Fashionable images for autumn 2019 for women over 50

In this article, we have collected the most fashionable looks for autumn 2019 for women over 50, which prove that age is not a hindrance to style!

Colors and prints

It is generally accepted that women aged 50+ can only be content with faded and boring colors in clothes. Fashion 2019 destroys this archaic stereotype and offers to turn to more daring color experiments in the image.

  • Lavender is a stylish association with femininity and youth, so don’t lose sight of its relevance.

  • The trend is pastel pink and peach shades that illuminate the skin and give it a healthy color and shine. But the popularity of fuchsia is better to ignore or choose this color only as accents.
  • Mustard color fits wonderfully into the autumn style. It goes especially well with dark hair.

  • You can also adopt the main color of the 2019 season – coral in a delicate light shade. It adds a touch of freshness to the image.

  • The huge popularity of yellow and red is not to be missed. They can at least be used as juicy onion accents.

  • Among the blue palette, sky and gray-blue are in trend. Both options are great for this age category.
  • The hit of the season is beige and milky tones, which remarkably refresh the image.
  • Noble emerald, burgundy and blue tones also look great in autumn bows. True, it is recommended to choose the bottom in these colors.

  • Among the current prints, one can single out a check (including a houndstooth), animalistics, geometry and laconic flowers. All these options perfectly diversify the monochrome bow of a woman over 50 years old.

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Basic wardrobe

  • At the age of 50+, it is worth putting quality and impeccable fit in the first place. Let bright faux fur coats be at the peak of popularity now, but a classic beige coat will look more advantageous. You can prefer the trendy style of a dressing gown, which has not slowed down its relevance for several seasons.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A classic plain coat can be diluted with printed shoes to match. For example, you can choose trendy snake-colored ankle boots, which, due to laconic outerwear, will look restrained.[/stextbox]

  • For early autumn, a midi-length trench coat is a stylish choice. Modern fashion is more inclined towards light, light shades of this outerwear.

  • The novelty of the 2019 season is a cape or poncho cut in the design of outerwear. This elegant silhouette is perfect for women in adulthood.

  • In an image that is young, a leather jacket with a classic cut can also dominate.

  • Knitted cardigan is indispensable in the autumn season. Now the trend is models from a dense texture with large buttons. Midi length products look incredibly elegant. But light knitted cardigans with dubious quality should be excluded from your images.

  • You can take note of the quilted texture, which is relevant in the design of outerwear and accessories.
  • Perfectly rejuvenates the informal style of clothing. Sneakers, sweatshirts and parkas are acceptable in the wardrobe of a woman of elegant age, provided that the design is as minimalistic as possible. A solid color of a deep shade with no decor is welcome.

  • Do not be afraid of denim, because it perfectly refreshes and transforms the image. The main thing is to focus on the classic styles of jeans and abandon the creative decor. Ideal jeans should not be too tight, very light or dark.

  • Fashion for the fall of 2019 for obese women over 50 has announced trousers with arrows that are remarkably slimming. They can be made in a slightly flared or tapered style. The most daring women of fashion choose the palazzo style.

  • It would seem that what kind of fashion story can be associated with an ordinary basic jumper. But the fun begins when you start making stylish combinations with a pleated skirt or wear a semi-tucked jumper with jeans or trousers and a trendy belt.

  • In autumn, many women make a fatal mistake and hide in dark boring shades. But why not break the system and treat yourself to a pastel-colored dress. As for the style, you can opt for a universal cut case.

  • A must-have in a business woman’s wardrobe is a stylish two-piece suit. It may consist of a jacket or jacket and a skirt or trousers. At the age of 50+, you can look at fitted models in a minimalist style. As for the actual colors, sand, lavender and red are in trend.

  • A classic white shirt should also appear in the wardrobe. If you already have it, come up with stylish combinations with a suit or jeans.
  • An excellent investment in fashion is a knit suit, which can include joggers or a skirt. Light or basic dark shades are welcome for such cozy things.
  • Stylish shoes can make any look trendy. Feel free to choose trendy shoes in bright or printed colors – they perfectly transform monochrome looks. For example, trendy thick-heeled ankle boots or knee-high boots can be your favorite pair for fall 2019.

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Bet on accessories

A stylish bow is unthinkable without actual accessories. It is they who will come to the aid of an ordinary image of basic things and make it an order of magnitude more interesting.

  • Leather gloves add a touch of elegance and charm to the outfit. They can be not only black. Delicious tones of brown, burgundy, blue or dark green look amazing. Start from the main image and do not be afraid to choose relevant, albeit not always familiar, shades of accessories.

  • A stylish addition to the image will be minimalistic gold or silver jewelry. Now it is fashionable to make multi-layered compositions from such accessories.

  • A silk scarf is a real magic wand for an image for any occasion. In addition, such an accessory is at the peak of popularity throughout the 2019 season. Fashionistas love to tie it around their necks, use it as a belt and hair band, and also casually throw it on the bag strap.

  • Designers in their shows clearly made it clear that a collection of stylish belts in the new season is definitely indispensable. They can be used as an accent at the waist in looks with knitted tunics, blazers and shirts. Also, you can’t do without a leather belt in a bow with jeans or trousers.

  • If you wear glasses for health reasons, do not underestimate their role in shaping a stylish look. So, the actual shape of the “cat’s eye” has a lifting effect, it visually “tightens” the face. It is worth choosing thin, elegant frames and not being afraid to experiment with colors. Massive black glasses, so loved by women, make facial features rough and…

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