Fashionable images with a jacket 2020

Thinking about what to wear with a jacket in 2020 and it seems to you that you have already tried all possible ideas? In this case, this piggy bank of trendy ideas will come in handy for you!

Fashion combinations

With a T-shirt

We will not dispute the fact that the mix of a jacket and a classic shirt is something from the category of unshakable classics. However, today stylists consider the jacket to be a universal item of women’s wardrobe, which can easily be used even in casual style. For example, a basic plain T-shirt or a trendy product with an inscription will allow you to deprive such clothes of unnecessary severity. This combination will allow a fashionista to complement a bow with a jacket not with trousers and heels, but with comfortable jeans and sneakers.

With jeans

As part of a comfortable everyday look, not devoid of elegance and chic, you can combine a jacket with jeans. In this case, you can choose ankle boots, boots, lace-up boots in the cold season as shoes. If you are considering a similar combination for warm weather, you can prefer sneakers, mules or loafers as shoes.

The base layer in an image with jeans and a jacket can be almost anything. The choice of a fashionista can stop at a top, T-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt, jumper or sweatshirt.

In general, the combination of jeans and a jacket hides a huge stylistic potential. This is a basic tandem that can be interpreted in completely different ways through accessories, shoes and a base layer. The style of the jeans themselves also largely affects the mood of the image.

With pants

The combination of a jacket and trousers today is unlikely to surprise anyone. However, there is a way that will allow you to give such an image a fresh modern reading. The trick is to choose sneakers instead of the usual pumps. Sports shoes will radically change the outfit vector, making it more stylish and relaxed. The current waist bag will perfectly fit into the created image, creating an emphasis on the waist and balancing the oversized silhouette.

No one cancels the combination of a jacket and trousers for an office ensemble – only interesting color combinations come to the fore in it.

With linen top

We are sure that among our readers there are many fashionistas who prefer an elegant and sophisticated style of images. It is for them that we have prepared a fresh idea – a combination of a deliberately strict and masculine jacket with an elegant silk top with thin straps. A girl can even pick up the base layer along with a fashionable lace insert – this will make the final image even more piquant and interesting.

With a romantic blouse

Stylists suggest wearing an oversized jacket in 2020 along with a radically contrasting bottom layer – namely, the most romantic and feminine blouse in your wardrobe. For example, you can find in your arsenal a model with frills, ruffles, lace inserts, a bow at the neck or with a transparent texture. Prints with the appropriate mood also promise to look great – for example, polka dots or charming hearts.

A romantic blouse promises to look most interesting together with a jacket hinting at a masculine style – this is exactly the mix of moods that falls into the most trends of the 2020 season.

With a turtleneck

Women’s jacket is beautiful in that it finds its application in images for any season. Only if combinations with T-shirts and tops come to the fore in the warm season, when it gets cold, fashionistas remember the trendy and practical method of layering. If you like this experiment, you can combine your favorite jacket with a turtleneck, creating especially cozy and warm looks.

It can be clarified that, according to this principle, it is interesting to wear a plaid jacket in the 2020 season, because you can choose not only basic, but also bright turtlenecks for it, based on the neutrality of the motive.

Instead of a turtleneck, a fashionista can also use a sweater – however, in this case, the jacket can be voluminous enough to accommodate the base layer. The contrast of the two components will look great – however, it is only suitable for slender girls. With full parameters, the layering technique involving oversized clothing should be used with great care – in any case, it will look better in monochrome.

With sweatshirt

If, on the wave of modern fashion, you love to combine representatives of different styles in your looks, you can try wearing a sweatshirt or hoodie under a laconic jacket – now almost all street style heroines are pulling this trick!

With a colored shirt

We dare to assume that the combination of a dark jacket and a classic white shirt has been studied up and down by you. That is why we suggest you switch to more non-trivial color tandems in accordance with the fashion trends of the 2020 season. A basic black jacket can take an active part in such an experiment – it will look cool in contrast with a bright rich shirt. A colored base layer can loudly declare itself in an image with a colored jacket – such a duet will embody the trendy color-blocking technique in the image.

Paired with a colored shirt, it is no less interesting to wear a leather jacket. In this case, you can choose a base layer of light chiffon or silk – such contrasts of textures always look very impressive!

Flying midi dress

Your favorite combination in 2020 season can be a tandem with a flying midi dress – together with a jacket, it creates a stylish and interesting look. It is curious that such a duet can be masterfully beaten for almost any occasion – from everyday life to work or a date.

For example, as part of this combination, you can wear a black women’s jacket to give it a more relaxed and feminine reading. The classic move is the choice of a dress with a print so that one of the participants in the motif repeats the colors of the top layer.

According to this trend principle, it is also important to wear a jacket with a print. At the same time, the dress itself can also be made with a pattern. A fashionista can rhyme the same motifs of different colors in one image or combine fundamentally different prints in an original way.

With slip dress

The treasured contrast of styles in the image is easy to get if you make a duet of a sophisticated silk slip dress with a fairly loose jacket. This technique allows you to create such an expressive and attractive image that fashionistas are now happy to use it even on weekdays, and not just for special occasions.

With a pleated skirt

A combination of a strict jacket with an elegant pleated skirt is considered to be an invariably trendy solution. Savvy fashionistas may notice that in such a tandem, the actual contrast of styles is again traced, because it fashionably balances rigor and femininity.

Short bottom

Wearing an elongated jacket, taking into account the fashion trends of 2020, is as easy as shelling pears – for this you just need to combine it with…

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