Fashionable manicure – examples from world stars: photo

Fashionable manicure 2019 – a riot of shades and stylistic solutions, various options for techniques for long, short, oval, pointed and other forms of nails. Thanks to such a variety, any girl will be able to choose a design depending on her own style and mood. In the article, women of fashion will find photos of stylish and interesting ideas for short and long nails, they will be able to get acquainted with the novelties of the season.

fashion trends

In recent seasons, fashion experts prefer everything natural and natural. This trend has not bypassed the nails – a natural form, discreet colors, accuracy and conciseness.

[stextbox id=’info’]Lovers of sharp long nails can rejoice, this form returns to the trend collections 2019-2019. [/stextbox]

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In their fashionable images, eminent representatives of the world of show business also prefer calm pastel and nude shades.

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Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Chastain

Discreet Manicure by Anne Hathaway

Pastel discreet manicure by Amy Adams

Ksenia Sobchak – manicure in pastel and nude colors

Color palette

The color scheme is determined not only by the style and mood of the fashionista, but also by the season. This season is no exception.


So, fashionable summer manicure 2019 invariably pleases with bright shades and unusual color schemes. Yellow, blue, pink, floral and fruity prints create a stylish and truly feminine look. Such a manicure can be found on the nails of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Lowndes, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and other stars of show business.

Delicate blue nails Kylie Jenner

Deep blue on the nails of Jessica Lowndes

Ashley Tisdale with pale blue nails

Rihanna with bright yellow nails

Lera Kudryavtseva –
classic rounded medium length manicure

Stylish fruit print manicure

Trendy fruit print jacket

As for autumn and winter, experts traditionally recommend looking at colder and matte colors. So, the trend will be varnishes of brown, blue, rich green and wine color.

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Bright manicure from Jennifer Lopez

Perfect matte manicure

Fashionable shades for autumn-winter 2019-2019

Fashionable shade for autumn

[stextbox id=’info’]And those who want to create a trendy look should turn to mother-of-pearl shades – the hit of the 2019-2019 season.[/stextbox]

Despite the fact that red, black, white, silver and gold varnishes have been relevant for several years now, such a fashionable manicure is not going to lose ground in 2019. How and with what to combine such colors correctly, the photos below will help you figure it out.

British singer and actress Rita Ora’s manicure

Jennifer Lopez with silver nails

Elena Bushina – bright red varnish for short nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Do not be afraid of bold experiments. The trend today is Hollywood manicure, which allows you to combine a solid varnish of any color with a nail of a contrasting shade. [/stextbox]

Everyday option

For going to work or school, experts offer simple, neat and concise options: a monophonic manicure of any color, New York style, a drawing on one nail, a jacket.

Matte autumn manicure with rhinestones

Glitter Hollywood Manicure

Hollywood manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]Black and scarlet polish on long nails is not suitable for everyday design. Using such rich shades, it is better to give preference to a short length.[/stextbox]

With drawing

As drawings this season, you can use:

  • painting;
  • geometric shapes made with stripes;
  • floral print;
  • ethno motives;
  • stamping, stickers.

Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne – lovers of art painting on nails

Unusual nails from American singer Nicki Minaj

Outrageous manicure on the handles of Beyonce


Today, fashionistas can safely use the popular options for traditional French and moon manicures. The trend is bright colors instead of classic shades, complemented by wire, ribbons and prints. Nails with a transparent hole, a shimmer, and division into separate color zones will be trendy. Show business stars are very fond of complementing the image with such nails.

French with delicate rhinestones on the hands of Olga Buzova

French by Halle Berry

French by Naomie Harris

Stylish and bright moon manicure from Victoria Bonya

Unusual jacket from Lady Gaga

Nicole Scherzinger

negative space

In the technique of creating such a manicure, some parts of the nail remain colorless. This design is perfect for creating a delicate and sophisticated look. Often, the “negative space” technique is combined with geometric patterns and lunar design.

trendy negative space manicure

Evening design

Fashion dictates its own rules. Among the stylish novelties of this season, you can find the most daring, unusual and luxurious options for publication.


A bright evening version cannot do without rhinestones, sequins, kamifubuki and other glitter.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Any manicure will change and give the right mood if it is complemented with sparkles or rhinestones.[/stextbox]

Design with rhinestones is the current trend of this season. They do it mainly on one or two nails, adding accuracy and sophistication to the image. But celebrities, appearing at star events, can afford to cover all the nails with sparkles and rhinestones at once.

Vanessa Hudgens, glitter

Demi Lovato – lover of manicure with rhinestones

Kara Santana – manicure with rhinestones

[stextbox id=’warning’]A little sparkle in the hole of the nail will give the image of femininity and luxury. [/stextbox]

Geometry and “broken glass”

This season will be relevant combination of different techniques. So, long nails in an evening look will look chic using the “broken glass” technique, decorated with kamifubuki of various sizes and shades. By adding geometry to the design with golden stripes, you can make the look even more chic.

[youtube] [/youtube]

Lace patterns and veil

Nails with monogram and lace patterns look unusual and stylish. The “veil” technique will also be relevant. The last option combines transparent nails and a neat black pattern.

Unusual jacket

Thanks to a wide variety of colors, patterns and trends, fashionistas have a lot of room for experimentation. Each time you can do a different manicure, changing it depending on the chosen image and mood, and at the same time stay on top!

What kind of manicure will you choose?

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