Fashionable manicure for summer 2023

We present to your attention a photo of the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe summer manicure of the 2023 season, taking into account the leading trends. These new arrivals are hard to resist!

Bright colors

Fashion trends for summer manicure 2023 say: leave the usual nude for the cold season! In the hot season, images require brightness and enthusiasm. It will be possible to convey the right mood with the help of a bright manicure for the summer of 2023.

The trend is bright pink, red, yellow, green tones. A bright palette looks beautiful in a monochromatic design, but the most spectacular manicure is obtained based on the ombre effect.

A positive multi-colored nail design also deserves attention in the 2023 season. When, if not in summer, to embody a combination of the brightest and richest shades in a manicure?!

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Pastel shades

In summer manicure 2023, a pastel palette of shades is also appropriate. Fashionable lemon, lilac, peach and mint tones look elegant and beautifully emphasize the summer tan – just what you need!

The most fashionable representative of the pastel range is mint green, which is inimitable when paired with nude.

different hands

Manicure design for summer 2023 impresses with “different hands” style ideas. A stylish solution would be a combination of a solid color on one hand and drawings on the other, with the leading color in the lead role.

Quail egg

A stylish decoration for summer manicure 2023 will be the “quail egg” technique with characteristic dark dots. The final touch of fashionable design can be a matte finish that does not lose its relevance in the new season.


Summer abstraction is especially bright, stylish and cheerful. In fashionable design, you can combine several juicy shades at once – within the framework of fashionable abstraction with minimalistic figures, this technique is justified.


What is summer without romantic flowers that bloom not only around, but also in a beautiful women’s manicure 2023?! To keep the floristry in line with the trends, bet on concise drawings in a duet with a plain coating.


Juicy fruit in nail design has already become a classic, which is always appropriate in summer nail art. The 2023 season trends favor retro prints paired beautifully with a nude base.


In the summer manicure of 2023, rhinestones and stones fade into the background, giving way to the favorite position of the exquisite gold decor made of foil and sweat. And how such a design plays in the summer sun is just a feast for the eyes!


The original summer 2023 manicure trend implies a three-dimensional design. The actual 3D effect lends itself to the use of beads, pearls or decorative flowers.

In order not to overload the final nail art, the masters like to select a nude translucent base for the volumetric decor.


Fashionable manicure ideas for the summer of 2023 are also presented in the form of a trendy texture design. A win-win move is the texture of marble or sea waves interspersed with glitter.


Manicure spring-summer 2023 is not at all against the current trend of minimalism. Laconic style is embodied with the help of thin lines or uncomplicated abstract patterns in combination with a calm varnish.


Trendy French manicure 2023 goes hand in hand with the trend of minimalism. The trend is microfrench with the thinnest smile, colored edging and experiments on the shape of the edge.

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An interesting novelty in nail design for summer 2023 is drawings with waves. In such nail art, the master impromptu draws curved lines that imitate waves. A successful combo is pastel waves and a translucent base.

baby boomer

The in-demand manicure design for the summer 2023 season in the Baby Boomer technique embodies a soft gradient a la French. To get a beautiful transition of shades, the master diffuses the border of the smile with the help of a sponge.

Manicure for summer 2023 is an impressive variety of shades, trends and design options. Bookmark this article so that trendy nail design ideas are always at hand!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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