Fashionable manicure 2019: spring-summer trends, photo

Having studied the fashion trends for spring-summer 2019, you can easily create a beautiful manicure. Well-groomed hands are the pride of a girl. An interesting design is able to emphasize female beauty and show her individuality.

The nail art industry does not stand still: each season is unique, rich in novelties. Stylists offer a lot of options to decorate the nails of fashionistas. Already now you can get acquainted with the trends of the season, study the latest proposals from designers.

The main news from fashion shows is the return of sharp, long nails to fashion. They are inconvenient for everyday life, however, at a party they will allow you to stand out from the crowd. It is not necessary to grow nails, you can use false ones.


Fashion trends spring – summer: 10 ideas

  • precious metals. Silver or gold is the hit of the season. Suitable for nails of any length and shape. Manicure looks perfect. Fashionistas who choose these shades are not afraid of increased attention;

[stextbox id=»info»]Experts recommend painting the nails in several layers, making a chrome manicure, or performing a few strokes. These options have already interested many girls. In the new season, new items will be found quite often.[/stextbox]

Stylish manicure with gold and silver tint

  • drawings. Uncomplicated patterns on the nails look interesting. You can place them as you like, it all depends on the imagination of the master. Drawings on a transparent surface look advantageous;
  • gentle manicure. Many girls prefer calm colors. Translucent varnishes and beige shades are gaining popularity. Such a manicure looks feminine, makes the image more sophisticated;

[stextbox id=»alert»]In addition, choosing an outfit for delicate colors is not difficult. Shades are universal, suitable for any clothing. Varnishes can be chosen with sparkles, matte, glossy. Each of the options is special and deserves attention. [/stextbox]

  • French manicure. A classic that fashionistas love so much. Snow-white tips on a transparent background look incomparable. Girls who prefer bold options can use other shades of varnishes. Bright tips look original, make the image more visible;
  • moon manicure – according to the fashion trends of spring – summer 2019, this design is not inferior to its leading positions. Stylists presented incredible ideas, every fashionista wants to use them. The more interesting the manicure, the better;

[stextbox id=»alert»] The following design looks original: the hole needs to be painted over with 2 shades of varnish, the nail plate should be glued with beads. Make a hole in the form of a triangle.[/stextbox]

  • textured manicure. A novelty presented in the field of the nail industry. Get a rough surface, perhaps with a textured varnish. Design can be anything. A monophonic coating looks attractive, you can also create various patterns.
    On the nails, you can create a 3D effect. This manicure looks charming. Perfect for any look;

  • lettering on nails. The novelty of the season, which suddenly burst into fashion. Words can be written in any way. An inscription on each nail, unrelated letters, a slogan – all this attracts the attention of others;

  • shade manicure. Stylists offer to focus on nails and eyes at the same time. For work, the same shades are used. By creating an unusual image, you can be sure that others will notice it. This is a great way to express yourself, show everyone your strong character;
  • emphasis on details. Many stylists offer nails to decorate with decorative elements. Ideas are so diverse that it can be very difficult to choose one option. Recently, large jewelry has become popular. They can be precious stones, fragments of gold. A more modest option – a whimsical flower arrangement is located on a gray background.

[stextbox id=»alert»]Many nail artists have thrown aside modesty and presented bold ideas. The nails of fashionistas were decorated with feathers, appliqués, gold chains. It also looks interesting on a red background, a golden star. Drawings can be done both on all nails, and on 1 or 2.[/stextbox]

  • a riot of colors. One of the most beloved designs that does not lose popularity. I want to make the image more vivid in the summer. This season is associated with fun, good mood. Therefore, I want to add rich colors to the nails.

The easiest option is to paint your nails in different colors. On 1 you can make an unusual pattern. The alternation of several shades looks interesting. In any case, this design deserves special attention. It is chosen by bold and daring individuals who are not afraid of change and boldly move forward to achieve their goals. The gradient is still popular.

According to the fashion trends of spring – summer 2019, manicure is gaining more and more popularity. The ideas presented are amazing. The design can be in soothing colors, or, conversely, be bright and saturated.

[stextbox id=»alert»]A gradient is a transition from one shade to another. To make a manicure fashionable, it is important to choose the right tone. It is best to use 2 colors.[/stextbox]

Ombre looks amazing, makes the hands more feminine. Picking up an outfit is not difficult. This option is perfect for both everyday life and a special occasion.

rainbow on nails

Natural phenomena have always inspired artists to create real masterpieces. Manicurists also liked this idea. They decided to transfer bright shades to the nail surface.

The combination of all the colors of the rainbow looks bright and colorful. Manicure is perfect for the summer period. Girls who are going on vacation will especially like this design.

You can apply a rainbow on your nails in different ways.

Designers suggest considering the main ones:

  • applying a different color of the rainbow to each nail;
  • gradient;
  • image on the nails of all colors of the rainbow.

This manicure is perfect for the holidays. Even on a cool day, you will be able to cheer yourself up and mentally be on the beach.

Geometric drawings

Geometric shapes are still popular. However, in the new season, designers have added minimalism. Preference should be given to thin lines. It is desirable to depict one geometric figure on the nails.

Mini-geometry is gaining popularity. Small figures may appear on the nail surface, they should be placed in a chaotic manner.

True geometry is also very popular. On the nails will be depicted figures in the projection.
The two-tone manicure looks interesting. In this version, the figure is made in one color, and the edging is in another.

[stextbox id=»info»]This design is suitable for outrageous personalities. Nails will not go unnoticed. Attention from others will be guaranteed.[/stextbox]

neon manicure

The rich colors are so…

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