Fashionable images for autumn 2020

When creating fashion looks for fall 2020, stick to the stylish colors and new trends of the last season. Follow what the world famous couturiers have to offer at their fashion shows in European capitals and in the USA.

Fashionable colors

Initially, it is recommended to track trendy colors for fall 2020. The cool and rainy season this year promises to be bright and dynamic. There was an abundance of bright colors on the catwalks of the world. The most fashionable clothing colors for autumn 2020 are:

  • Delicate sky blue. Gives an image of lightness and airiness.

  • Mint and turquoise. These shades are refreshing. Especially suitable for women and girls with a pale skin tone. On dark-skinned women of fashion, the named colors will also look dynamic, but they will not shade the skin with an olive tint quite well.

  • Scarlet, burgundy, marsala and burgundy. All red shades make the autumn look bright and memorable. Remember that more restrained and muted tones are always slimming, unlike brighter and warmer shades.

  • Saffron, beige, cream. These shades are classified as nude. Visually lighten the image, make it as gentle as possible. Add some sun, heat and light to the bow.

  • Gray. It is a classic base shade. Suitable for girls and women of all ages. But remember that the gray tint creates two effects – in the daytime it slims and slims, and in the evening, on the contrary, it makes you fat.

  • Deep blue. It is an alternative to black. Therefore, if you want to visually stretch the vertical, wear an outfit in a dark shade. Deep blue is perfect for this.

  • All shades of green. Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your look. Play with green tones. Whether it’s fresh herbal or deep emerald, your look will definitely benefit from it.

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How to complete the autumn wardrobe

Creating a stylish look for fall 2020 is now easy. Fashionistas have a huge variety of clothes at their disposal – from classic options to completely expressive and unusual ones. Let’s get acquainted!

Jacket or cardigan

Early autumn does not yet require warm, voluminous clothing. Therefore, you can completely get by with an interesting jacket or cardigan. Both options are beautifully combined with jeans, trousers, maxi or midi skirts. One of the stylish trends of the season is an image that combines pipe trousers, pumps, a blouse and a cardigan.

When choosing this type of clothing, consider your height in order to clearly determine the length. For short girls and women, it is better to give preference to a mid-thigh-length cardigan. Tall girls can choose models up to the knee and below.

As for a jacket or jacket, oversized models are still in fashion. Choose for yourself a model, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder. A slightly loose jacket will perfectly complement the look of jeans, a blouse, oxford shoes and a bulky bag. Please note that at recent fashion shows, interesting models of jackets with an increased line of shoulders were presented. That is, shoulder pads are back in fashion.


The range of autumn trousers gives a woman the opportunity to roam when creating a fashionable bow. The following models remain in trend:

  • Length 7/8. A great option for almost any figure. But ideally suited only for early, still warm autumn. Please note that the length of the trousers in this case does not reach the bone by about the width of the palm.

  • Leather pants. A great option for true ladies who are used to being outrageous. The models of leather trousers presented on the catwalks are completely different – bananas, riding breeches, leggings and others.

  • Skinny. This option is great for any age. Allows you to create a fashionable look for the fall, even for women over 50. Tabernacle trousers perfectly complement shoes with a stable heel with a fastener around the ankle. If you have lush hips, pick up the top so that the tummy is covered. If the figure is chiseled and allows you to wear a cropped top, complement your skinny pants with a fitted jacket, a cropped jacket or an interesting jumper.

  • Jeans. No summer, spring or autumn look is possible without your favorite jeans. Boyfriends are in fashion. And remember that torn fabric is slowly giving way to more classic trousers without unnecessary decor.



Be sure to replenish your wardrobe with a pair of stylish sweaters. They can be properly combined with trousers, jeans, flared skirts, pleated or bell. Try creasing dress pants, heeled pumps, and an oversized turtleneck sweater to create a look.

Another option for a fashionable autumn look is a long checkered maxi skirt, a solid-colored coarse-knit sweater, a fur vest and boots with rough soles.

This autumn season, it is allowed to wear a voluminous sweater under a loose jacket. Pair your look with jeans and you’re in style.

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Be sure to have at least one skirt in the capsule autumn wardrobe. With the help of such a garment, a variety of images are created – from business and strict to romantic and gentle.

You can create fashionable images for the fall of 2020 for obese women using a skirt as follows: choose a model with a high waist. This option hides the stomach well and distracts attention from the protruding sides. As outerwear, use a jacket with a slightly fitted silhouette. You can visually define the waist with a belt.

Skinny women can wear all variants of flared skirts.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note that pleating and pleating always visually increase the volume of the hips. Therefore, such models are especially relevant for girls and women with a boyish figure.[/stextbox]

An image consisting of a midi-length skirt and a maxi with metallic heeled shoes will look nice in the fall.

Knitted dresses

They have a special focus this season. A huge variety of knitted models was presented by Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, Altuzarra, Valentino and others.

It’s easy to create autumn looks with knitted dresses. Add a rope belt and a fur vest to the long outfit.

Try wearing a knitted dress with a cropped or long trench coat, complementing the look with heels or rough-soled boots.

Poncho, cape and cape

The original models of such outerwear were presented by fashion houses Jason Wu, Givenchy, Zimmermann, Carolina Herrera and others. In a cape you will be stylish and gentle at the same time. You can combine this piece of clothing with trousers of any style, with an elongated skirt (midi or maxi), with overalls. Complete the look with a stylish hat or beret, high boots with a wide top or cropped boots for jeans.

The main trends of fashionable outerwear

And do not forget about stylish outerwear.

The trending options are:

  • Fur coats and short fur coats made of natural and artificial fur.
  • Raincoats and trench coats from mid-thigh to…

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