Fashionable images for thin people for the summer of 2020

In this article, we tell you how to dress for thin women in the summer of 2020. It turns out that with a slim figure, there are a number of recommendations that will help you make a good bow!

Loose trousers

Pants with a high waistline and a loose fit are a real must-have among all fashionistas with inches. Stylists with an absolute degree of confidence claim that such a model is best suited for thin girls of small stature. These pants can also boast an amazing ability to adapt to any female figure. For example, loose-fitting pants will easily disguise wide hips or, on the contrary, create the impression of a more voluminous and appetizing female silhouette.

To dress strongly for a thin fashionista, she can adopt the relevance of such models of trousers as culottes, palazzo, cargo, bananas, carrots, chinos or a straight cut in combination with an oversized fit. All of these models perfectly sit on a thin figure and create modern and stylish images.

Young girls and women over 50 are advised to take trousers made of natural texture for the summer – they are the most practical and comfortable in hot weather. As for the winning combinations, stylists highlight many successful tandems with this bottom. For example, it is easy to make an actual bow paired with a top, shirt, hoodie, T-shirt or blouse.

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Safari style

A thin girl can easily create a fashionable look this summer if she uses the stylish manifestations of the safari direction. In 2020, the designers stuck to the characteristic palette of this style, namely, sand, olive and beige colors. Why does safari clothing look so good on slender beauties? The whole secret of success lies in the presence of a trendy decor in the form of patch pockets – this simple trick can make the figure more appetizing and attractive.



Skinny girls can rejoice in the summer of 2020 that loose Bermuda shorts have stepped out of the shadows this season. For a long time, tight-fitting models were at the peak of popularity – in fairness it should be noted that such styles did not represent a thin figure very favorably.


In the summer of 2020, many stylists also recommend that thin girls wear trendy overalls in the style of workwear. Similar models in the new season are mainly made of dense texture and free cut – this combination is able to hide thinness in the best way.

To calculate the most fashionable jumpsuit from the entire modern range, keep in mind the relevance of the high waist line in a duet with a belt, the presence of patch pockets and solid colors. You might fall in love with this incredibly practical denim piece. In the trend and other textures. It doesn’t matter who you choose in favor of – such a trendy jumpsuit will in any case present your figure in a winning light.


Tall, thin girls are perfect for a stylish combination of minimalistic design and free style. Behind the oversized trend, it is so easy to hide excessive thinness and at the same time create a stylish and relevant look. This summer, comfortable loose dresses in solid colors are presented in the maximum variety – such models ideally combine practicality, versatility and a good fit.

One of the most fashionable acquisitions of the summer of 2020 can be deservedly considered an oversized jacket. This trend pleases with excellent versatility. Such a novelty is easy to adapt not only to a business image. In the new season, you can put into practice the combination with jeans, flirty mini-length dresses and even sportswear. Remember, mixing styles in 2020 is an extremely trendy trick!

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Geometry lessons

When choosing clothes, thin girls should definitely pay attention to her silhouette. Stylists suggest that the ideal cut should have smoothness, softness and roundness. This simple technique will beautifully smooth out the angularity, which is usually inherent in a thin body type.

Based on this recommendation, it is possible to single out strict taboos for girls with such natural data. It is better for them to avoid strict lines and sharp corners in the silhouette of things. Such undesirable properties can manifest themselves in the design of straight skirts, jackets with shoulder pads and notched necklines.

Sea style

A great idea for a summer look would also be the embodiment of a marine style with characteristic horizontal stripes that visually increase the proportions.

midi length

In order not to focus on unnecessarily thin legs, you should avoid dresses and skirts with a mini length mark. With such natural data, it is better to opt for a more restrained and conservative level to the knee or slightly lower. If you want to create a sensual accent on slender legs, bet on trendy variations of skirts and dresses with slits. Such stylish decorative techniques will make you look seductive and simply stunning this summer.

More shine

To add a spicy volume to the figure, you can use trendy sparkling textures for this purpose. For example, a pleated midi skirt with a charming sheen is a stylish acquisition suitable for thin women over 50. This novelty has been popular for several seasons in a row, and it seems that it does not intend to lose ground.


This secret lies on the surface, but not all women of fashion can appreciate its huge stylistic potential. Stylists convince that thin girls are great at experimenting with layering and adding voluminous accessories to the look. Also a wonderful idea would be to use expressive textured materials. This simple logic perfectly justifies itself in practice and allows you to disguise flaws and form an interesting and stylish outfit. Take note!

[stextbox id=’info’]In the summer of 2020, you can improvise on the combination of t-shirts and sundresses, shirts and dresses, as well as on complementing the looks with various accessories and top layers.[/stextbox]

Fashion decor

In order to dress fashionably for thin women in the summer of 2020, they can use the actual voluminous decor that compensates for excessive slimness. Having studied the key fashion trends, we can highlight the relevance of exquisite puffy sleeves made of pleated fabric, ruffles, frills, flounces, ruffles and various draperies. All the marked elements will easily turn into the main highlight of the outfit and make it an order of magnitude more stylish and fashionable.

flowy skirts

Many readers will certainly appreciate the return to fashion of flowing skirts made of silk or satin. As a rule, in the summer of 2020, such models are presented mainly in midi length and A-silhouette. It is worth noting that this style is great for thin ladies…

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