Fashionable long dresses 2019

For any woman who wants to look irresistible, fashionable long dresses will be a real find in 2019. They are reasonably associated with femininity, with their help the image acquires notes of mystery and sophistication.


Long dress colors

The choice of color palette is of great importance when choosing a particular wardrobe item. A well-chosen shade is able to advantageously emphasize the dignity of a figure or, on the contrary, hide its errors. The right tone will suit a certain skin tone or hair color and shade them favorably.

In 2019, stylish long dresses are presented in such trendy colors:

  • Delicate pastel colors that are ideal for summer and spring. The light elongated dress looks incredibly airy and romantic;

  • floral prints that do not lose their popularity for several seasons in a row. They can be located over the entire surface of the product or decorate a certain part, for example, a bodice or a hem;

  • print “cell”, which can be catchy or muted, small or large, made in the usual version or reminiscent of a chessboard;

Dress for all occasions

  • a strip, which, depending on its location, will allow you to adjust the figure in one way or another. So, the longitudinal strip will give harmony to the silhouette. If you use the transverse version, then on the contrary, you can give additional volume in a certain area, for example, in the chest area;

  • rich shades – they are especially in demand with the advent of spring. At the same time, a long dress can be both plain and containing all kinds of bright prints;

  • leopard print – it belongs to the current trends of this season. Applying it, you can give the image of seductiveness.

styles of long dresses

The range of products is represented by all kinds of styles, which makes it possible to make a wide variety of bows. Images can be both everyday, corresponding to the casual style, and evening, distinguished by sophistication and luxury.

The most popular styles in which fashionable long dresses are presented in 2019 include the following.

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Long dressing gown. This model looks very impressive if it is made of light airy fabrics. In the hot summer, such a thing will become almost indispensable. The dressing gown is characterized by the absence of buttons, fixation is provided by a thin or wide belt. Another feature is the smell, which captures the entire length of the product or is located exclusively in the upper part in the chest area.

[stextbox id=info]Important! Owners of magnificent forms will appreciate this model. This is due to the fact that due to the smell, the waist area becomes visually much thinner.[/stextbox]

Double long dress. This is the undoubted hit of the season in the summer of 2019. The dress can be successfully used both for creating everyday fashionable looks and for evening outings. A feature of the cut of the product is that it consists of two parts: the lower one, which is a lining made of dense fabric and has a shortened length, and the upper one, made of transparent flying material.

Thanks to this, beautiful legs are provided for viewing, but at the same time the girl manages to keep the mystery in the image. Lace or chiffon is often used as the top layer.

Long shirt dress. This is a stylish youth style, young girls prefer to wear it, but older ladies can also use it if they wish. The product may have a slightly asymmetrical length due to the shortened front compared to the back.

An elongated shirt model is often complemented by slits located on the side, which can be small or very high, for example, reaching to the waist. In the latter case, the shirt dress acts as a tunic and is worn with leggings or thin skinny pants.

Long retro dress. Looks that match the retro style are extremely popular lately. To make the bow unforgettable, fashionistas will be able to pick up a dress with a flared skirt, which has polka dot colors. It looks very stylish and unusual.

Tiered dress. This style will complement the boho style very harmoniously. Tiers consist of wide and narrow frills, located one above the other. A thing can be both monophonic and contain a combination of several shades. A fashionable trend is the application of ethnic ornaments to the fabric.

Long A-Line Dress. Usually such a model is found in a shortened version or has a midi length. However, in 2019, long trapeze-style dresses can also be considered fashion trends. They are characterized by a cut that gradually expands downwards. Products made from linen will fit very organically into the images in the boho style.

Long sleeve dress. On the eve of the warm season, most models are created with a shortened sleeve or without it at all. However, in 2019, among the fashion favorites is a long dress, which is complemented by an elongated sleeve. For early spring, its tailoring from dense fabric is relevant, but for hot days it is better to prefer a transparent chiffon or lace sleeve.

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Long asymmetrical dress. One of the stylish novelties of 2019 is asymmetry. It can be used in different parts of the product. For example, this is a strap, which is presented in only one copy and adorns one shoulder, while the second remains naked. The hem can also be asymmetrical, which differs in length in the side parts or in the front and back.

Long sports dress. This product is made of soft knitted fabric, which is characterized by simplicity and brevity of design. As for the cut, options such as a T-shirt dress or a T-shirt dress predominate.

Fashionable images with a long dress

In our photo selection, we bring to your attention an overview of stylish bows that can be made using a long dress. Among the most popular options for creating images are the following.

Romantic. Such a bow is created using an elongated model of a dress that contains ruffles or frills, the shoulders remain completely open or there is an asymmetry in the form of a one-shoulder strap in the upper part. You can complement this look with feminine sandals with thin heels.

casual. This image will be harmoniously complemented by a checkered or striped shirt dress, which can be combined with sports sneakers or sneakers. An alternative solution would be a sports bow, which is created using a knitted dress made in the appropriate style.

Evening. A bow intended for a festive event, it is advisable to compose with a long dress, …

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