Fashionable in 2023 coloring for long hair

Luxurious long curls are the pride of the girls who wear them. However, this beauty requires careful care. And we are talking not only about wellness procedures, but also about applying a fashionable shade. As you probably already understood, in today’s review we will talk about what coloring can be done on long hair in 2023. We list the most trendy shades and techniques of the season.

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Color for dyeing long hair-2023

Girls wearing waist-length curls also often face the need to change their image. But most tend to do this without harming the hair. This is where modern types of staining come to the rescue. They allow you to bring something radically new to the image, to express the mood, to attract the attention of the opposite sex. And all this while maintaining the length and health of the hair.

What shades are worth paying attention to this season? We list the top options for long hair.

  • Peach. Warm and aesthetically pleasing color. Suitable for blondes and light blond fashionistas. The perfect choice for the spring-summer 2023 season. Barely perceptible highlights of pink on a peach background will look charming.

  • Ashen. Coloring, which conquered the hearts of millions of women last season. Elegance, chic, sophistication of the ash blond fascinate. Moreover, not only fair-haired ladies, but also brunettes are ready to wear this color.

  • mocha. Luxurious shade related to the coffee range. Calm, fundamental saturated, it can delight you both in the hot season of 2023 and in the autumn-winter. The color looks great on long hair. First of all, girls with a cold color type of appearance should turn to him.

  • Honey. Pleasant color, giving off a noble redhead. Makes the image of a long-haired lady light, charming, mysterious. Add some light highlights, and the coloring will look like honey is spilling over your curls.

  • Pink. Trendy coloring that will not leave indifferent any fashionista under 25 years old. Depending on your courage, you can choose both rich shades of pink – raspberry, fuchsia, and more sophisticated ones – pearl quartz, strawberry.

  • Black Tulip. Color for lovers of dark coloring. “Black Tulip” is aristocratic and produces a bewitching effect. Its main feature is in lilac tints, clearly manifested against a gloomy black background.

  • Vanilla. This color scheme is one of the fashion trends of the current season. It looks natural, expensive, equally suitable for girls and women over 50 years old. The color well masks gray hair, refreshes the image, rejuvenates. But in order to maintain glare, you will have to use special tools.

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Also among the favorites are chocolate, copper, linen, cherry shades.

Fashionable types of dyeing for long hair-2023

Now let’s move on to listing popular techniques. So, what should fashionistas pay attention to in this case?

3D coloring

This technique provides an excellent opportunity to add extra volume to the styling. The procedure involves the use of 3-4 shades within the same color range. The main color should be the darkest. The remaining shades are applied to the strands alternately, creating a 3D effect. Coloring is deep, multifaceted, original. Actual for both light blond hair and dark.


A beautiful anti-aging coloring that looks great on both straight long and wavy strands. Its main feature is to create a burnout effect on the ends of the hair and on the strands at the temples. It looks pretty cute and natural. Like children who spend a lot of time in the sun. The procedure for creating a Babylights look is lengthy, so be patient.


A smooth stretch of color from dark roots to light tips continues to be mega popular. And all thanks to the stunning visual effect. Moreover, you can experiment with both traditional shades and bright ones. Ombre, fashionable in the 2023 season, allows for the most daring and creative variations. For example, the transition from dark blue to soft purple or from plum to light pink.


Highlighting is still a stylish solution for women of all ages. And on long hair, it turns out doubly spectacular. Shades for this type of staining can be selected contrasting, for example, black and ashy, or more natural, differing from each other by several tones. Any of the selected options will be considered relevant. So, feel free to experiment!

money piece

Another key trend and novelty of the 2023 season. The essence of coloring is in the contrasting highlighting of the strands framing the face. In this case, the rest of the mass of hair should remain monophonic. Everything is so simple, but at the same time feminine and trendy. And again, the emphasis can be placed on both naturalness and outrageous brightness. Pink, light green, blue, red curls in the face – the most chic.

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Color-block coloring will look very unusual on long hair.

We looked at different options for long hair coloring that is fashionable in 2023. Study the photos and choose the appropriate techniques and shades for your image.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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