better to choose light scarves with bright prints and shades.

You will find all of these options among the hottest 2021 headwear trends for summer. They can be made from different materials, have unusual colors, so be guided by your tastes and choose what suits you.

Choosing a hat color for summer

Summer is the most successful time of the year for experimenting with colors and looks. But, you should always select the most beneficial and appropriate combinations of shades so that the holistic appearance looks as harmonious as possible. The trend in 2021 will be the following colors for hats or other things described for the summer:

  • red;
  • coral;
  • indigo;
  • pale blue;
  • jade;
  • green;
  • pearl.

Of course, both black and white always look appropriate and never go out of style. Not superfluous in the wardrobe will be hats in pastel colors – milky, beige. Such colors will look very organic with elegant and feminine bows. More daring and defiant colors will suit the images of the same style.

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What to combine hats with in the summer of 2021

To create fashionable images with hats in the summer of 2021, you need to learn how to combine them with clothes correctly. Indeed, when looking at a person, we pay attention to the whole bow, and not to its individual elements. We tried to explain what and with what it is better to combine, so that it looks appropriate.

For example, cowboy hats are best paired with modern looks like jeans and shirts. From shoes you can choose sneakers, ankle boots or sneakers. Perhaps for some it will be unusual, but cowboy hats go well with light summer dresses. Also, this hat can be used as an addition to a swimsuit for a beach look. Naturally, a cowboy-style hat is not suitable for feminine and elegant bows.

Wide-brimmed hats are among the leaders among girls. They fit perfectly into different feminine images. They look beautiful with dresses, skirts and heeled shoes, and create a very gentle summer bow. You can also choose an accessory in the form of a light scarf or handbag of the same color. Sneakers and any other rough shoes should not be combined with a wide-brimmed hat.

Baseball caps are great for sports bows with tracksuits, shorts and tops, jeans, sneakers and sneakers. Therefore, it is not advisable to combine them with dresses or skirts, because these things belong to different styles.

Headbands are both a headdress and part of a hairstyle. Among the variety of headbands, you can find cute options with floral or geometric prints. Headbands, like scarves, can be worn with dresses, skirts, blouses.

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As you can see, there are a lot of fashionable hats for the summer of 2021, and you can see examples of each of them in the photo. Perhaps you like something and you want to buy such a thing for yourself.

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