Fashionable long summer dresses 2021

In 2021, floor-length summer dresses will again be in fashion. And this is not surprising, since with these outfits you can create many spectacular and, most importantly, comfortable bows, examples of which we will consider later in the article.

What long dresses will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

Focusing on the latest trends, we have compiled a list of maxi dress styles that will be at the peak of popularity this summer.

  • From denim. Denim is more relevant than ever. Therefore, designers have included long dresses made of thin denim in their collections. These are mainly fitted sundresses, A-line products and models with a fluffy skirt. But the color may be different. You are free to choose both the classic denim range and brighter shades.

  • Open top. Shoulder-baring dresses have been in fashion for more than a season. They allow you to create both a gentle and at the same time sexy image that attracts only admiring glances. Open top models are very versatile. They look equally good, both in monochrome design and in color prints, with or without sleeves. The design of such outfits can also be different. You can opt for options in a minimalist style or decorated with flounces, ruffles, frills, embroidery and other decor.

  • High Waist. This style can be worn not only by girls with ideal proportions, but also by full-bodied beauties, as well as pregnant women. After all, the lower undercut part in such outfits is quite wide and is able to hide a protruding tummy.

  • With sleeves. Photos with examples of summer bows fashionable in 2021, based on long dresses with sleeves, fashion publishers literally flooded. On the pages of magazines, you can see both practical everyday options, made in a sporty style, and more feminine cotton styles with embroidery and lace. The cut of such products is also different. The trend will be, as before, straight models that can be worn with a belt, fitted or with a fluffy skirt.

Important! Try to give your preference to outfits with ¾ sleeves. Unlike standard length sleeves, short sleeves are much more practical. In addition, they visually reduce the shoulders.

  • With a cut. If you want to create an attractive bow that will not leave anyone indifferent, then you should look at long dresses with a high slit. It can be both basic cotton outfits and more sophisticated evening wear made of silk, satin or lurex fabrics.

  • Pleated. No less relevant in the summer will be dresses sewn from fabrics in a small fold. You are free to choose both fully pleated models and options in which pleating is more of a decorative element.

  • With a V-shaped neckline. Long dresses with a triangular neckline will help you demonstrate beautiful breasts. The neckline itself can be small and only slightly open the chest, and even reach right up to the waist line. Here it all depends on the characteristics of your figure. But the lower part of such an outfit must be flared.

  • Printed. In the upcoming hot season, you certainly can not do without long dresses, decorated with intricate prints. As for the theme of ornaments, the leaders, as always, are plant arts. Do not ignore geometric patterns, abstraction, especially tie-dye and animalism.

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Actual styles

If we talk directly about the features of the cut, below we have presented models of long dresses that will be in the top this summer.

  • For the smell. Those who want to find an outfit for every day should turn their attention to long summer wrap dresses that are fashionable in 2021. Their main advantage is versatility. They go well with both sports shoes and wedges or heels. A spicy V-neckline and a high cut that is formed during the movement will make your look even more feminine and attractive.

Important! A wrap dress is an ideal option for overweight women, as it visually slims and hides visible body flaws.

  • Trapezoidal. A-line dresses will help you create a stylish and at the same time comfortable summer outfit. You can recognize them by the free top and rather wide bottom.

  • Asymmetrical. A dress in which the front is shorter than the back has long ceased to be an exclusively evening option. Now it’s a practical everyday outfit. You can choose a style, both with a smooth transition in length, and quite sharp. As for materials, often asymmetrical models are made from knitted or silk fabrics. They have a fitted or straight cut. Hyper-volume options will also be welcome.

  • Sundress. A style in which straps instead of sleeves is a hit of the upcoming hot season. For your summer looks, you can choose from straight knit models or fitted, sophisticated options with a fluffy skirt or practical A-line.

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As you can see, the fashion trends of 2021 in the segment of summer long women’s dresses are very diverse. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to purchase one, or maybe several of these outfits at once.

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