Fashionable images with a denim shirt 2020

In this article, we tell and show what to wear with a denim shirt for a woman in the 2020 season to create an actual outfit. Looking ahead, we note that stylists knowingly introduce this thing into the rank of a basic wardrobe – it really is incredibly versatile!

Top combinations

Total onion

We are not sure that we will make a discovery for you if we inform you that a denim shirt can take an active part in creating an actual total look. We are talking about double denim in the image – that is, an outfit that is completed by denim trousers, shorts or a skirt. Such a combo can hardly be called a novelty, because in the dashing 80s, all self-respecting fashionistas dressed in this way. However, everything new is a well-forgotten old, so it would not hurt to repeat the principles on which such ensembles are built.

For a trendy look, avoid the dreaded pairing of a skinny shirt, skinny jeans, and high heels—it sure looks old-fashioned.

In the 2020 season, sets work best in which at least one component hints at style oversize.

To create the most up-to-date mood in the image, stylists recommend filling the shirt not completely, but only halfway. It is also recommended to choose a bottom with an actual high fit.

The similarity of shades of the top and bottom can also be responsible for the holistic style of the image. For example, dark gray jeans are guaranteed to look great with a lighter smoky shirt.

Separately, a word should be said about the current models of jeans, which can easily make friends with the specified top. So, by the 2020 season, designers are advised to completely forget about tight skinny and succumb to modern fashion for comfort and freedom. That is, slouchy, flared and palazzo cuts can be recognized as a real must-have. Such models can be safely combined with an oversized top – and a belt at the waist can be responsible for the harmonious and feminine proportions of the image. If you absolutely do not like loose jeans, you can bet on a straight cut with an oversized fit – it is also in trend.

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A non-standard embodiment of the actual total look will be a combination of a denim shirt with Bermuda shorts or bike shorts from a similar texture. It would be appropriate to complement such a bow with sneakers or sports sandals.

An advanced level of total look is a combination of three denim items at once in one ensemble. For example, you can achieve expert status by pairing jeans, a shirt, and a jacket—all denim, of course!

With white shoes

We have another trick in our assortment that allows you to make the total look more spectacular and fashionable. This secret lies in the use of white shoes, which look incredibly stylish with denim. Moreover, instead of the usual sneakers, you can bet on snow-white stiletto ankle boots – the admiring glances of passers-by will be provided!

Knotted at the waist

If a denim shirt takes pride of place in your wardrobe, you have probably tucked it into various bottom options more than once. Then in the 2020 season, try to fix the hem of the product with a knot at the waist. This technique will make the image more interesting and dynamic. Just keep in mind – this trick is best implemented in combination with the actual bottom of the high landing.

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According to this principle, stylists allow plump women to wear a denim shirt – the knot will focus on the waist and form a feminine silhouette, and the loose fit of the top will successfully mask the imperfections of the figure on the sides.

With belt

Among the fashion trends of the 2020 season, we noticed another trick that allows girls to create spectacular stylish looks with an emphasis on the attractiveness of the figure. The whole trick is to use a leather belt at the waist, which looks cool in the company of a loose elongated shirt. However, keep in mind that in 2020 accessories of medium or wide thickness are in demand, and there is no place for elegant thin straps in modern looks.

With leather bottom

Non-standard combinations of textures are consistently considered the leading trend of the 2020 season. This trick can be especially useful for fashionistas who want to beat the usual things in a new way. For example, if you have a basic denim shirt waiting for your high point in your wardrobe, you can complement it with a trendy bottom made of leather texture. Moreover, trousers, a skirt or shorts will be equally stylish. Stylists emphasize that you can wear a denim shirt with leather in the fall of 2020 – these textures, due to their density, perfectly warm with the onset of cold weather.

With a skirt

Once upon a time, a denim shirt was given the status of a thing with a casual mood. However, we insist that this top can be successfully beaten in emphatically feminine and elegant ensembles. In order not to be unfounded, let’s give an example.

In the 2020 season, the combination of an overestimated bottom and a shortened top will be the most popular – it is this tandem that draws the feminine silhouette of the figure to advantage. Accordingly, a high-waisted skirt can be matched to a tucked-in shirt or product fixed with a knot at the waist. A classic straight cut, asymmetry, midi length with a loose fit, as well as a flared silhouette can be distinguished as a successful style.

To add peppercorns to the image will allow a skirt with print – such a model becomes appropriate due to the concise monophonic top. Recall that in the 2020 season, geometric, floral and animalistic motives.

A creative play of textures will make the bow even more interesting. For example, a denim shirt promises to look cool in a duet with a skirt made of embossed jersey, leather or suede.

With trousers

Under your favorite denim shirt in the 2020 season, you can choose straight and loose trousers. A flared cut will look appropriate only if the top is tucked in. The fashion of the 2020 season also suggests that you can wear a long denim shirt paired with trousers in a relaxed, straightened look.

With a shirt

To tastefully wear an oversized denim shirt, you can combine it with a classic white shirt – the fashion of the 2020 season only welcomes such improvisations with layering. To achieve a modern reading of the outfit, it is necessary to adhere to the loose fit of clothing – too tight and tight silhouettes can nullify all the efforts of a fashionista.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the options for the bottom, which harmoniously complete the created ensemble. Theoretically, both trousers and a skirt can be an excellent choice, but nevertheless, the choice of fashionistas most often falls on jeans – they allow you to embody an ultra-fashionable total look.

With a T-shirt

The fashion trends of the 2020 season are hinting: in order to stylishly wear a women’s long-sleeve denim shirt, you can not fasten it, but use it according to current canons…

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