Fashionable low shoes – autumn 2019

What low shoes are the most fashionable in the fall 2019 season? Look for the most trendy ideas in our article!


Actual colors

This season, designers put almost no restrictions on the colors of shoes and give fashionistas freedom!

  • The current collections featured black in the design of low shoes. This is a classic solution that is easy to combine with different looks. Dark shoes fit not only into a fashionable casual bow, but also a strict business outfit.

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  • White ankle boots look amazing. Such shoes promise to be the most in demand in the winter season. Stylists advise to combine it with dresses, skirts and jeans in light colors.

  • Burgundy shoes also decided to compete in popularity with the basic colors. Boots in rich red are perfectly combined with calm images in black, gray and milky tones.

  • A fashionable idea for this season will be low shoes in cozy beige or brown colors.

  • To make the autumn look stylish and bright, actual shoes with a print will help. This time the favorites are plaid, stripes, python skin and various variations of animalistic patterns.

  • Girls who cannot say goodbye to bright shoes in the cold season can choose low shoes in juicy raspberry, pink, red, orange or blue colors.

  • Boots made of metallized material will help to make the bow cosmically fashionable.

fashion materials


Suede for low shoes is a rather capricious material. But at the same time, not a single texture can be compared with it in nobility and presentable form.

Such shoes are unlikely to be suitable for every day, but they will be an excellent solution for business meetings, parties or going to a restaurant. Suede low shoes are the very detail that makes the look sophisticated and chic.


Leather low shoes will look as chic as possible with embossed snake or crocodile texture.

patent leather

Lacquered low shoes will help to give an image of gloss, and a girl of confidence will help.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Before going outside, patent leather shoes should be treated with a special water-repellent agent. Such a responsible approach will extend the service life and keep the perfect look of the shoes for a long time.[/stextbox]

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Key trends


Low shoes, the height of which reaches the ankle, are called Chelsea. The characteristic features of this model are also rubber inserts on the sides and a round toe. In the 2019 season, chelsea boots are presented in a large variety in flat or with a small heel.

Chelsea low shoes look stylish and concise, which makes them suitable even for women in their 40s who plan to keep up with the trends.


This model was kindly borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, but received wide approval from female fashionistas. A characteristic feature of Chukka is a combination of a comfortable sole and a concise shape. Practical, comfortable and extremely fashionable!


Pointy nose, cowboy style and wide heels, embodied in the Cossacks are still at the peak of their relevance. Such demi-season low shoes can be an original and stylish solution for a casual look.

rough style

Rough brutal style, contrary to the stereotype, will suit not only strict ladies, but also quite romantic ladies. The fact is that such shoes are wonderfully combined not only with jeans, trench coats and pea jackets, but also with flying dresses and skirts. This game of contrasts is now at the peak of popularity, so this trend should not be overlooked!

The most popular models of the autumn 2019 season will be complemented by a massive tractor sole, which can become a key accent of the image. This rise is incredibly stable, it allows the legs not to get tired and not to freeze.

Stylish tractor-soled low shoes are perfect for overweight women, because they visually elongate the figure. Slender fashionistas can also take note of this novelty to emphasize graceful ankles.

We invite you to go through the most trendy combinations of low shoes, so that fashionable looks can be created in a matter of seconds.

  • First of all, it is worth trying out a combination with feminine dresses. They can be either plain or printed. We remind you that the main hit of the cold season is plant motifs on a dark background.
  • A feminine bow with a touch of brutality will turn out paired with jeans or trousers of fashionable cropped length.
  • Warm tunics and sweater dresses are perfectly combined with such shoes.

  • These boots are the perfect complement to a trench coat, coat or midi-length raincoat.
  • Girls who are not averse to creating an image in military style can combine such shoes with a leather jacket.
  • As for the choice of headgear, you can choose a hat or cap in the boho style, as well as caps.
  • Under tractor-soled low shoes, stylists advise choosing dark plain tights or leggings so as not to distract attention from the shoes.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Petite girls should avoid massive shoes with large rough soles. They better opt for a more accurate model.[/stextbox]

More shine!

A key trend in the world of footwear is glitz and glamour. Designers are aware of how capricious autumn weather can be, so they add sparkling accents in metered amounts and usually combine them with practical black colors. Fashionable women’s low shoes in the autumn 2019 season can be complemented with laconic rhinestones or metal rivets as in the photo.

Glitter can also be present in the colors of shoes. In order not to violate the strict dress code and at the same time prevent boredom in the image, you can bet with a light sparkling coating or laconic shiny patterns.

pointed nose

Modern fashion also approves of pointed low shoes that look as stylish and graceful as possible. If they are made in a minimalist design, they can be a great idea for fashionistas in their 50s.


Along with a sharp nose, the square shape remains in demand. Such shoes will add solidity and originality to the image.


If you like to combine practicality and style, take a closer look at fashionable lace-up low shoes. Such models are usually presented with a small, stable heel or a flat move – this feature makes them ideal for everyday wear.


This season, designers were inspired by the combination of different materials and styles, so the combination technique is firmly rooted in the number of trends. It is fashionable to embody this trend in a mix of different leather colors in the design of low shoes. If these shades are restrained, then such shoes will easily fit into most everyday looks and …

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