Fashionable knitted swimwear 2021

If you are looking for a fashionable swimsuit for the summer season of 2021, then we draw your attention to trendy knitted models. A knitted item always looks original and is more appreciated, especially if it is handmade. You can buy a ready-made item or get inspired by ideas here and order a swimsuit from some familiar needlewoman.

What knitted swimwear is in fashion in 2021

There are so many models of knitted outfits for the beach that it will definitely be difficult for you to make a choice. Each option is interesting in its own way – some more open, some reserved, because we are all different and have our own taste.

First, let’s see what models of separate knitted swimsuits designers offered girls this year:

  • with ruffles. Ruffles and ruffles are very cute and feminine details that can decorate any outfit, and a swimsuit is no exception. Ruffles are located both on the bottom and on the top of the outfit, significantly improve it, so that the image turns out to be fashionable and unbanal.

  • With tassels. Designers are very fond of decorating swimsuits with such interesting details as tassels. Tassels can also decorate both the upper and lower parts of the swimsuit, they are short and long, voluminous and small.

  • Strapless. The upper part of the beach outfit may not have straps at all, or they may fall down and leave the shoulders bare. The advantage of this model is that you will have an even tan without the white stripes that straps usually leave.

  • With top. The top of a knitted swimsuit can be represented not only by a bra, but also by a top. In this case, it turns out to be more restrained. The top is usually shaped like a trapezoid and is tied at the neck. As an example, you can see two original tops. In the first one, the neckline is covered with beautiful patterns, and in the second, the decor resembles a well-known amulet – the Dreamcatcher.

  • With shorts. The role of the lower part of the outfit can also be played by short shorts. Such a model will suit any woman, but it will be especially useful if you need to hide flaws.

  • high waisted. In some models, the bottom has a high fit, and it is this part that covers the stomach that is the most beautiful in this outfit. Masters create original and very attractive patterns with a hook.

The decor on a swimsuit can be completely different, because it all depends on the imagination of the designer and your imagination, in particular. In the photo, you can see a stylish chain that splits and adorns the belly, which makes the outfit look even more attractive. In such a swimsuit, any girl will attract all the attention on the beach.

There are also swimsuits in which only the top is knitted, and the bottom is sewn from some other material. You can see a very interesting and original example in the photo. An incredibly beautiful white top with tassels is successfully combined with printed panties.

Very often, swimwear is sold complete with knitted pareos, capes, skirts and sundresses for the beach, which are most often knitted in the form of a net.

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One-piece knitted swimwear 2021

Fashion trends in 2021 offer women a choice of not only separate, but also one-piece knitted swimsuits. The first among them are completely fused. That is, they cover both the stomach and the entire back. Usually the bottom and top of this swimsuit are made of a denser knit, and the part that covers the back and belly is translucent and contains beautiful patterns.

There are models in which only the stomach is covered with openwork fabric, while the back remains bare. And in the last model, the top and bottom are connected using a strip of knitted fabric of different thicknesses for different models.

As an example, I also want to show you an unusually beautiful swimsuit with a cutout that reaches to the navel. In addition, it contains a wonderful decoration in the form of beads, strings and chains located on the sides.

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Fashionable colors of knitted swimwear

In 2021, knitted swimwear comes in a wide variety of trendy colors, so you’re sure to find the shade that suits you. The first color that requires special attention is white. White color is versatile, delicate and very stylish. In addition, he looks incredible against the background of swarthy, tanned skin. Therefore, even if your skin is still fair, take a white swimsuit, go to the sea and correct this situation.

The second most popular color is black. This is an undying classic, so if you buy such a beach outfit once, you can relax in it next year. Beige, cream and milky colors are also out of competition, allowing you to create a stylish beach bow.

Bright models are presented in such shades:

  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • turquoise;
  • red.

Summer 2021 fashion also offers outfits that consist of several colors at once, which makes for real prints.

The choice is very large, especially if you are going to knit a custom-made swimsuit. You will definitely not meet anyone else in the same swimsuit, and this is a plus.

The presented photos show you all the most fashionable knitted swimwear of 2021. And in one of them, if you wish, you can walk along the beach this summer, basking in the warm sun. Make a good choice!

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