Fashionable jumpsuits for summer 2020

In this article, we will look at fashionable women’s summer jumpsuits in the 2020 season. This time the designers did their best and presented a lot of stylish and interesting models.


What colors will conquer all fashionistas this summer

We decided to start our fashion review with an up-to-date palette that delights with its aesthetics and versatility.

  • The main hit is a light range dominated by white, milky, pearl and mother-of-pearl tones. As practice shows, it is these shades that are the favorites of fashionistas in the summer season.
  • A refreshing range of azure, blue, mint and turquoise tones were also among the leading trends. For the holidays, the best colors of clothes just can not be imagined!
  • Orange, hot pink, sunny yellow, electric blue and brick brown tones can also be considered fairly trendy.

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  • The pastel palette is also in the top, only it is now not bleached, but rather saturated.
  • The fashion of the 2020 season was also rich in a variety of prints. Delicate flowers, flirtatious peas, daring animalism, universal cage and geometry, juicy tie-dye motif and tropical patterns were among the favorites.

Cutout shape

  • You can be inspired to create stylish and feminine looks with a bob cut that is close to a square shape. Designers decided to successfully combine this trend with another hot trend – accent sleeves.
  • A deep V neckline is also a great idea for sensual summer looks. The designers were persistent and demonstrated that this style is best worn without underwear.

  • A tribute to elegance and sophistication is the double-breasted neckline, which has also been used in the design of many fashionable jumpsuits.
  • Another feature of fashionable overalls is large contrasting or printed buttons, which are present in the form of a stylish fastener.

current models

Now we propose to move on to the most interesting – getting to know the current models of overalls.

Strict style

Some girls are convinced that a jumpsuit is an outfit that is suitable exclusively for everyday life. But designers in the 2020 season decisively destroyed this stereotype, presenting models that may well fit the summer dress code. The source of their inspiration was classic jackets and cardigans, because it was the elements of this clothing that appeared in the design of business overalls.

Fashionable overalls with shorts in a business style can be presented as a combination of a loose shirt and Bermuda shorts. As a rule, such models are presented in a classic and restrained palette.

With smell

The wraparound cut has shown itself in various fashion options, including jumpsuits. This style perfectly corrects the figure, emphasizes the waist and visually slims.

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In the summer fashion of the 2020 season, one can clearly trace the desire of designers for romance and femininity in clothes. Such an elegant decor can be present in the form of separate inserts or be involved in the design of the entire jumpsuit. We emphasize that now at the peak of popularity is dense crochet lace in snow-white design.

With wide trousers

The style with wide trousers is a very self-sufficient novelty that promises to take its rightful place in the summer wardrobe. In combination with a fashionable high waistline, this cut visually lengthens the legs and overall slims the silhouette. A dark matte color or a vertical print also contributes to the latter property. If you want to mask imperfections in the hips or knees, you should also turn to a summer jumpsuit with wide trousers.

With belt

Many girls like to focus on the waist and use clothes to form a feminine silhouette of the figure. The current models of overalls in the 2020 season will allow you to do this, because designers have released many styles with belts. Particularly interesting were additions from a contrasting texture, as well as trendy rope belts.

In fashionable clothes, there may not be a belt, but a belt with a buckle, which looks more strict and expressive.


Summer 2020 fashion presented romper overalls with a short skirt in a wide variety. This model is considered a win-win option for a vacation, walk or picnic. For young girls, rompers in delicate pastel shades are perfect, and older women of fashion can use rich colors.

When choosing a stylish romper, you can rely on the relevance of lace, open shoulders or back, flounces and frills. To create such products, brands mainly use linen, cotton, chiffon and denim.

from denim

Absolutely all designers in the 2020 season agreed that denim is irreplaceable. From this practical texture, almost all clothing options were presented, including overalls. If we are talking about summer models, then styles with thin straps and shorts come to the fore.

Variations with pants were also held in high esteem. Moreover, it was the wide cut that deserved the palm, which does not constrain movements and is the personification of comfort and style. If such a model is presented with thin straps, this can be counted as a double advantage. In warm weather, this self-sufficient thing is good on its own, and in case of a cold weather, a fashionista can connect a base layer – a T-shirt, polo jumper, turtleneck, sweatshirt or sweatshirt.

If we talk about “denim” trends in general, then we can note the contrasting delay, the button closure, the high waistline and the classic blue color without scuffs.

With asymmetry

The original move of designers in the design of fashionable clothes was asymmetry and all sorts of ways to manifest it. Such an original technique is achieved with the help of unusual cutouts, creative cuts and play of colors. Some fashion models are original designers, that is, a girl can wear one style in several ways. Such a novelty will never get bored, because it can always be given a new interpretation.

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with ruffles

Absolutely charming frills have become a key trend of the summer season, and they have found a bright expression in the design of overalls. As a rule, such a romantic decor was located in the waist, sleeves or on the open line of the shoulders.

[tds_note]Any girl should take into account that voluminous draperies should not be placed on problem areas.[/tds_note]

With patch pockets

Patch pockets have become a stylish feature of actual overalls. Here, the designers relied on the classics – such decor was successfully combined with a natural palette of beige, sand, brick red and olive shades. Such execution often made it possible to attribute products to the safari style, so beloved by women of any age in the summer season.


A separate niche among fashionable summer…

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