Fashionable highlighting 2019

If you want to change yourself a little – highlighting comes to the rescue. Fashion trends in coloring 2019 – in our review. Photos of great examples are attached.

Stylish and trendy hair coloring

Well-groomed hair, fresh haircut and luxurious hair color are always in fashion. In 2019, along with carelessness and naturalness, highlighting has become very popular. And not classical, from roots to tips, evenly and clearly, but creative and unusual. Hairdressers use different coloring techniques, combine them, choose original combinations of shades to make each lady different from the others.

The most used types of highlighting:

  • California highlights – the very fashionable effect of burnt hair. A gentle and delicate way to give your hair new shades and shine. Looks amazing on medium and long hair – look at the photo;

Interesting: California highlights on dark hair

  • coloring – from 3 or more shades are selected and a multi-colored masterpiece is created. You can pick up shades that are barely different – then there will be a magnificent overflow of color, and if you choose different ones (some brave ladies even take warm and cold shades), then you get an incredible variety of colors that will never get bored;

  • balayage – coloring in light individual strands. In some ways, the result may be similar to California highlighting, but the balayazh allows you to create different options for the location of the clarified zones;

  • ombre – gradient, “stretching” of color – when shades are selected from lighter to darker, from less saturated to brighter, and so on. It is best to do an ombre on medium or long hair – then you can make a smooth transition of shades.

Highlighting can be done on any length of hair. On short hair, coloring and bright strands look good. Saturated unnatural colors are best combined with interesting haircuts, a shaved temple or nape, with long bangs and an informal look. On medium and long hair, you can do anything: from light traditional highlighting to color transitions both vertically and horizontally.

On medium hair

“Natural” shades

Naturalness is in fashion now. Therefore, ladies can always use a few tricks to “revive” their hair color, but be very stylish:

  • carefully select the light shades of your main color – then no one will say that they were “painted”, and the effect of luxurious color and freshness will be achieved;

  • red-haired girls choose rich red, red colors – which will be a tone lighter or darker than their own;

  • for dark hair, use Californian or balayage, but a very easy option – so that the hair is barely touched by the “sun”;

  • for ladies of respectable age, you can safely choose ash (silver, gray) highlighting – this way you can uniquely hide your gray hair and make incredible and original beauty on your head.

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Advice. For dark-haired girls and young women, it is not recommended to do ashy highlighting – the hair may appear gray. It is better to take pure white or vanilla, ivory and other light shades that match the color of the eyes and skin of the lady.


Highlighting fashion trends

In addition to choosing a technique and following its requirements, you can always apply a little creativity:

  • add a bright color only to the ends of the hair – for example, for long-haired girls with light brown or blond hair, make “fiery” ends;

  • for redheads, brunettes, lighten only the front strands – this way you can give a haircut freshness and throw off decently years of age;

Interesting: Highlights on red hair

  • getting highlights with a pattern is quite difficult, it is done in a stencil way, but it looks amazing;

  • make highlighting with “feathers” – selective strands should be dyed light or only part of the strand should be dyed with rare blotches of color;

  • paint over several strands in bold, bright colors – red, purple, blue;

  • to diversify the hairstyle with bangs with different colors of exactly strands of bangs – and you can color it at home on your own, and it will quickly grow back;
  • elegant two-tone – for blondes, add a dark color to the lower strands or to one half of the head, and for dark-haired ones, lighten in the same way;

  • diagonal highlighting looks especially bright on dark hair.

For dark hair

Among the fashionable and favorite trends of 2019 is highlighting on dark hair. Girls with dark blond, dark brown, brown and black hair also want something new.

For them you can do:

  • light highlighting – the effect of burnt hair, coloring from several shades, just add zonal light strands;

  • red highlights – all red and red shades are now very popular. Especially frivolous redhead is suitable for girls with a warm color type. White-skinned ladies should make “assorted” – take reddish and silver (white) tones;

  • dark highlighting on dark hair allows you to emphasize the depth of the main color, makes the hair shiny, shimmering in the sun. You can take a dark shade as one of the coloring tones and make a luxurious transition.

Interesting: Highlights on dark hair 2019

Most popular shades:

  • black tulip – with a purple tint;
  • cinnamon – a noble and luxurious dark chestnut color;
  • chocolate and cherry – if girls do not like purple overflow, you can choose dark red;
  • “tiger’s eye” is a complex technique that allows you to get strands that shimmer in different shades.

Tiger’s Eye

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Important. On dark hair, any changes in the color of the strands are clearly visible, so careful selection of highlighting shades is very important. Choose a good master, so as not to get an unpleasant result.


Highlighting on light brown and blond hair

Blondes, light blond and dark blond women have all the possibilities:

  • highlighting can be done both light – choose shades lighter than the natural color, and dark;

  • dark highlighting is better to do rare – so as not to burden the image. Or even paint only the lower strands or tips;
  • fashionable coloring of strands in shades of red go to girls with swarthy, with bronze, sandy and other warm skin tones, with green, brown eyes. And for white-skinned ladies with blue, gray eyes, it is better to refrain from red and red;

What shades for highlights do you like?

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  • Rose gold or strawberry blonde is a favorite trend of blonde (and dyed blonde) girls, which continues in highlights in 2019. You can highlight only the tips or make a real “stretch” of color. The result is impressive;

  • for owners of curly hair, it is enough to make only light blond …

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