Fashionable images with a jacket for women over 50

How to wear a jacket for a woman over 50 in autumn and winter 2020 – this is the question we analyze in our latest review. Agenda: current models and equally fashionable ways to combine them. It will be interesting!

Top combinations

Shortened models

Among women, the stereotype is still strong that after the age limit of 50 years, you can only wear elongated jackets in gloomy colors that hide the beauty of the figure. However, stylists insist: with the right approach, a shortened outerwear model is also able to take its rightful place in the wardrobe of a lady of elegant age. The main thing is to know how to correctly combine such a model!

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The key rule is to combine it with the current high-rise bottoms. It is important to choose a model that does not allow an open area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin between the outerwear and the bottom of the outfit – this is not only impractical, but also vulgar. A win-win technique in the 2020 season is the tandem of a cropped jacket with trousers or a high-rise skirt – such a tandem in the best light shows the proportions of the figure and makes the image modern.

Another successful idea is the combination of a cropped top with a loose dress. Women over 50 are best suited for comfortable, spacious midi-length silhouettes. For example, in the 2020 season, you can adopt a knitted dress in a similar design – it is now at the peak of popularity!

Wearing a short jacket for a woman over 50 you can also with your favorite basic jeans, but this bottom must also have a mandatory high fit. In such an outfit, a leather belt will not be superfluous, which will emphasize the waist and make the bow stylistically complete.

If you want to make a bow with a cropped jacket more stylish and interesting, try diversifying it with bright shoes and a matching bag. This simple technique will allow you to play with the familiar image with new colors.

Elongated models

Woman over 50 costs wear a long jacket according to special rules. So that the bottom layer does not strive to casually appear from under outerwear, it must have an appropriate length. For example, a cozy knitted tunic combined with laconic straight jeans can be a great solution. You can also use any top you like tucked in.

Elongated models of jackets look advantageous in an ensemble with skinny and classic straight trousers – such models are appropriate not only in casual style, but also in business looks.

Jeans are a priori a successful completion of the image with elongated outerwear. However, stylists suggest that for the harmony of the ensemble, it is worth using a straight or narrowed cut, as well as the trendy novelty of bananas. The flared style is categorically not combined with an elongated jacket.

Women’s jackets with a length below the thigh look stylish with boots, ankle boots with a platform or heels. If the style of the dress is presented with a belt at the waist, it can also look advantageous with boots with block heels.

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Topical leather gloves, a beanie hat, a beret or a voluminous knitted scarf can be the perfect completion of an image with an elongated jacket. If you want to add a touch of femininity to a long jacket, transform it with a leather belt or fanny pack – such accessories are in high demand in 2020 season.

Belted jacket

At the age of 50, do not forget about your natural femininity and elegance. To emphasize these qualities in your image, you can take note of the current jacket with a belt or belt at the waist – such models are among the leading trends of the 2020 season.

wear a jacket with belt woman over 50 you can also because this style is excellent slims and gives the silhouette proportionality and composure.

If you want to beat such outerwear in business ensembles, combine it with:

  • classic straight skirt
  • laconic wrap dress,
  • pleated trousers
  • or formal suit.

In the role of shoes in the 2020 season, you can choose boots with a wide top and an accordion (for combination with dresses and skirts) or ankle boots with a block stable heel (for images with trousers).

Quilted jacket

A fashionable quilted jacket, which is distinguished by excellent practicality and versatility, will also take a worthy place in the basic wardrobe of a woman over 50. If you want such outerwear make you look younger, rely on the effectiveness of pastel and light colors. So, in the 2020 season, the leaders in popularity are:

  • heavenly,
  • powdery,
  • lavender,
  • cream,
  • beige shades.

To look stylish in a quilted jacket, combine it with cropped trousers, chinos and jeans, and choose rough boots or ankle boots with a stable heel as shoes.

Leather Jacket

To women over 50 wear a leather jacket, you should stick to basic and discreet combinations, because this outerwear has a self-sufficient design. But this is not a reason to refuse it at all – a leather jacket perfectly rejuvenates fashionable image and makes it more dynamic and modern.

Everyday and stylish bow with a leather jacket is unthinkable without jeans. Stylists advise fashionistas over 50 to focus on the classic blue color of denim with a straight, cropped, flared or slightly tapered cut. It would seem that a simple combination of a leather jacket and jeans is a basic tandem, but in practice it perfectly rejuvenates and refreshes the appearance of a lady.

When you’re ready for bold fashion experiments, complement your leather jacket with a stylish printed skirt in a loose midi length. Under outerwear in this image, you can wear a plain turtleneck or sweater.

Stylists suggest that a leather jacket will look no less advantageous with a straight or flared dress below the knees, banana trousers, jeans or culottes. If your choice fell on a dark leather jacket, it is better to choose a light top under it, which will refresh your appearance. It seems hard to think of anything more successful than an oversized white shirt, which looks cool in ensembles for all occasions.

Basic straight trousers look great with a leather jacket. It is curious that they are appropriate not only in office, but also in everyday ensembles.

A leather jacket in the 2020 season can be presented not only in a classic straight cut or the legendary leather jacket style. A stylish solution is also a jacket a la jacket with a double-breasted collar and an elongated model with a belt at the waist. Color experiments of designers are no less multifaceted!

Jean jacket

Another topical issue on the agenda is how women over 50 wear a denim jacket? Stylists assure that the most fashionable approach is to create a total look. To embody it, it is worth picking up jeans or a denim skirt, similar in shade to a jacket, as a bottom. You can also take on board a denim jumpsuit – this is a real must-have of the 2020 season!

A denim jacket looks great when paired with…

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