Fashionable jumpers – autumn 2021

It is difficult to imagine a women’s wardrobe that does not contain a single fashionable jumper for autumn 2021. In today’s article, you will learn about the main trends of the new season, get acquainted with all the stylish novelties that you need to pay attention to first of all when going shopping.

Fashionable autumn jumpers: current models of 2021

A fashionable and stylish jumper is, first of all, a well-chosen style, colors and a successful tandem with other wardrobe items. Let’s talk more about each of the aspects separately and try to put together an overall look for the perfect jumper for fall 2021.

Colors and prints

In the new season, the most popular and relevant models will be in brown tones. Also, fashionistas should pay attention to khaki and pistachio products. If you think that this range does not suit your color type, try to pick up a jumper with a deep enough neckline. So the new thing will not set off the face, and you can purchase the product of the desired shade.

Brighter models of plain and printed jumpers will also allow you to add colors to the autumn stylish bow:

  • yellow-orange;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • striped;
  • into colored squares.

Admirers of calm shades can pick up a product in a classic nude palette: white, beige, gray, powdery pink.


The fashionable style of a women’s jumper for the fall of 2021 is quite democratic. Today there is no need to choose a model that will fit perfectly on the figure. In the trend, on the contrary, free styles, semi-adjacent jumpers, as well as free oversized.

If you really want to buy a tight-fitting jumper and demonstrate to others all the advantages of the figure, choose products made of thick knitwear. Such material allows you to look stylish and fashionable.

Another fashion novelty of the season is avant-garde styles. These include sweaters with voluminous sleeves, models with unusual belts, cutouts and cuts in unexpected places.

  • Jumpers with open shoulders will be relevant, which fashionistas managed to fall in love with last season.
  • The V-shaped neckline is still popular, because it fits perfectly on almost any figure, emphasizes the advantages, hides the flaws.
  • Layering is also among the fashion trends. The option looks very stylish when a knitted cropped jumper is worn directly on a turtleneck of a similar shade.
  • An open back is not very practical, but incredibly attractive. In order not to freeze, you will have to complement the image with a wide scarf or stole.


Decor with feathers (or their imitation) and fringe is another interesting feature of the autumn season. Such decoration is most often placed in the area of ​​the sleeves, which gives originality and attractiveness to any, even the simplest jumper.

Jumpers with holes are another fashion trend that will definitely not appeal to everyone. However, to make the image more original and catchy, you should definitely try something like this.

Ribbons on the jumper in the new season stylishly adorn the sleeves, back, neckline. This decor looks very cute, non-trivial, and most importantly, incredibly fashionable.


Some argue that knitting in the form of braids is no longer relevant. But stylists unanimously say that such ornaments are a real rage. The secret is in the location of the braids. Remember that tight-fitting jumpers with a similar pattern are an anti-trend. Whereas braids, spikelets, voluminous stripes and pimples on free and oversized models are what you need.

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We make fashionable bows

Surely, having looked at the photos of current models, you have already decided to buy a fashionable jumper for autumn 2021. Indeed, without such a stylish detail, the demi-season wardrobe will look incomplete and will not allow you to create stylish and warm looks. Therefore, we will further talk about what to wear a jumper with, what clothes it can be combined with.

Interesting, but, according to stylists, such a thing can be combined with almost any clothing:

  • Don’t want to hide your summer dress on the top shelf? And you don’t need to. Just put on a cozy jumper on top, emphasize the waist with a belt.

  • Got an attractive mid-length pleated skirt? It also pairs well with an oversized sweater. If the bottom is made in bright colors, it is better to choose a jumper in restrained shades.

  • A warm, cozy and fashionable look is obtained by combining a jumper with knitted sweatpants, jeans and trousers.

  • There are no restrictions on the choice of outerwear. A trendy youth parka, a stylish coat, a jacket, a trendy eco-fur coat or a down jacket will suit the jumper.

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To look stylish in the fall season, fashionistas can use a few trendy secrets when creating an image with jumpers:

  • wear half tucked;
  • gird with a narrow or wide belt at the waist;
  • wear over a shirt.

Now you know which women’s jumpers to choose for the fall of 2021 to look fashionable and stylish. Designers offer many up-to-date models, so a woman of any age and build will be able to choose the most successful and attractive option for any life situation.

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