Fashionable jackets spring 2023

Women’s jackets for the spring of 2023 pleased with the variety of choices – among the latest novelties, it is easy to choose the perfect model for both young girls and elegant women over 40. And in order not to miscalculate with relevance, read our latest trend guide!


New jackets in juicy colors will help to add brightness and style to the spring look. Women’s fashion for the 2023 season has announced red, pink, orange, rich green, blue and blue colors as relevant. It is interesting to combine bright colors with both basic clothing and contrasting colors according to the color-blocking principle.

Fashion trends for spring 2023 jackets are also approved by rich pastel colors – lilac, lavender, herbal and lemon tones. In the world of prints, we announce monograms, checks and animal motifs as favorites.


Spring weather, alas, does not immediately please with blooming lilacs and warm sun. At first, you will have to escape from the capricious wind in a warm jacket. A fashionable idea would be an inflated model in a short style. This is a practical investment in a basic spring 2023 wardrobe that will hold true for next season.


Many girls in the 2023 season were simply conquered by cozy plush jackets for girls made of faux fur. Such models are often executed in light colors, which gives the image a special charm.

Plush jackets 2023 are presented in a sheepskin coat cut, a straight cut, in the form of a sleeveless jacket and a bomber jacket.

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Great news: the bomber jacket has officially returned to the spring 2023 outerwear fashion trends! A distinctive feature of the trendy novelty will be a loose oversized fit. The relaxed style is organically combined with the length below the hip.

Fashionable bomber for spring 2023 looks stylish in quilted or leather. Confident girls can afford a bright jacket color – for example, a mega-stylish green or pink tone.


The leading trend in the design of women’s demi-season jackets for spring 2023 is a voluminous oversized cut, which indicates the relevance of the model. If you get the impression that the outerwear has been removed from the male shoulder, you are in the trends of the spring season.


A fashionable cropped jacket for spring 2023 is a way to get into trends and emphasize a beautiful waist. If you have enough high-rise trousers and jeans in your wardrobe, you can add a fashionable addition to them in the form of a waist-length jacket.

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sleeveless shirt

Spring 2023 fashion draws attention to women’s sleeveless jackets. Whether it’s a straight, long cut or a belted waist, it’s up to you: fashion trends favor two options.


The main thing of spring for many fashionistas is a quilted jacket with great stylistic potential. We remove stubby and fitted models to the far shelf of the cabinet – today a more comfortable straight and free cut is in trend.

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Spring 2023 trends have pleased with a wide variety of jackets made of quilted texture. The priority is a straight elongated cut, bomber jackets, shirt style, novelties with a double-breasted collar.


In the range of outerwear spring 2023, shirt jackets in a loose elongated cut are especially relevant. We unraveled the secret of popularity – it lies in a stylish look and excellent versatility.

Fashionable jackets for women 50 years old in the spring 2023 season are also often presented in a shirt style. The stylish fit refreshes everyday looks and pairs effortlessly with casual spring wear.

Racer jacket

The spring 2023 “must buy” is a racer jacket allegedly borrowed from a biker friend. Upon closer acquaintance, the novelty surprises with its stylish potential — the racer jacket complements the looks with your favorite jeans and minimalist dresses.

Now you know what jackets will be in fashion in spring 2023. Choose the trend you like to make the most stylish and comfortable looks in the new season!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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