Fashionable manicure for March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day is a great occasion to please your beloved with a stylish outfit, trendy hairstyle, new perfumes, spa treatments, and, of course, a beautiful nail design. Our today’s review will help with the latter, in which we will tell you what manicure can be done on March 8, 2023. Join now!



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Fashionable shades for manicure on International Women’s Day

If in the segment of nail art on Valentine’s Day, red-pink colors predominate, then by March 8, fashionistas have a much wider choice of shades. In addition, do not forget that this is the first spring holiday, which means that bright shades can also be used. We list the most suitable for holiday design.

  • Light pink. A very beautiful and spring-like sensual shade that will emphasize your youth, sophistication, femininity. Looks good on nails of any shape and length. Suitable for very young fashionistas.


  • Lavender. A light, unobtrusive color that is associated with endless lavender fields spread out under the hot sun of southern France. Ideal for spring manicure, including March 8th.


  • classic red. The most suitable color for ladies who seek to attract attention. A red manicure for March 8 should be distinguished by elegance and charm, and not excessive flashiness.


  • light green. Another color that will help create not only a bright, but also a memorable interesting design on nails of any length. Light green is good both in monochrome and in tandem with white, pink, silver.


  • Yellow. If no one gave you mimosa flowers on March 8, don’t be discouraged. Draw them on your nails. Bright yellow will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a spring holiday, cheer you up, remind you of summer.


  • Fuchsia. Impress everyone with your bright, life-affirming fuchsia manicure. This juicy shade will help make the image even more charming. Fuchsia is also relevant for women over 50.


  • Tiffany. The trendy shade of the 2023 season, which will help you make an original manicure for March 8th. Design choose completely one-color, or two-color with white, silver, beige.


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Coral, milky, purple, blue, burgundy and even light gray shades will look good in festive nail art.

Manicure Design Ideas for International Women’s Day 2023

March 8 is the main holiday of spring. That is why the design mainly contains spring motifs. First of all, flowers and other floral elements. However, it is not worth focusing only on them. Below we list the various options for festive nail art.

  • With tulips. Since we have already mentioned flowers, we will start with them. The most popular on International Women’s Day are tulips. Modest and unpretentious, they receive little attention in life, but in vain. After all, both in the bouquet and on the nails, tulips look very beautiful. Treat yourself to a manicure with the image of these wonderful flowers.


  • WITH delicate minimalist drawings. Volumetric ornate patterns and monograms have long been out of fashion. Even middle-aged and older women should not display them on their nails. It is better to refer to neat miniature drawings. It can be all the same flowers, butterflies, modest twigs, hearts, hieroglyphs, inscriptions, birds.


  • french design. Classics of the domestic nail industry. After all, it has long been known that Russian women love French manicure much more than French women themselves. In 2023, we recommend moving away from non-standard solutions and turning to traditions – a nude coating and a white “smile” line. Complete the nail art with flowers or small sparkles.


  • With pearl finish. Manicure for March 8, 2023 should emphasize your sophistication and femininity. Fashionable ideas in this regard dictate to turn to the good old rubbing. But it must be mother-of-pearl to look as gentle as possible on the nails. You can supplement the mother-of-pearl rub with pieces of holographic foil.


  • With rhinestones. Trend manicure with rhinestones is always out of competition. Colorless and multi-colored crystals will not only sparkle beautifully in the rays of the spring sun, but will also add chic to the image. Rhinestones can be placed at the holes, in the center of the painted flower, on one nail, completely covering the plate, or, as in the photo – “snake”, on all nails at once.


  • Gradient. On long nails of an almond-shaped or oval shape, you can make a festive manicure with a gradient. Choose gentle shades for it. For example, blue, pink, mint, pale yellow. Ennoble the design with rhinestones or all the same colors, which on March 8 cannot be many. A matte effect will look good.


  • with a veil. The veil technique is not as common in manicure today as it was a few seasons ago, but you can still resort to it if necessary, because it is very sophisticated. Combine a black “veil” with a red or burgundy coating, it will turn out luxurious and expensive. Such nail art will look especially impressive on long pointed nails.


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And on short nails, you can make a fashionable manicure in an unobtrusive and super-delicate nude palette.



We reviewed manicure ideas for March 8, 2023. The most stylish, beautiful and fashionable of them are presented in the photo, so that every lady will have plenty to choose from.

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