Fashionable manicure for graduation to school for grades 9 and 11

Graduation ball at school is a beautiful solemn event that happens only once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it with all responsibility. Especially girls. Their task is to create an image that will delight everyone around. What dresses can be tried on by young fashionistas for the last school evening, we told in this review, and today we propose to talk about how to decorate nails. After all, as you know, nail art is an important component of any bow. What manicure for prom-2023 is worth doing? We list the most trendy design ideas for grades 9 and 11.



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Nail Art Ideas 2023 for Grade 9 Graduates

In the ninth grade, a bright manicure is simply useless. It will cause a repulsive impression rather than a positive one. Therefore, fashionistas 14-15 years old are recommended by nail designers to turn to the pastel palette, which is not pretentious. Preference should be given to the following colors:

  • dusty pink;
  • lactic;
  • pale lavender;
  • light yellow;
  • white-gray;
  • pale blue;
  • peach;
  • tea rose;
  • pistachio;
  • cocoa.

Each of the listed shades will allow you to create a gentle, sophisticated, full of charm nail art, which is just what you need for the image of a young girl. Next, we will share ideas for a suitable design.

  • Pieces of foil on a light background. It is elegant and beautiful and unobtrusive. Foil choose classic gold or silver, or the color of the outfit. It is not necessary to spread it on all fingers in a row. It is enough to select two nails on each side. Fashion trends 2023 encourage the desire for restraint and conciseness. The foil will look good on a marble background.


  • Lunar design. A win-win classic that looks great on short nails. The hole can be highlighted in different ways: with sparkles, miniature rhinestones, using the negative space technique (leaving it colorless) or vice versa with contrasting color varnish. Whatever the young fashionista chooses, it will turn out stylish.


  • With stripes. The 9th grade prom manicure with stripes in 2023 is a real must-have. The design leaves a lot of room for creativity, but at the same time it is simple in execution. Self-adhesive strips can be thin and wide, metallic or shiny, gold or silver, matte or multi-colored.


  • In the style of minimalism with a pattern. Modern manicure should not be clumsy. Opt for a clean, minimalist design. And so that it does not turn out too boring, decorate it with a pattern. A small flower or favorite symbol should be placed on one nail, while the rest should be monochrome.


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It is quite possible for 9th grade students to have a manicure in the “multi-colored pens” or ombre technique for graduation, but it is worth choosing the same pastel palette.


Design ideas for manicure for 11th grade graduates in 2023

Eleventh graders can choose bolder design options and expressive shades. After all, yesterday’s schoolgirls have become quite adults. So why not highlight it. Fashionistas 17-18 years old are advised by nail masters to pay attention to the following colors for manicure:

  • classic black;
  • blue;
  • carmine or Viva Magenta;
  • coffee
  • lilac;
  • burgundy or wine;
  • dark green;
  • grey;
  • tiffany.


However, no one forbids the use of nude and pastel palettes, because they are absolutely universal. As for design, take note of the following stylish ideas.

  • “Liquid metal”. This design is a novelty of 2022, which has confidently migrated to the season of 2023. A manicure with gold or silver “spreading” on the nail looks unusual and quite impressive. We especially recommend doing it on long nails. In another way, this technique is called “tears of a unicorn.” For a brighter image, you can apply “teardrops” with a holographic effect.

  • Spectacular jacket. Manicure-2023 for graduation in grade 11 may well be more traditional. Take French design, for example, as it never goes out of style. To emphasize the solemnity of your image, decorate the jacket with sparkles. You can also experiment with the “smile” line. Give it an unusual shape, highlight it with a bright color or all together.



  • Matte with rhinestones. An elegant design that will suit both a puffy maxi-length evening dress and a sheath cocktail midi style. The number of rhinestones is determined at your discretion. They can modestly decorate only the hole of one nail, or create a luxurious composition. Silver rhinestones are considered a universal option, but you can also choose colored ones to match the outfit.


  • Bright. Why not? Elegance is, of course, good, but the prom is still a youth event, so you can afford something more expressive. For example, cover your nails with a beautiful pink varnish, and create a black gossamer decor on top. Or make an unusual gradient. You can also turn to floristry.


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The right form will also help to create a spectacular image for graduates. The trend is a soft square, spades, almonds.


A fashionable manicure for graduation 2023 will be the very “highlight” that will complete your perfect look. Think in advance what you want to see on your nails, and the photos from our review will help you decide on the final design.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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