Fashionable long skirts 2023

Over the past few seasons, midi length skirts have been considered an undeniable trend. Practical and versatile, they fit perfectly with most popular styles, as well as looks made in all the canons of minimalism that was so popular in 2021 and 2022. But in 2023, this vector has shifted. The nostalgic craze for the Y2K era has led to the extreme mini and the all-out maxi coming into fashion. We want to pay the most attention to the last one. What long skirts will be in fashion in the 2023 season? Consider the latest trends and novelties.



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Maxi skirts-2023: the main fashion trends

In 2023, “maxi” should mean a length that falls below the middle of the calf. But the most versatile option is still considered to be the ankle level. Often there are models of floor-length skirts, from under which the toes of shoes or boots are barely visible. This style looks especially feminine, because such maxi skirts, as a rule, have a free flared cut, which will be appropriate in both romantic and evening looks. As you can see, even in terms of length, fashionistas have a choice.


As for silhouettes and styles, a pleasant variety reigns here too. We will tell you what fashion-2023 is ready to offer us in the selection below.

  • Denim skirts. The return of this trend came as a surprise to many. However, is this true? After all, any denim clothing is a priori considered universal. Maxi length denim skirts are comfortable, practical, stylish. The most trendy in the 2023 season are models that have a high vertical neckline or a row of buttons in front. As for the cut, it can be trapezoidal or straight. Both are relevant. This model is perfect for creating street style bows.



  • Pleated. Light and feminine, pleated skirts have proven to be a very long-term trend. Bright multi-colored floor-length models could be seen, including in the Max Mara Resort 2023 collection. Made in classic blue, burgundy, golden mustard shades, they look very romantic even in everyday outfit. This skirt is suitable for both spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. Modern women of fashion have long learned to combine a light pleated not only with sandals, but also with boots, boots and even sneakers.

Max Mara Resort 2023

  • Knitted. Knitted maxi skirts in the 2023 season will also be incredibly popular. The most top models have a laconic straight cut and low waist, which was so popular in the zero. Knitted skirts can be worn with crop tops and bra tops, as well as with classic blouses, cropped knitted jumpers, T-shirts and leather jackets. We recommend paying special attention to knitted skirts with one or two high slits on the sides.


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  • in a cage. For the autumn-winter season 2023-2024, we recommend looking at a long skirt with a checkered print. Choose from thick suiting or practical tweed to keep you comfortable even when the weather is chilly. This skirt will help make a boring winter look more feminine and interesting. The cell can be large or small, bright or black and white. In an outfit, such an accent bottom should be combined with a plain top. For example, a black turtleneck, a leather jacket, a brown short sheepskin coat, a beige shirt or a white blouse.



  • With a slit to the waist. A long skirt with a slit to the waist is perhaps the most spectacular novelty of the 2023 season. After all, it looks like the skirt has parted along the seam and is attached exclusively to the belt. In fact, we are dealing with a non-standard cut, which can be very wide, for example, such as that of Peter Do. In Russian latitudes, this trendy model should be worn only in the warm season. Including it will be appropriate in the beach fashion of the current season.

Peter Do

  • Trapezoidal. Fashionable long A-line skirts are an absolute must-have for 2023. Moreover, both winter and summer options look very attractive. A smooth flare down will help to adjust the silhouette, emphasize a thin waist, and disguise cheerfulness. As a rule, such a skirt will have a loose fit. Often there are models with pockets, they are especially relevant for winter bows. For the same time of the year, we recommend looking at trendy quilted models.



  • Direct. Another model, without which it is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of an avid fashionista in 2023. In this case, we are talking about simple long semi-fitted skirts with a straight cut. You could see them in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Peter Do, Alaïa, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Max Mara and other trendsetters. Nothing superfluous, only femininity and deliberate elegance. With what to wear such a skirt? Stylists recommend choosing a tight-fitting and unremarkable top. For example, a top-shirt or a bralette.


  • fringed. A very effective fashionable look will help create maxi-length skirts with fringes. This element of decor is the trend of the current season. Fringe was found in the collections of famous designers everywhere, so feel free to contact her too. Incredibly stylish and elegant look long leather skirts with fringe. They will not fit into business images, but for everyday bows for spring and autumn they are perfect. Very original maxi models, decorated with fringes, were introduced to the world by the Bottega Veneta brand.

Bottega Veneta



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If you need a model for full, then we recommend choosing a stylish and trendy wrap maxi skirt. It is also listed as the current trend of the 2023 season.


Choose long skirts for the 2023 season based on the recommendations from our review, and the photos presented here will help you create a trendy look.

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