Fashionable jacket dress 2023

A rare collection dedicated to the creation of fashionable images for the current season does without mentioning the jacket dress. And no wonder, because this stylish thing is now at the peak of popularity. In 2023, a jacket dress can become part of the look in business, cocktail, casual, street styles. And which models are considered the most trendy, we will now tell.

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Jacket dress 2023: which one to choose

You can’t confuse a dress with a jacket cut with anything. It conquers with its elegance and allows you to create spectacular images from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Without exaggeration, such an outfit can be used for any event, including a wedding. As for the style, it can be oversized, fitted, asymmetrical, with a highlighted shoulder line, mini, midi and even maxi. Almost everything is relevant, except for the “tuxedo” model – this is an unambiguous anti-trend.

Next, we list jacket dresses that will definitely be in trend in 2023.

  • fringed. Fringe continues to be the most popular decorative element. Including she leaked into the segment of business fashion. The blazer dress, which has pretty fringe on the sleeves and hem, looks playful and more casual, without losing any of its elegance. In this it is quite possible to go to a party in a club or on a date.

  • With cutouts. A fitted blazer dress with cutouts is incredibly stylish. Moreover, the most chic is when the cutouts are located at waist level – on the sides, in front or on the back. As a result, the fashionista gets a seductive, stunning look that will definitely appeal to the opposite sex. Worthy of attention and models with cutouts on the shoulders.

  • Asymmetrical. Fashion 2023, like its predecessors, is quite loyal to asymmetry. Thanks to this, we can replenish our wardrobes with original cut jacket dresses. Asymmetry can manifest itself in different floor lengths, different colors, textures, fabrics. To choose such an outfit is a bold and even extravagant decision. However, you can definitely count on the attention of others.

  • One sleeve. We will not go far from the topic of asymmetry and turn to models of jacket dresses with one sleeve. This is a very stylish option that can even decorate a business look, provided that your office dress code is not too strict. This model will certainly fit into evening bows. The single sleeve blazer dress is one of the top fashion trends for 2023.

  • Pleated. If you want to please yourself with a novelty, then all attention is on models decorated with pleats. As a rule, folds are formed from the waist in the form of a skirt, which gives a certain zest to the outfit. Or they can serve as a decorative element that adorns, for example, the edge of the hem or sleeves of a jacket dress. The result is a charming fashionable look.

  • flared. Most of us are used to the fact that the jacket dress has a straight loose fit, which corresponds to the main idea of ​​​​this outfit. However, more feminine options are now appearing in fashion collections – with flares, such as in the photo below. They look quite romantic and not so strict. This is the perfect solution for spring and summer 2023 looks.

  • Without sleeves. Another stylish version of the dress-jacket. And you can wear it not only in warm weather. How to wear this model in autumn and winter? With a turtleneck, a blouse with voluminous sleeves, a thin jumper. For shoes, pick up leather boots or stiletto heels. Well, sandals in the summer. Often this model is complemented by a belt or belt to match.

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With the light hand of some popular brands, luxurious cape style jacket dresses are returning to the fashion pedestal.

As for the colors, here you can choose an option for every taste. The favorites of the season are soft and hot pink models, blue and blue, dark yellow and mustard, beige and gray, and also in dark green. Is it fashionable or not to wear a jacket dress in classic shades? Definitely yes! Especially black and white models.

In the print segment, everything is predictable. The cage rules the ball, therefore, special attention should be paid to jacket dresses with a checkered pattern. In addition, a thin strip will remain relevant.

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Fashionable jacket dress 2023 has a number of characteristic features. Among them: a deep V-neckline, an underlined shoulder line, a length above the knee or an ultra-short mini. Choosing such an outfit for your image means demonstrating to others an innate sense of style.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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