Fashionable images with a pleated skirt 2023

Most recently, we told what pleated skirts will be in fashion in the coming year. Be sure to check out this review if you are partial to playful folds. Today we will continue to talk about this trendy thing, because it is a rather complex and catchy element of the image. So, let’s find out what to wear with pleated skirts in 2023? Consider examples of stylish bows for women of all ages and builds.

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We create fashionable bows with a pleated skirt for the season 2023

By itself, any pleated skirt looks original. But she has one unpleasant side effect – she can age. Especially if it is wrong to include it in the outfit. To prevent this from happening, correctly combine textures: alternate matte with shiny, embossed with smooth, transparent with opaque. For example, a metallic pleated skirt will look good with a black thin turtleneck, and a light translucent model with a soft sweater, etc.

Be sure to refer to the latest fashion techniques and styles of clothing. But be careful with color combinations. To make the bow definitely turn out to be a win-win, choose a skirt in the base color (black, gray, white or navy blue). It is easy to pick up a bright or printed top for any of the listed shades.

Now let’s look at examples of fashionable images.

  • With a shirt. A win-win tandem that will be relevant for both street style bows and business looks. Choose a trapezoidal skirt midi length or mid-calf. The shirt can be worn tucked into the waist or tied at the waist with a knot. A belt with a contrasting buckle will effectively complement the look. However, you can do without it. Choose sandals as shoes in summer, and stiletto heels in autumn and spring.

  • With a T-shirt. From the outside, the bow may seem somewhat rustic, but this is its main advantage. A duet assembled from a pleated satin skirt and a regular cotton T-shirt will look very nice. Complete the look with chunky-soled sandals, comfy ballet flats, or sneakers if you’re into sport chic style. A t-shirt with a print is perfect for a plain pleated skirt.

  • With an oversized sweater. Spectacular images with a pleated skirt can be created not only in summer, but also in winter 2023-2024. For example, refer to the oversized sweater that has already become universal. As we have already said, the difference in textures is what we need this season. A loose fit sweater will be a good addition to a light flared pleated skirt. This image will help emphasize the fragility and femininity of the lady. As shoes, take leather or suede boots with heels, massive sneakers, boots.

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  • With jacket or blazer. Such a bow is suitable not only for young fashionistas, but also for women over 50. You can choose a tweed jacket or suit fabric – these options are most suitable for the office. But for a walk as a top, pick up more original models. Jackets and blazers in tandem with a pleated skirt can be worn completely open or buttoned and with a belt closed at the waist. This technique will add elegance and chic to the outfit.

  • With denim jacket. Trendy look for all occasions. In this, you can go on a date on a cool summer evening, and to classes at the university in early September. To emphasize a thin waist, choose a cropped denim model. An oversized denim jacket will also look good on fragile girlish shoulders. And under it you can wear a crop top, a light shirt, a T-shirt, a top with thin straps. Both sandals and ballet flats will be good as shoes.

  • With original blouse. A pleated skirt may not be the only accent piece in an outfit. It is quite possible to pick up some interesting blouse for her. For example, models with flounces and frills; with puffed sleeves or no sleeves at all; complex cut; asymmetric; with a bow. Remember the main thing: in order for the image to turn out to be harmonious, the skirt should be midi or maxi length, one-color, simply tailored, one-texture.

  • With a fur coat. What else to wear with a pleated skirt in autumn and winter 2023? We offer for consideration an image with a shortened teddy coat or any other coat made of faux fur. The optimal length of the skirt is to the middle of the lower leg. This is the most chic. As shoes – suede or leather ankle boots, ankle boots, boots without a heel. Under the fur coat, you can wear a turtleneck, a shirt, a thin knitted jumper, a light top, if the weather permits.

  • Short top. Crop top is a great basis for creating a stylish look for the summer of 2023. This version of the bow, first of all, is suitable for girls with a beautiful flat tummy and a thin waist. You can choose different models of tops – ending immediately under the chest or reaching the upper line of the abdomen. It all depends on your emancipation. As for the skirt, it can have any length from mini to maxi to the floor, but it should be worn on a high fit.

Full girls should also definitely wear pleated skirts. And for them, when creating an image, the same rules apply: if the bottom is chosen brilliant, then the top should be concise. To further disguise an imperfect stomach, wear a wide belt or a slightly elongated jacket. Reception with a shirt tied in a knot on the stomach is also relevant. The style of the skirts is straight, the cut is concise, the length is from midi to maxi. Examples of stylish images are given in the photo below.

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Nice pleated skirts will look good with a leather jacket. The image will turn out both bold and feminine at the same time..

We’ve covered how to wear a pleated skirt in 2023. Get inspired by the examples below to create your perfect look.

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