Fashionable images with a jacket 2020

In this article, we generously share the most stylish ideas on what to wear with a jacket in 2020. Get armed!


With a T-shirt

The combination of a jacket with a T-shirt today does not surprise anyone. Today, such a tandem is especially in demand among girls who, even in everyday looks, do not want to give up elegance and sophistication. In the role of the bottom for this outfit, your favorite jeans or laconic straight or flared trousers are ideal.

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With top

You can also choose a knitted or silk top as a base layer. These are universal variations for any bottom option – from jeans to a mini skirt.

With a colored shirt

White shirt and black jacket – it’s kind of boring! In the 2020 season, more non-trivial color combinations appear on the fashion scene.

With mini length

An elongated jacket is definitely what the stylist ordered for an image with a miniskirt or dress of the appropriate length. The top layer can be slightly longer or shorter than the outfit itself – in any case, you get an interesting mix that visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes an excellent knowledge of the leading fashion trends.

As a dress

A jacket with a mid-thigh length and below can serve faithfully if turned into a dress. This idea will surely appeal to brave girls who are not averse to focusing on their slender legs. Moreover, it doesn’t matter at all whether the jacket remains in a free cut or is supplemented with a belt – the image will in any case turn out to be trendy and relevant.

With a long dress

A plain, laconic jacket can be the perfect complement to an image with a long, flowing print dress. An outfit like this can be your favorite idea for any occasion – from work to a date. Stylists emphasize that accessories play a special role in this look – they must be minimalistic and at the same time quite elegant.

With crop top

If you follow fashion trends, then you have probably already heard about the relevance of cropped tops and bras, which can now be adapted to a casual look. For example, you can be inspired by the street style heroines who successfully use them as a base layer for a jacket. The secret of the stylish look also lies in the unbuttoned buttons of the jacket (which do not hide the main highlight of the ensemble) and the selection of the bottom with an oversized fit.

With jeans

When the question arises of what to wear with a plaid jacket in the 2020 season, many stylists suggest that the first thing to do is to try out the combination with jeans. This is a versatile choice that also pays off when choosing other fashionable jackets – dark, bright, light or printed.

[stextbox id=’info’]The base layer in this outfit can be literally anything – in the 2020 season, you can experiment with a top, t-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt or sweatshirt.[/stextbox]

In a mix of styles

The main idea of ​​modern fashion is a bold combination of different styles and trends. One of the most unexpected manifestations of this trend is the mix of a jacket and sports-chic clothes. If you’re up for something out of the ordinary, wear athletic leggings or joggers paired with a sweatshirt and complete this look with a blazer. The final layer will give your casual look the perfect level of sophistication.

With trousers and sneakers

Continuing the story about mixing styles, let’s highlight another trendy combination of 2020. It involves a combination of a jacket, suit pants and … sneakers. However, the most advanced fashionistas adopted this trick last season. This year, they can simply continue to enjoy its stylish look and comfort.

With a blouse

Almost any blouse can become an ideal companion for your favorite jacket. The most fashionable solution in the 2020 season is a model with a charming bow at the neck made of weightless material. It is worth filling such a novelty into trousers or a skirt, put on a jacket, add loafers or high heels and go to conquer the world!

With a sweater

Modern fashionistas will definitely not be confused by the capriciousness of the weather, because they have long learned to stylishly insulate themselves at any thermometer value. For example, the fashion of the 2020 season suggests wearing an oversized jacket paired with your favorite loose sweater – you will get not only warm, but also trendy. But with such a combination, full girls should be more careful – the reception of layering from oversized things has not yet slimmed anyone.

[stextbox id=’info’]In this outfit, the sweater can be matched both to match the top layer, and effectively contrast with it.[/stextbox]

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With wide pants

If you dream of being known as the main fashionista in the 2020 season, do not be afraid to pick up wide trousers in company with a loose jacket.

As an accent

The fashion trends of the 2020 season are still with particular interest in monochrome ensembles based on one color. If you take a neutral shade as a basis, then it will definitely not be against a juicy accent in the form of a contrasting bright jacket. For example, in spring, you can embody a light monochrome and spice up an established look with a jacket in juicy or pastel colors. Get very fashionable!

Such an elementary trick can push you to think about what to wear with a jacket in a houndstooth or in any other fashionable print. An active multicolor motif always looks great in a duet with a monochrome look of laconic things.

Bermuda shorts

With the advent of heat, you can put into practice a trendy combination with Bermuda shorts – the final image will turn out to be discreet, elegant and sophisticated.

With a pleated skirt

For several seasons, the combination of a jacket and a pleated skirt has been popular among fashionistas. Moreover, it did not bore them at all, because it has a huge stylistic potential. For example, in the 2020 season, it is incredibly fashionable to mix prints. If you have long dreamed of wearing a striped jacket with a polka dot skirt, then now is the perfect time for this!

With belt

If your jacket has a loose enough fit, don’t be afraid to add a leather belt to it. This trick will not only freshen up the usual bow, but also highlight the waist line.

The story of cropped jackets

A short jacket is one of the key trends of the 2020 season. Such models look quite extraordinary – often they are a version of the classic loose jacket cut off to the waist. No stylist will dare to challenge the versatility of such a novelty. Best of all, it has proven itself in combination with a high-rise bottom. Depending on the mood of the image, shoes can be anything – from voluminous sneakers to elegant sandals.

In seasoned form

An extremely fashionable idea for the 2020 season is the reception of a tucked jacket. To make a stylish bow harmonious and neat, you need to ensure that the tucked part of the product does not bulge and does not form unwanted …

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