Fashionable images for obese women – spring 2020

Spring 2020 inspires you to create the most beautiful and fashionable images for obese women. It remains only to note the best combinations and be sure to try them on in practice!


color inspiration

The spring look in 2020 promises to look trendy if you use actual pastel shades to create it. Among the clear favorites are lavender, lilac, pistachio, sky blue, pink and pearl tones. You can combine them with each other to get especially delicate and feminine bows.

The onset of spring is a great occasion to introduce juicy accents into your images. It can be actual yellow, terracotta, orange, red or coral.

The easiest way to add some color to your spring capsule is to transform it with a bright jumper. When it’s cooler, it can be layered and paired with a basic white shirt. Subsequently, a great idea would be a tandem with a skirt, trousers or jeans. Moreover, it is desirable to fill the top in order to create a collected image and a feminine silhouette.

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Fashionable look in 2020 season can still mean oversized cut. Full ladies should choose the golden mean – a moderately free style that will create space between the body and clothes, disguise flaws, and will not hinder movements.


If you are looking for stylish looks for work, we advise you to take a closer look at the current trouser suits. Fortunately for plus-size fashionistas, the modern assortment offers a large selection of successful styles for body shaping.

First of all, it is worth deciding on the perfect top. It can be an elongated jacket with a straight cut. If the figure is close to the hourglass silhouette or requires a waist, you can use jackets with a belt or leather belt.

Pants in a fashionable trouser suit almost always have a high fit, which hides the stomach, provided that the texture is sufficiently dense. When choosing a style, a fashionista is free – she can try on a straight, narrowed or moderately flared cut.

Stylists advise plump women to choose a classic plain suit, because a single color vertical in the image is remarkably slim. But when choosing the color itself, you should not be shy – the most juicy and cheerful colors are in trend. Among the prints, the plaid still occupies the leading position, which is acceptable with a full figure, subject to medium size and minimal contrast.

[stextbox id=’info’]Spice up your pantsuit look with heeled ankle boots, a straight coat and oversized accent earrings.[/stextbox]

It is worth noting that such a suit can serve faithfully not only when compiling office bows. The hot trend of the 2020 season is its combination with a translucent blouse or bandeau top. You can remember about such duets when compiling outfits for a special occasion.


There were so many denim clothes in the current collections that now we can confidently rank her as an unconditional trend. This is great news for fashionistas with corpulent parameters, because dense denim has enough density to mask extra centimeters.

The classics of the spring wardrobe – jeans – this season is presented without unnecessary decor and scuffs. But the palette of current models is truly diverse – it starts with milky and pastel shades, and ends with deep blue and blue tones.

Jeans are not the only way to be on the fashion wave. You can also give preference to shirt dresses, overalls and skirts from this texture.


Most spring looks are hard to imagine without beautiful dresses, because this time of year, many are waiting to finally start wearing the most feminine outfits.

If we talk about the leading trends in the world of dresses for obese girls, we can highlight the relevance of the following points:

  • case style, trapeze, A-silhouette, cut to the smell;
  • dresses with a print: with a cage, flowers, animal motifs or polka dots;
  • from the decor, laconic frills and translucent inserts are welcome;
  • The real highlight of the image can be an asymmetrical cut, which distracts attention from flaws.

It’s no secret that the taller the girl, the slimmer she seems. That is why stylists with full parameters recommend complementing the images with a dress with high-heeled shoes. It is better to ignore an uncomfortable stud, expressing a preference for a comfortable, stable heel.


Another way to emphasize your femininity and attractiveness is to create a charming look with a trendy skirt. With a full figure, wraparound, A-line, pencil, as well as variations with pleating or a vertical slit are deservedly considered an excellent choice. You can also choose an interesting model with buttons and zippers, which stretch the silhouette remarkably in the longitudinal direction.

As a top, it is better to choose laconic T-shirts, shirts and pullovers. You can spice up such ensembles with both heeled shoes and stylish sneakers. A small handbag will add a stylish twist to the bow.

[stextbox id=’warning’]If the skirt is presented in fashionable bright colors, it is better not to combine this feature with an additional active decor.[/stextbox]

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Blouses and shirts

When choosing this category of clothing, stylists recommend giving preference to a V-neck or unbuttoning a couple of buttons to create the desired effect.

In 2020, you can pay attention to design elements such as an asymmetrical cut, puffy sleeves, a pointed collar or lace inserts. If the upper part of the figure is quite voluminous, it is wiser to abandon jewelry and prefer stylish minimalism in combination with a free cut.


Fashionable clothes for obese women in the spring 2020 season presented actual trousers in a wide variety. The main must-have is a model with a high waist, which has excellent corrective properties. Stylists do not advise limiting yourself to classic black colors, but you should take a closer look at straight and skinny trousers in blue, green or caramel. Slimming stripes can also be a great idea!


A win-win choice of outerwear for spring is a coat. Curvy fashionistas often opt for an A-line or wraparound cut. You can enhance the effect of a successful style with a slimming color – muted blue, red, brown, emerald or burgundy.

When it gets warmer, you can change into a trench coat or leather jacket. The latter, by the way, can be not only made of leather, but also of suede. Only the relevance of shiny textures with a full figure is recommended to be ignored – they visually make you fat.

And when spring finally comes into its own, you can safely …

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