Fashionable male manicure 2022

For some reason, manicure is considered an exclusively female procedure, although this concept includes not only nail art, but also nail care in general. After all, beautiful, well-groomed hands adorn not only women, but also men. Of course, there is a difference between male and female manicure both in terms of execution and design, if someone decides to go beyond the banal maintenance of nails in shape. Let’s talk about a phenomenon that is gaining popularity even in our country – men’s manicure. We list the main trends of the season 2022.




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Features of male manicure

Manicure for men differs from women’s for a number of reasons, and to a large extent, the peculiarity of the structure. There are differences in how it is done, and in terms of design. Male nails contain more keratin, which means that the nail plate is thicker, and any procedures with it take longer. Often, for men’s manicure, special tools are needed. At the same time, representatives of the stronger sex practically do not face such a cosmetic problem as delamination.


On the other hand, there is the issue of aesthetics. When working with men, masters most often deal with short nails and more restrained, strict, minimalist nail art ideas. But still, some modern trends penetrate into men’s fashion. So, some representatives of subcultures or just modern and stylish guys choose coated manicure. But among the preferences, black or colorless varnish prevails, and among the design ideas – maximum conciseness.


Design ideas for men’s manicure-2022

As we have already said, some trends in women’s manicure still penetrated the “male territory”. Especially daring fashionistas, prone to experiments and loving shocking, allow themselves to walk with rhinestones on their nails, use bright shades of varnish and sparkles. But among the main fashion trends of 2022-2023, more strict design options still prevail. Pay attention to the ones listed below.


  • Minimalism. The leader among fashion trends for men’s manicure. To implement it, it is not necessary to do something special with the nails. It is enough to provide them with proper care: keep in shape, care for the cuticle, polish. Most often, a minimalist manicure is done without a coating. At the same time, the hands look neat and well-groomed. This design is considered universal and will suit those who prefer a business style.

  • Imitation tattoos. A bolder idea is to use drawings. And as an acceptable option for men, images are applied to the nail that imitate a tattoo both in shape and in color of varnish. Yes, let the nail be a bit of a strange place to get a tattoo, but in essence the design is no different, it looks stylish.

  • Black manicure. A coated version that uses dark shades. The most common color is black. Both one and all nails can be covered at once. This type of manicure does not surprise anyone, because it has long been popular among representatives of different subcultures, experimenting teenagers or, for example, musicians whose hands are often in sight. Now it is one of the main trends of the season.

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  • Geometric figures. Geometry is one of the main trends in both clothing and manicure, both for men and women. And this trend fit into the design ideas as a fairly concise, versatile and not flashy option. Those who choose such a coated manicure and want to have a stylish pattern on their nails should pay attention to the abstract geometric pattern. Alternatively, you can combine black and white.


  • Inscriptions. Fashionable men’s manicure-2022 includes options with inscriptions of different content and style. It can be individual words, logos, phrases with meaning or just letters. Instead of the streamlined shapes and monograms often favored by women, men opt for more edgy forms such as imitation handwritten letters or neat gothic type.


  • Symbols. Another option for men’s manicure with a coating is the application of symbols with meaning on the nails. As a rule, images that have personal meaning for a man are used here. Hieroglyphs and group logos are still popular, but this is more relevant to young people.

  • stickers. Another youth option is when special stickers with a pattern or inscriptions are used instead of or together with varnish. They are quite bright, because the main purpose of such a manicure is to attract attention, and it is often done for a specific occasion: a holiday, a themed party, and similar events.


  • Focus on one nail. A male manicure with a design also suggests an option when only one nail on the hand is formed, and the rest remain uncoated. This is a concise, inconspicuous type of manicure for those who do not want their hands to look boring, but at the same time there is no desire to attract too much attention to themselves.


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Manicure for the strong half of humanity is not quite the same as for women. But men also like to take care of themselves, they like to look good, including having beautiful, well-groomed nails.

To make a man look stylish, it is often enough just to keep his hands in order. But for those who love experiments, there are many options that, for all their audacity, do not look out of place. If you doubt this, take another look at the photo of men’s manicure, popular in 2022.

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