Fashionable leather raincoats for spring 2021: trendy colors and stylish looks

Leather raincoats will return to the spring catwalks this year. Designers of leading fashion houses presented a variety of models in their collections. Today, this trend is well combined with business, casual and evening dresses. In the spring season, ultra-trend raincoats will be made from different skin tones. The sheen of patent leather will be added to the bright palette.

Color palette

There will be no color restrictions for leather coats this season. Designers will use the entire fashion spectrum: from turquoise to bright shades of dark red. The most popular options that will make you stand out and draw attention to yourself are red leather trench coats.

The second place will be taken by a raincoat in white. This option will allow the girls to look fresh and young. Bold fashionistas will be able to wear blue and green colors.

Raincoats of brown and beige shades are for lovers of the classics. Clothes dyed in lemon, purple, orange, green, pink colors will cheer you up. And the black color, beloved by girls, will go well with the reptile pattern.

Fashionable spring images

If we consider a classic black raincoat, ladies can combine it with a contrasting dress, blouse, shirts. A wide belt can complement the black classics. Designers recommend this option as a stylish base for spring.

Business women can safely wear such clothes in the office with classic or leather trousers in a duet with contrasting shirts or sweaters. Black leather ankle boots or pumps are the perfect complement to your look.

White leather accentuates the sophisticated style. It goes well with any outfit. You can wear such a top both in the office and on a business date. And he will make up a duet of tight-fitting trousers, a turtleneck of the same color and shoes with heels.

The fashionable chocolate shade of the raincoat will make the image expensive and noble. Jeans or flared trousers will fit perfectly. The belt accentuates the waist.

Teaming a black or colored leather trenchcoat with blue skinny jeans is an on-point option for a classic and polished look. Such an image should be tried on for walks. Cashmere turtlenecks are worn as tops. A pair of suede pumps will be the perfect accompaniment to this outfit.

Older ladies are advised to wear a leather coat with different styles of dresses. It is only important that the outerwear covers the hem of the dress. A spectacular raincoat will look most relevant with romantic chiffon outfits.

Delicate pastel colors are very popular this season. And although light shades are simple and versatile, they will not let you get lost in the crowd. You can combine such a raincoat with classic-cut jeans or dresses, and a business lady can wear it with suits.

Trendy embossing on leather in all colors is perfect for spring. Dresses or trousers of the same color will perfectly fit into the image.

A burgundy leather coat, black leggings and a gray thin sweater will make a great bow. If the top and trousers are black, then a sweater or turtleneck is selected in a bright, saturated shade. A black bag, leather ankle boots or shoes will complement the outfit. Sexuality in the image will bring glasses.

In a black or milky leather coat and straight-cut plaid trousers, you can go to a meeting, a cultural event or spend a day off for a walk. Light colored leather pumps will be the perfect accompaniment to this outfit.

Pair a black leather trench coat with a charcoal pencil skirt for an off-duty and classy ensemble. Such clothes with brown leather inserts look elegant. A blouse, turtleneck or light sweater with a print is suitable as a top. A cap, glasses and white leather shoes will update the outfit.

For feminine combinations, you can try on a stylish brown raincoat with a fluffy skirt and a turtleneck. Emphasize the sophistication of the figure with a wide belt and a handbag matching the skirt. Paired with clothes, white ankle boots will look great.

We select shoes and accessories

When choosing a handbag or boots, it is important to look at contrasting colors and textures. The handbag should be medium in size, you can wear miniature clutches. Stylists recommend combining a raincoat with elegant shoes with medium or high heels, with platform boots, ankle boots made of genuine suede leather.
Boats, loafers, slip-ons will come in handy for a walk. To make the image always look new, it is appropriate to wear scarves and scarves in feminine colors. A belt will look good on clothes.

A leather coat is a great opportunity to emphasize femininity, nobility, sophisticated style, impeccable taste and status. In the spring, they will become an indispensable attribute of fashionable images of beautiful and practical outerwear.

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