Fashionable images for obese women for autumn-winter 2023

A woman always remains a woman, and it does not matter what her figure is. Puffy ladies like to dress fashionably no less than slender ones. And the modern fashion industry provides them with such an opportunity. Moreover, the fashion for overweight women for the fall-winter 2023-2024 season is not limited to oversized style and dark palette. On the contrary, stylists recommend experimenting with bright, but noble shades, a combination of textures, and universal styles. And what interesting solutions can come out of this, we will now show and tell.

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Examples of stylish bows for obese women: autumn-winter 2023

In order for the clothes to sit harmoniously on a lady wearing a plus size size, when creating an image, you should follow a few simple rules.

Give preference to a V-shaped deep neckline – it will draw attention to a beautiful neckline and visually stretch the silhouette.
Use accessories that can create vertical lines – ties, long scarves, a string of pearl beads. This is a technique that perfectly slims.
If you like belts, wear them just above your waist. And in general, avoid joints and horizontal lines that cross a protruding belly, they will create unnecessary accents.
When choosing woolen things, give up coarse knitting – it will add volume to already rounded shapes.
Balance the figure with frills, but they should be located only in the chest area, on the cuffs or along the bottom of the hem.

Now let’s move on to listing stylish fashionable looks for full ladies for the cold season of 2023.

  • With a poncho or cape. Great alternative to outerwear. Moreover, both ponchos and capes are in fashion today. They can become the basis of a stylish bow for early autumn. The free cut inherent in these things will help to reliably hide a bulging belly and disguise the hips. If you choose a poncho, the image will turn out to be more original. If the cape is elegant. It is worth wearing such outerwear with tight-fitting leather leggings, a straight midi skirt, and a knitted dress.

  • With wide trousers. What should fat women wear in the fall of 2023 as a bottom? Of course, straight-cut trousers, but not ordinary, but wide. And certainly from high-quality dense fabric and with a high fit, in order to surely hide the extra folds at the waist. Complete the bow with a tight-fitting turtleneck, a laconic blouse, a shirt or a thin knitted jumper, put on a trench or coat over it. It will turn out incredibly stylish and modern.

  • With a pleated skirt. A pleated skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband is a lifesaver for fashionistas who wear plus size. Such a skirt will not constrain movements and will create an excellent tandem with most of the basic items in the wardrobe. For business looks, you should choose a midi model just below the knee or to the middle of the calves. Emphasize the area above the waist with a matching strap to the skirt or one of the elements of the bow. Choose shoes with comfortable heels.

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  • With a tweed suit. When it comes to office looks, look no further than practical and cozy tweed suits, which will be incredibly popular in autumn and winter 2023/24. A classic straight-cut skirt will stretch the silhouette and add elegance to the image. As for the jacket, girls with a bulging tummy should choose an elongated version. And ladies with lush hips, but a pronounced waist (type of hourglass figure) – with a shortened jacket.

  • With a leather skirt. Leather skirts are always on the list of fashion trends. The thing has proven itself so well that plus size fashionistas also began to confidently include it in their wardrobes. In the presence of an imperfect figure, stylists recommend giving preference to trapezoid models that will add an image of femininity, or a win-win elegant pencil style. The fit at the skirt should be masking the stomach – high.

  • With a straight coat. Most obese women have a bulging belly. To disguise it, you should choose outerwear without an emphasis on the waist. A coat with a straight free cut will look best. This model is a timeless classic that will be relevant in the fall of 2023. Even women over 50 can safely turn to her. A straight coat will visually stretch the silhouette, make the image expensive and stylish. Choose bright or classic colors.

  • With a shirt jacket. Fat women should also follow hot trends. One of these in the 2023 season was a shirt jacket. With it, you can create a relaxed casual look. Pair this item with leather leggings or regular jeans, a T-shirt, a turtleneck or a knitted bodycon top if your figure allows. Put on shoes, ankle boots or sneakers on your feet. Get a modern, trendy bow.

  • With a fur coat. The same rules apply here as when choosing a coat. The fur coat should slim, hide flaws, adjust the figure. The choice should be stopped on faux fur models with a long thief – they will be at the peak of popularity in the winter of 2023-2024. Women over 40 can afford such a fur coat. Or refer to no less relevant plush models.

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Among the prints suitable for overweight women that will be in fashion in 2023, one can distinguish all types of cages, animalistics, small polka dots, vertical stripes.

Fashionable images for obese women for the fall-winter 2023-2024 are not monotonous or mediocre. Be inspired by the examples of the bows shown in the photo and be perfect.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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