Fashionable manicure 2023 for almond nails

Almond is one of the most popular nail shapes this season. The trend is elegance and naturalness, and it does not imply the presence of sharp corners and rampant geometry. But the almond-shaped shape of the nails stands out against this background, because it is she who has a slightly smoothed and at the same time pointed tip, which gives the manicure a special charm. Thanks to the “almond”, the hands look elegant and well-groomed, while for each girl this form is a great opportunity to further emphasize her style and excellent taste. Let’s discuss the almond nail manicure for 2023.



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Color scheme for almond manicure

The color for a manicure is dictated not only by fashion, it is important to take into account a number of other factors. For example, the style that the lady prefers and the occasion for which the nail design is created. The classic colors of nail polish – red, white, black, nude pink – always remain in trend, as they are universal. Also in 2023, it is appropriate to look at shades from other palettes – blue, green, yellow.
A classic addition to stylish nail art ideas is beige polish. After all, for women who prefer restraint in everything, a nude manicure, as close as possible to the natural color of the skin, is the best choice. Moreover, the nude palette is also quite diverse.


For romantic natures, pastel shades are suitable. But to cheer up and create a bright image, juicy colors will be more relevant: purple-pink or magenta, sky blue, sunny yellow, orange, neon light green and turquoise.



In 2023, there are no serious restrictions when choosing shades for an almond-shaped manicure. The only question is how appropriate the chosen colors will be in a particular situation.

Fashionable manicure for almond-shaped nails in 2023

For almond-shaped nails, there are a lot of suitable nail art ideas, both relatively modest and bright, attracting attention. At the same time, there are options for both long and medium nails. When choosing the right one for you, pay attention to the design ideas listed below.

  • Matte manicure. This version of almond manicure in 2023 will look very advantageous. And both by itself and with additional decorative elements. Lack of glitter does not make the design boring. On the contrary, it adds to the image of nobility. And if one or more nails are additionally decorated with a thin strip of gold foil, then it looks like a golden decoration on a velvety fabric.


  • Ombre. A variant of a beautiful gradient manicure, in which a darker shade gradually turns into a lighter one. The ombre on the shape of the almond nails looks very gentle. Especially if you use pastel colors. But more contrasting solutions are also allowed. The nail in this design seems longer.


  • color block. Multi-colored manicure is a good option for those girls who want to attract attention. The design allows the simultaneous combination of several colors on one or more nails and the use of geometric shapes as “delimiters”. That is, figures can be highlighted with a catchy color varnish that is in harmony with the main scale or contrasts with it. Also in the design it is allowed to use other materials: foil, glitter or rubbing.

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  • French. Manicure for almond nails in 2023 includes a classic universal jacket. A feature for the almond-shaped nails will be a larger and more pronounced smile line, which, among other things, may have a non-standard shape. Even such a modest and neat nail art will look impressive and stylish.


  • Spider web manicure. The popular gossamer nail design works well with the almond shape because the soft, thin lines are in perfect harmony with the pointed shape of the nail. The cobwebs look most aesthetically pleasing on pastel shades of lacquer – pink, blue, beige, milky and even transparent. Popular colors for creating an ornament are black and white. On occasion, you can add foil decoration, sequins or rhinestones to the cobweb.


  • Manicure with drawings. Among the latest trends are seasonal drawings. These are various flowers in spring, fruits and butterflies in summer, leaves and umbrellas in autumn, snowflakes and spruce branches in winter. For more daring girls, a “predatory” and very stylish animalistic ornament is suitable. Stars and other space motifs will look beautiful on dark varnish. In a word, you can safely experiment with design.


  • Glitter manicure. Glitter is not only a trend, but also a beautiful addition to different variations of nail design. For example, gradient manicure, matte, or color block nail art. Most often, glitter is not an option for every day, but an interesting solution for the holidays. Sparkling particles beautifully complement the almond shape of the nail.


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With all the diversity new products, the classics will not lose their positions either. Nails covered with plain varnish that falls into the range of clothes or jewelry will look incredibly stylish and elegant on the hands of any girl.


What is in trend always gets more attention from both designers and fashionistas. Therefore, almond manicure in 2023 will not be limited to almost anything but fantasy, and will follow all the fashion trends of the season. In the photos above, you yourself had the opportunity to see dozens of different options that you can be inspired by.

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