Fashionable images with a white shirt 2020

A white shirt is a thing for all occasions, so it must be present in every woman’s wardrobe. And with what to wear it in 2020, in order to create a fashionable and memorable image, we will now tell you.

Trendy models of white shirts – what to combine them with

A white shirt is one of the universal wardrobe items. It looks equally advantageous on both young and old women of fashion. And even ladies who cannot boast of a perfect figure will definitely create stylish images with this irreplaceable thing. And we will help with this.

So, we bring to your attention a selection of trendy white shirts that will be in fashion in 2020.


A shirt “from a man’s shoulder” is a stylish solution for every woman. This model is distinguished by a straight laconic cut, the presence of a small collar and the presence of one pocket. As for fabrics, designers in this case prefer only natural soft textures that will beautifully outline the female figure. These include, for example, cotton or silk.

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How to wear a boyfriend shirt First, when creating a fashionable look, get ready for the fact that it should look a little casual. This includes rolled up sleeves, an open collar, and wearing a loose shirt. However, you can completely or partially tuck it into the belt of your trousers. From this, your stylish bow will only benefit.

What to wear?

  • If a white shirt “from a man’s shoulder” looks quite dense and voluminous, then it is best to combine it with jeans or tight trousers.
  • If the fabric is soft and flowing, then you can choose any bottom, including wide trousers and A-line skirts that will look relevant here.
  • As shoes, stylists recommend choosing ankle boots, shoes or moccasins if you want something without a heel. But ballet shoes should be abandoned, as they greatly simplify the image.


Any oversized clothing is a trend that passes from season to season. Girls like to wear loose-fitting clothes to emphasize the fragility of their figure. Deliberately long sleeves, wide cuffs, a large collar that focuses on a thin neck – all this is an oversized style. It is also popular in the segment of white women’s shirts.

How and with what to wear a white oversized shirt?

  • As in the case of a masculine cut, oversized will look quite organic with a tight-fitting bottom. Especially with skinny jeans or leggings.
  • For ladies who feel confident in non-standard outfits, we recommend a combination of an oversized white shirt and flared trousers.
  • If you prefer skirts, then feel free to choose models of a straight cut of medium length. A loose shirt tucked into them will look great.
  • However, you can wear an oversized model and out. Such a bow will look especially good in the summer season and in combination with shorts.
  • Over the knee boots, loafers with heels, sports sneakers and even laconic sandals are suitable as shoes.

Fitted style

In order to create a truly fashionable look in 2020, you will need a fitted white shirt. Without it, the wardrobe will definitely not be considered complete. After all, this is perhaps the most popular model of this season. She sits beautifully on the figure, gives the image elegance, favorably emphasizes feminine shapes and silhouette. This effect is achieved due to the bending of the side cut, and the fabrics that are selected for these models are elastic.

True, here it is worth considering that such a shirt is suitable only for fashionistas with a good figure. Since a protruding belly and a large bust are completely incompatible with this model. Overweight women should wear a white shirt with an exceptionally straight cut and not tight at the waist and hips.

How to wear a fitted shirt?

  • Since a fitted white shirt is more of an office option, it is appropriate to combine it with straight trousers, pumps or ballet flats, and a business jacket.
  • To create a casual look, for example, for the summer, a laconic tandem with simple jeans or denim shorts is suitable.
  • Of course, you can wear this shirt with skirts. But they must strictly be maxi or midi length.
  • And be sure to add accessories to the image so that it does not turn out to be boring and monotonous.

[tds_warning]Did you know that the white shirt entered the women’s wardrobe solely thanks to the actress Marlene Dietrich? It happened in the middle of the last century. Then this cult personality began to wear men’s classic suits in addition to white shirts. The image turned out so glamorous that it immediately fell in love with all advanced fashionistas.[/tds_warning]

Translucent shirt

Women’s shirts made of translucent chiffon are very seductive, provocative and feminine. Of course, you won’t appear at work in such a model, but for a date or a party, it’s just right. The main decoration of this shirt is large pockets on the chest. Often they are the only camouflage element for the bust. True, only brave women of fashion decide to walk this way, 100% confident in their own irresistibility. The rest of the ladies still put on a top or beautiful matching lingerie under her.

With what to combine?

  • First of all, of course, with jeans. The bow will turn out to be quite stylish and casual.
  • Short shorts with a translucent light white shirt will also look appropriate.
  • If you prefer skirts, then choose a tight-fitting pencil style. It will be very stylish.

Tunic shirt

Wearing a long white shirt is very fashionable today. This interesting and unusual model has become a real hit. It allows you to create even multi-layered images, which, despite all the complexity, turn out to be quite organic.

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However, it is impossible to call a white tunic shirt standard. It stands out as an independent item of clothing and may well pass for a full-fledged dress. By the way, this model is highly recommended by stylists for women with large breasts, because thanks to an interesting style, this shirt smoothly wraps around the shape of the body and gives harmony to an imperfect figure.

How to wear?

  • As we have already said, it is quite possible to wear a white tunic shirt as a full-fledged dress. If desired, complete it with a belt or micro-jacket.
  • It is expected that ideally in this case they will fit into a fashionable bow and any tight-fitting trousers. This is also a fairly popular combination today.
  • But with skirts, a tunic shirt does not get along. Of course, you can try to create an image at your own peril and risk, but in order for it to turn out really successful, you need to have impeccable taste.

With fancy sleeves

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