Fashionable images for summer 2020

Fashionable images for the summer of 2020 can be trendy, practical and comfortable at the same time. Don’t believe? Then read our article soon!



The most summer print that instantly sets you on a romantic wave is, of course, flowers. In the 2020 season, such a motif has not lost its popularity, on the contrary, it has only soared to the top of fashion ratings. The simplest thing you can do is to buy a dress in a comfortable style in a floral print and match it with accessories and shoes to match the pattern.

A floral skirt will also be a good investment in your summer 2020 wardrobe. Stylists give several win-win combinations that have proven themselves in practice. Pair with a white sweater or T-shirt and pumps for a date, add a cardigan and sneakers for a winning look for a walk, and for a party, you can make a tandem with rough shoes and a transparent top.

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Knitted top

From this thing it smells of charming nostalgia, so many readers will surely be delighted by the fact that a knitted top is a definite must-have for the summer of 2020. It can be successfully combined with almost all bottoms, giving zest to everyday looks.

[stextbox id=’info’]You can remember school labor lessons and create such a fashionable thing on your own.[/stextbox]


Silk and satin are the most sophisticated trends of the summer season. Stylists advise to look at these textures in delicate colors – beige, pearl, blue or powdery pink. Such shades perfectly reveal themselves in a duet with other fashionable attributes of a romantic style – pumps with a glass heel, pearl jewelry and clothes with lace or accent sleeves.

You might want to play with contrasts with silk clothing. In this case, you can make a tandem with a rough leather jacket or a bright sweater and sports sandals. Pair with a loose shirt or T-shirt tied at the waist for a relaxed casual look.

You can also safely rhyme contrasting textures. For such a fashionable reception to silk, you should choose a companion from denim or leather. The created bow will turn out to be doubly fashionable if you maintain a single palette.

Volumetric dresses

Fashionable looks for the summer of 2020 for obese women may include trendy loose-fitting dresses. Behind this style, it is very easy to mask imperfections and feel comfortable at the same time. This model can be combined with other high-profile trends of this season – for example, with a wide belt, chunky sneakers or gladiator sandals.


Great news for romantic natures: pastel colors will definitely be in fashion in the summer of 2020. Mint, lilac, lilac, blue, lemon, pearl or pink shades can become your favorite. Such an investment is a great way to freshen up your seasonal wardrobe and add a trendy touch to it.

The combination of pastel things is a task of a simplified level of complexity that any fashionista can handle. For example, you can make a winning combination with light-colored clothes or with things in muted natural tones. A more daring idea is a combination of several pastel shades within one fashionable bow.

Corset top

A curious novelty of the summer season are corset tops and blouses. Stylists do not recommend choosing too tight styles so that they do not cause discomfort. When you decide on a convenient favorite, move on to the most fashionable combinations. In the 2020 season, these include a tandem with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dress pants. As the top layer, depending on the mood of the image, a cardigan, jacket or denim jacket can serve.

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“Grandma’s” dress

In order to look stylish and relevant in such an outfit, you should choose the right model. An unambiguous “yes” can be said with voluminous sleeves, an emphasis on the waist, a vertical row of buttons, polka dot or flower colors, bright natural shades. Such dresses have a special charm and femininity. To emphasize these qualities, you can make a combination with wicker sandals, a straw or knitted bag, a bright scarf and a graceful natural styling.


Summer 2020 fashion trends will confirm the fact that t-shirts and polo shirts are a great base for the warm season. Such novelties can take an active part in the compilation of outfits for every day – for this you can combine them with shorts or jeans. Experienced fashionistas can try more non-trivial tandems – for example, with a formal suit, dress, sundress or skirt.


Romantic ruffles and frills harmoniously fit not only into infantile bows. This summer, you can try adding “peppercorns” to an image with such a decor. For example, you can make a duet with rough or sports shoes, massive chains, a bag with a rigid frame or a wide belt – it will turn out unusual and, most importantly, relevant. You can also give frills the right to be a key accent in the image and make outfits in the style of minimalism.


To create fashionable looks for the summer of 2020 for women 40 years old, you can safely buy Bermuda shorts – these are discreet and trendy shorts this season. For working outfits, you can choose a knee-length model made of suit fabric and combine it with a jacket. A shirt in such a bow can repeat the color of the boats.

By changing the terms of the image, Bermuda shorts can be reconfigured from business to relaxed style. To do this, just change your shoes with white sneakers and put on a crop top or a casual shirt (it is better to tie it in a knot at the waist). The new bow is perfect for walking or meeting with friends.

Light shorts

A real must-have of the summer season are milk-colored shorts. Their key advantages lie in elementary compatibility and the ability to emphasize tan. In addition, it is a practical choice for hot weather.

In 2020, it is better to bet on high-rise shorts and combine them with plain T-shirts, light-colored shirts or crop tops. If you want to give the image a sophisticated character, match this bottom with a feminine blouse, sandals with thin straps, an elegant handbag and beautiful jewelry.

Linen shorts

For women over 50, fashionable looks with shorts for the summer of 2020 are not a contraindication. The main thing is to choose a discreet model. For example, loose linen shorts of modest length will be a stylish solution. Contrary to the common stereotype, such models are suitable not only for the beach.

For urban bows, multi-layered ensembles are perfect. For example, you can put on a basic T-shirt and put on a light shirt on top. This combination works well in monochrome restrained natural shades. From shoes to the specified bow will fit perfectly …

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